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When it comes to SEO Toronto, your strategy is everything. However, ranking at the top is achieved through planned strategy and execution, not luck. Our team of experienced staff have built campaigns ready to rank in the toughest of industries across North America.   

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Amazing Delivery Times

Our SEO Services in North America are reputable partly due to our delivery times.

Experienced Staff

Our SEO Toronto have a combined experience of over 20 years in the Industry. This is not our first rodeo.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Rankings are great. What's even better? Keeping them high. Our SEO Agency won't let you down.

Consistent Link Building

Consistent link building is necessary today in order to rank your business. We are on it.

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Monthly Reports. Weekly Phone Calls. Why? Are you not frustrated? In Other Words, Results First. Talk Later.


New to hiring a digital marketing agency New York? No problem. Read some of our articles and see why are the gold standard in the industry.

SEO Consulting

How is your Digital Marketing Strategy Working out?

The world is evolving and so is Google. Perhaps google is the reason we are evolving? We Digress. Digital Marketing strategies that worked a few years ago are outdated today due to the Penguin and Panda updates thanks for Google. This constant change and cycle of updates causes SEO Companies to be on their toes in order to rank you higher. In the event, you have chosen to do your own SEO Toronto Service, our consulting services will guide you in the right direction! 

SEO Analysis

How Does Google Really View you website?

You have a super “flashy” website. Awesome. We are happy you have such a nice website. However, appearances are deceiving. When it comes to Google, your website is put under a microscope. As one of the better SEO Companies in North America, Sages is committed to the research and development needed to rank your website at the top! Therefore, SEO Analysis is a mandatory requirement in order to achieve search results dominance.

Full Scale Marketing Campaigns
Proven Results over time.
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Local SEO Toronto

Ranking on the maps for local traffic is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO.

As a local business, you want to take advantage of your location and proximity to some clients. Local SEO does just that. You are ranked on the map component of the Google search allowing local customers to view your business and visit your store. However, there are few requirements needed in order to rank on the website. Factors such as directory listings, reviews and overall business age, reputation and proximity all help rank you in Local SEO Toronto. In conclusion, while some companies may charge extra for this, we include it in our SEO Toronto Service packages

Google Maps Optimization
Experienced Citation Builders

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Our SEO Toronto Process

  • SEO Toronto Marketing Analysis
  • Website Updates and Optimization
  • Link Building for your business
  • Reporting and Maintenance

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Step 1: SEO Services Marketing Analysis

Where are you right now?

In order to get started on a journey, we must first know where we stand. Any SEO Service company will need to gather as much information as they can from you and start by discovering your industry. The targeted client base, objectives and competition are just the beginning of a numerous amount of questions. As one of the best SEO Agencies, we do everything we can do put you right at the top! 

What do the numbers say about your business?

Now that we understand the Industry you are in, let’s look at the raw data. As the saying goes: Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers Don’t. Firstly, will need to set up your website properly to enable data collections. Secondly, we will start to analyze this data and predict patterns needed for your success. The tools needed are in your search console, tag manager and analytics accounts. 

How is your Competition Performing?

We have your input and the information from google on where we stand. It is now time to research the industry and find out a thing or two on how to conquer SEO for your company. There are several tools used by various SEO companies including Ahrefs, MOZ and SemRush. It helps us narrow and concentrate our efforts to rank you higher on Google. 

Websites are the backbone of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

 We have the numbers from Google analytics. The data from Ahrefs and Moz has been gathered as well. It is not time to see how our website is doing. Far too often, businesses spend too much money and time focusing on the website’s visual appeal. While it is not a bad thing, the essential factors often get overlooked. We can break it all down but it is nothing more than complicated SEO expert jargon which we handle once we are hired

We know how they are doing…but are there any missed oppurtunities?

One of the best places to get started on increased SEO Standings are your competitors. What are they doing to land on the top 3 ranks for your keywords? How is their website laid out? Are they using SSL for their security? From the little factors to the big, we will handle this for you. Additionally, are they missing out on any other oppurtunities?  

Do you really know what people are typing in when looking for your service?

Perhaps one of the most overlooked talents of an SEO Company. While many businesses will go ahead and do their market research, they are sure to miss out on several keywords that an SEO professional will be able to dig out. There are certain keywords that you know, certain you don’t know and ones you don’t know that you don’t know. Worry not. We have experiencing pulling out all these keywords to maximize your traffic.

What is a good backlink? What is bad?

Lastly, the Link building. By far, the most time consuming and what sets apart good agencies from the bad ones. Google is a robot that follows instructions based on your links, security, speed and other factors. In order to convince the system that you are better than your competition, we also need to be better than them. It is a slow and time consuming process but one that will certainly yield positive results in the long run. 

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Step 2: Website Updates and Optimization

It takes more than just backlinks to maximize exposure..

