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SEO Companies Cannot Guarantee Results

Generally, services rendered by a company (this depends on the industry or field of expertise) may be able to give a guarantee of their results. However, search engine optimization is not one of those. So, what is the reason they cannot give such guarantees? Hmm… Good question.

You would think that when a person is being paid to do a service for you that they should be able to give you a guarantee on the results of those services, right? But in the situation where SEO companies are providing their services, this is not the case. Let us briefly review some of the histories of SEO before trying to answer this question.


There Was A Time When SEO Had Been Used to Manipulate Google


Some people may remember back to the time when many companies were giving guarantee results, even advertised their guarantee results, saying you could get a refund if they could not accomplish ranking your website as #1. All of this took place in the past prior to Google’s advanced algorithm, during a time that when only basic terms were being used to determine how high a site’s ranking would appear in the search results.

During that time, SEO companies had a few different ways in which they could manipulate the various things that were allowed to be used while performing search engine optimization to get a website’s rank up fast by using the keywords selected for a site. In today’s world, this is referred to as tactics called Black Hat. Do not bother trying this in today’s world as it will no longer work, and should you get caught (and you will), you will be penalized.

Included in those tactics were using the background of a site to embed various words that were close in color to the background and creating a large network with links from other sites that brought people to your site when clicked (today, this is referred to as spamming). The links that were linking to your site was not at all relevant to your site’s topic.


Google Smartens Up!  


Google, along with other search engines, has undergone a huge number of changes in the last several years to put a stop to using spamming tactics such as this. During this time, the companies that once gave out guaranteed results on the ranking for search engine appearances begin to gradually stop giving the guarantees and eventually remove them from their websites altogether as they knew they could not make this guarantee.

The fact is, companies started being penalized for doing this and lost their ranking where there was no mention of guaranteed results, unlike it was in the beginning.

The users of Google and the other search engines have benefitted greatly from the changes made over the years. Now, it is much simpler to locate an answer to any question you may have. The results that SEO companies are getting for today’s users are more realistic, but they are also more difficult to come up with. An SEO company that is worth hiring does not use manipulation to get websites to rank enough to be in the search engines; they will be able to do this through honest and natural campaigns.


Results Can Vary from Industry to Industry and Take Time!


The feedback and comments of others will tell you that it could take as long as 6 months or longer after an SEO campaign to see the results begin showing up. The length of time it takes before the results begin to be more noticeable depends on many different factors. These factors include the field your type of industry falls under and the amount of competition you have.

The results can happen very quickly for some companies, but maybe not for others. This could be because they are still working towards getting ahead of their competition. The level of your competition is another factor that has a bearing on it.

For instance, let us use the scenario of a supermarket located in Denver. This supermarket is wanting to rank in the category of supermarkets. However, there happens to be a couple of grocery stores in the same vicinity and other chains of those scattered all over the state. Although you stand a chance of getting on search results the first page, which depends on the location of the user who is searching, passing up the two larger ones would be a bigger problem. Larger stores give the smaller stores a run for their money.


Guarantee the Quality of Work – Not the Results


The reason that specific ranks and/or results that happen instantly cannot be guaranteed can be found in the article above. The only thing that can be guaranteed is good work from a knowledgeable and experienced person or company and will be clear for you to see from the start.

An SEO specialist will ask a lot of questions prior to getting started. Which is how they go about getting to know you, about your business (company), your industry type, and about your website. Afterward, they work like a busy bee to achieve the best results possible, not just for you but also for your business.

The focus of an SEO specialist will be to improve your business’s return on investment and not just on your website’s ranking in the search engines. This is the key to making your business (company, brand, etc.) bring in more revenue online.

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