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Ad Tracking and Why You Should Use It

Do you want to know how people interact with your ads, and what about them is grabbing their interest? If so, then you should learn more about ad tracking. It can help you understand who will interact with your ad and what makes them interested in your ad the most.

So, do you know what ad tracking is?

Keep on reading to learn more about ad tracking and why you should be using it.


What Ad Tracking Is


Ad tracking collects data from your advertising campaigns. You can use ad tracking to gain insight into your users so that you can create an advertising campaign that will engage your audience and then interest them in your services and products.

Ad tracking can happen across multiple tools and platforms. You can use ad tracking on social media such as through Facebook and on Google.


What Can Be Tracked Using Ad Tracking


What Can Be Tracked Using Ad Tracking


When it comes to ad tracking, you can use different metrics for the behaviors of your audience with your ads and on your website. You can track metrics such as:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Views
  • And other online behaviors

Ad tracking lets you use different metrics for your company. You will need to go through the metrics and decide on the ones that will be the valuable ones for your campaign.


Ad Data Tracking


Ad Data Tracking


There are just three options for ad tracking:




You can ad track using cookies. The cookies are similar to a tracking tool to help you get insight into your audience’s behavior. You can use these on your site, but you can even use them to track your ads’ behaviors.

Cookies will ask the user for consent before it tracks their activity. It allows the person to be informed about the websites that are tracking their activity.

Many companies will use cookies to create a custom user experience. It allows businesses to collect data based on behavior to create the best experience for your audience.

Cookies can create a user profile on someone based on browsing habits and activity. You can then leverage this information and provide ads that are going to interest your audience.


Tracking Pixels


An excellent way to get data is to track pixels. These pixels are 1 x 1 transparent pixel images that you can add to your website, ads, and emails.

Whenever a person views your ad or visits your website, then the pixel will send a signal back to tracking tools to let you know that someone saw your page. The tracking pixel provides comprehensive data about the activities and users on your site.

You will need to focus on tracking information essential for your business because you have access to this information.

When you use a tracking pixel, you can track how many people see your ad versus how many people have clicked on your ad. You can track how people go through your site and what pages get viewed the most. It helps to provide complete data on your audience and their browsing behaviors.

If you want to understand how people interact with your content, tracking pixels can help you do that.


URL Tracking


When you decide to use ad tracking, you will have the choice to track activity using URLs. The right way for you to track audience behaviors on your website is through URL Tracking.

URL tracking will use a page URL from your site and then put a tracking token on its end. Whenever a person clicks on the URL, it will send a signal to your tracking tools. From here, you can track the behaviors on your pages or ads.

When you use URL tracking, you will get information about where a person clicks the link. If you are running an advertising campaign over multiple sites, you can use URL tracking to see which campaign is getting the most clicks.

URL tracking is best if you are looking to track leads or visits. You can even track conversions. This option is the right choice if you want to focus on finding your business and if they are being converted.

3 Reasons that Ad Tracking is the Best Move for Your Business


3 Reasons that Ad Tracking is the Best Move for Your Business


Ad tracking is vital for businesses. Below are three reasons that you should be using social media ad tracking and Google ad tracking.


Improves Return on Investment (ROI)


Whenever you invest in digital marketing, you will want to know that whatever you spend will come back to you. When it comes to ad retargeting, you can increase the possibility of earning a great ROI.

Ad tracking services let you create tailored ads, but tracking can help you learn who your audience is and understand how they interact with your content.

Whenever you provide a better experience, you are more likely to earn conversions, which means better ROI for your company.


Provides the Audience with Relevant Ad Experiences


One of the most significant issues that businesses tend to struggle with is creating relevant ad experiences. Businesses often believe that they know what ads will get people interested but end up with low engagement. When you use ad tracking, you can provide your audience with relevant ad experiences.

When you use ad tracking, you can see how people are engaging with your ads. You will learn what parts are getting the most engagement and interest while learning more about what your audience is wanting from your business.

When you use ad tracking, you can deliver a personalized ad experience. You can provide them with a more personalized experience based on their behaviors.

For instance, if you run an ad for three popular pairs of sneakers that you sell. When you use ad tracking, you find that most people have clicked on Pair C. Now that you know that information, you can provide an ad experience that most people have focused on and engaged with the most.

Ad tracking can also provide you with an opportunity for retargeting. That allows you to provide your ad content to people who have interacted with your products or brands before.

In this case, you know that people interacted with a popular pair of sneakers. As a result, you will deliver the ad with Pair C to entice users to buy your shoes. When you use ad tracking, you provide a better ad experience for your audience that gets them to engage with your ads.


Allows You to Get to Know Your Audience


Ad tracking is excellent for helping you to understand your audiences. While you know who they are, you may not know much about them. You may have a general idea of the type of interests that your audience has, but ad tracking services provide an in-depth look at their profiles.

Whenever you track ad behavior, you are going to get plenty of valuable information. You can know more about the targeted demographics, but you also learn about buying habits and engagement behaviors.

It is valuable to understand how your audience can interact with your ads. You will need to know if you are delivering valuable ad experiences. If your ads are not interesting or relevant for your audience, you will notice it when you track your ad.

That is information that can help you understand your audience much better and create effective ads.


Get a Better Ad Experience Through Ad Tracking


Ad tracking is a great way for you to learn your audience’s behaviors. You can use that information to provide a tailored experience. Using customized ads allow for growth and conversions for your business.



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