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Why You Need To Advertise On Bing, Facebook, And Google

Google is by far the biggest name in online searches. They are the all-knowing behind what users want. They are important for any business to understand how to rank well and advertise on. However, it can be a bad thing to focus solely on Google and forget or ignore the other platforms.

This is a common issue with marketers, and they overlook significant opportunities with other platforms. Some businesses have the right idea and focus on multiple search engines at once, reaching larger audiences.


The following will explain more about cross-network advertising.


What Is Cross-Network Advertising?


When companies market themselves across multiple networks at the same time, it’s called cross-network advertising. For it to be successful, companies must focus on more than just Google, but a combination of platforms to rank well across them all.


Will Cross-Network Advertising Increase Searches?


Many marketers make the mistake of thinking Google is the main player and make it the end of the road. Remember, there are many other players on the field, and you should consider them all to reach the largest audience possible. Nearly 1/3 of the United States use Bing now.


Demographics Of Bing Users:


By understanding Bing’s user demographics, you can gain valuable insight into the Bing audience using the platform. Here are some highlights:

  • 44% are married, while 9% live with a partner
  • 52% of Bing users are female, while 48% are male
  • Over 30% of users are high-income earners ($100k+/yr)
  • Around 40% of users are 35 to 54 years old


These stats show why focusing on Bing in addition to Google is important.

If you open your strategy to include Bing and not just Google, you are going to reach a larger audience while still being able to target them. There are more than 100 million users searching between Google and Bing, greatly increasing the potential traffic when focusing on both.

On average, brands using Bing get 26% more search results compared to focusing on Google alone. Additionally, cross-network advertising helps benefit from clients using the advertising network; reaching new audiences is important to growth.


Top 3 Advantages of Bing Advertising


Bing provides major benefits for advertisers. If you have been advertising with Google and leaving Bing out, you are missing out on smart methods for growing your reach. Below are three advantages of adding Bing ads to your marketing strategy.


Lower CPC


Because Google is a very competitive platform for advertising, the cost per click (CPC) is higher as more businesses are bidding for popular terms. Although, Bing is cheaper as fewer people are focusing on it. If you are targeting a highly competitive niche or keyword, Bing can still be used on smaller budgets. Even though there are fewer users on Bing, the potential for attracting new users is still high.


Top Page Sponsored Ads Receive More Attention


There are more sponsored ads displayed above search results on Bing compared to Google. Advertisers have the ability to get a better placement at a lower cost, reaching more users. Even though consumers notice them just as much on Bing and Google, your ads will be cheaper with Bing.


Easy Integration Of AdWords and Bing Ads


If you’re looking to advertise on both Bing and Google, it is simple to integrate Bing Ads within the AdWords application. This further optimizes your marketing strategy and increases traffic without having to fully rebuild campaigns.


Don’t Forget About Facebook


Like with Bing, many marketers overlook using Facebook’s advertising platform to reach a wider audience. Not only are they the most popular social media platform around the world, but they are also an advertising powerhouse!

The advertising costs per click on Facebook are competitive similar to that of Bing and Google. However, businesses do not need a large budget to have success with Facebook advertising. This gives companies a competitive advantage as it can also help bypass traditional ad blockers that could be blocking out ads from search engines like Google or Bing.

According to WordStream, Facebook advertising may increase brand searches by 34%. When combining all three platforms together creates a much better strategy to reach a larger audience. This expands opportunities and results in growth.


Importance Of Cross-Network Advertising Strategy


The internet has become much more broad to depend on a single source of advertising, even if that is Google. You need to consider what search engines and social media platforms your targeted audience is using and implement cross-network advertising with those same platforms.

Many ad blockers will catch Google and Bing ads, then block them. However, Facebook still manages to get through ad blockers and gives marketers that advantage. If you are not sure where to begin, call us today to speak with one of our SEO and social media marketing experts.

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