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Press Releases Should Always Be Used In these 6 Situations

Not many years ago, press releases were being used by internet marketers for link bait, and it was also used for various purposes in SEO. However, as with many of the marketing fads, press releases became too watered down, and their appeal was deteriorating. The press releases gradually lost any value they once had to users due to the overuse of it by those who were using it to receive the benefits it gave in SEO.

The days when the big fad of people wearing out the many ways that press releases were being manipulated was not that many years back. It seems they are making their way back to today’s modern world of advanced technology. Press releases are once again being found to have usefulness and are being taken advantage of while being used with the content of content marketing strategies.

At times, it can be beneficial to write up a press release, and there are other times that written press releases are significant.


It Needs to Be Newsworthy


The definition of a press release would be when you have information that the people should know about, and that information is printed up and shared with the permission of news outlets. This is so that any content of interest to others can be distributed and shared around the world.


News Should be Distributed for the Following Reasons:


For Publicity


Things cannot get much better than getting free publicity. It is an opportunity to be mentioned; this might be through conversations, social media, and other means like being linked to other sites that are relevant to your line of business. This can give your site a big boost in credibility, reputation online, and profile.

It can make your website be highly rated, establish its reputation, and make your site a trusted authority. This is a good thing for when search engines are assessing your website; they measure the amount of reputation and trust a site has. They are also interested in the different pages that may link to your site and in what way they are related to your website.


About Linking


Any link to your website can have an impact on your online presence. You get the same amount of attention from search engines for links as you can from users and customers. Many press releases are going to give you a no-follow link. However, even those could give you hope.


You should not be writing just for a press release with only search engines on your mind. It should be so that people can see your content, and you want the content to be interesting enough to make them want to click on your link where it will take them you your site. This not only does helps to create a new visitor, but it can also turn a new visitor into another lead, as well as a potential new customer.


About Content


You will be able to create additional pages to add to your strategy for search engine optimization at the same time your content is building relationships. Press releases of your content can be beneficial in that it helps in finding new leads as well as cultivate relationships continuously with your current customers.


How Do You Know When the Best Times to Use A Press Release?


Below are some of the best times when a press release can make a big impact:



Your Business Is Relocating



If your business is relocating, this is newsworthy! It is a good opportunity for you to let people know about your business and the location of your business, both locally and on the internet. Your website could be noticed by your local news outlets and/or another site that are targeting your new location.



You Have Launched or You Will Be Launching Your Website



It makes no difference whether it is your first site, second site, or an online property like an e-commerce site, a Smartphone app, or a YouTube channel, etc. If you want to get it noticed, you could have a press release, and the word about it would spread, including its features and any benefits the online property has to offer.


Tip: Has it been a while since your website had any major changes? Maybe it is time for a relaunch for your site. If so, you can give your site a boost by using the ‘Website Development app,” it will also boost conversion rates, and at the same time, get your site a little press time!



Product Announcements


Releasing a new product? Or having a huge sale? These are good reasons to get a press release circulating.


Tip: Press releases are more beneficial when they are released a little bit early and have an embargo date. This gives people plenty of time to get their interest generated before your site is launched. Press releases are generally scheduled according to the date you give by the media outlets.



A Large Piece of Significant Content


Have you have put time and effort into creating a free e-book or an infographic that provides your target audience with value? You can get help with more eyes seeing it with a press release.



Appointments with Staff Members


Sharing information such as new employees or about a promotion would give you the opportunity and an opening for sharing the expertise of team members and accomplishments of the business. This will let your business have the chance to illustrate its competence for your current customers and those that are thinking about doing business with it.



Industry Recognition


Has there been an employee of your business who received a business award or another item for recognition? If so, this would be the perfect opportunity to get a press release and a chance to illustrate the expertise and business recognition. It can also benefit the business recognition for being an authority in the field of your business.



There is SEO value offered in Press Releases


Press releases are useful for helping your site’s SEO value. However, if someone should run the name of your website through Google search, keep in mind that all your site’s recent links that pertain to those searches, including authority websites or news outlets, will be able to be seen in their search results. You are wanting them to get content that is professionally written and is going to illustrate your business’s expertise and your professionalism.

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