One of the main responsibility of an SEO company is to edit the website to optimize conversions. Cool. However, the lesser the the pages, the lesser the authority. In order to build credibility with Google, it helps to have a lot of RELEVANT content on your website. Content is King and we know the importance of it. 

We got eveything we need. Time to put things together

We now have a plan and it is time to execute. It all begins with the keywords you are looking to rank for. In the early 2000’s people would pack their keyword as much as possible to rank higher on google SEO. Unfortunately, doing this today has a chance to get you a penalty than a higher ranking. We will do all the little things to get you moving up higher. 

We don’t blindly follow a plan…time to evaluate progress.

Once we put it all together there are several tools available to optimize the health of your website. As long as we get the “green smiley” from the developer (yes…we are quite happy here at Sages) we can move onto the next round of link building

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Step 3: Link Building for your business

Let’s Build some Backlinks. THE PROPER WAY!

White Hat Link Building is something every SEO Company claims to do. Not all SEO Services follow through with that promise. White Hat Link building is the lifeline of your SEO Campaign. Your website is the backbone and the links are the blood that keep you alive and moving on up in the world of Google. We don’t mean to be that descriptive but it is the only analogy we can come up with at the moment.  The quality of links are everything. The more powerful they are, the more powerful you become. The weaker they are, they weaker your website becomes.  Our SEO Agency’s professionals handpick the good links to connect to your website. 

Consistent Effort and follow through are key.

As a reputable SEO Service in Canada, we make sure the pace we build the links at is sustainable. It is a long and tedious process meant to get you more customers for a very long time. If we work in a hurry, you will get a bunch of top 3 rankings but they will not last at the top. It is better to proceed slowly and ensure a steady pace that is sustainable in the long term.

As a reputable SEO Service in Canada, we make sure the pace we build the links at is sustainable. It is a long and tedious process meant to get you more customers for a very long time. If we work in a hurry, you will get a bunch of top 3 rankings but they will not last at the top. It is better to proceed slowly and ensure a steady pace that is sustainable in the long term.

Once all the webpages are indexed and growing, time to ramp up the effort!

Once we have established our base and we are moving up quickly, time to ramp it up and distance yourself from the competition. Our SEO Agency will ramp up link production to get you right to the top and get you those positions you are looking for

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Step 4: Reporting. Maintenance.

We love the end of month. Know why? Because we know we put the work in..

At this stage, we have all the momentum in the world. There is nothing stopping us from getting to the top and staying there. We love end of month because of the results. Seeing the elated expressions on our clients face is what truly drives us to be better.  We really care about our clients and our work will show it. No Gimmicks. No Excuses. Only Passion driven Results

Nothing lasts forever. Not even Google Rankings..

It is time to maintain pole positions and hold onto your customers. Our SEO Agency company comes up content to engage your audience and keep them attracted to your business. The money you invest is being doubled or even tripled on a monthly basis and sales are booming. You are the King/Queen of the mountain. We are happy to be your loyal minions! 

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Dump-Squad (Case Study)

This is a quick case study of what we were able to do for a local bin rental business in Toronto. Yes….we are very proud of what we accomplished! 

This company at the time was doing a fine and wanted to establish their presence long term and increase sales immediately. (SEO and PPC was their key)

Dump-Squad Case Study

Dump Squad offers Reliable Disposal Bin Rental, Garbage Bin Rental Toronto, Mini Bin Rentals and Dumpster Rentals in Toronto and the GTA. They have been in business from around 2016? (We think). We digress. From what we can see, they have done an excellent job with their product and made the most of our marketing efforts for them. 

We try really hard to rank you and get you to the top. Google rankings are personal to us 

Below is a list of services they wanted ranked on google and hired us to do so: 

Dump-Squad Cover Bin

Garbage Bin Rental

They Offer Garbage Bin Rental Services across Toronto and the GTA in Canada.


Mini Bin Rental

They Offer Mini Bin Rental Services across Toronto and the GTA in Canada.


Junk Removal

They Offer Junk Removal Services across Toronto and the GTA in Canada.

Step 1: Where Are You?

Dump-Squad today is certainly not the company they are today as is the case with any progressive and successful company. When we were contacted for the initial consultation, dump-squad had an outdated website and were in desperate need of a digital overhaul. We asked them a lot of questions in order to build them the SEO campaign they deserve. 

This is where they currently stand. You will be seeing this picture over and over again. As you read through the case study, the picture will make more and more sense (we promise). 

Website Design

When it comes to websites and SEO campaign, one cannot exist without the other. All SEO Agencies depend on a perfectly crafted website in order rank clients for their respective keywords. It is crucial to have an updated and improved website design before the start of an SEO Campaign. 

Speed…Always Saves. 

One of the most overlooked aspects of website design: speed. In our time, patience really is a commodity. As a rule of thumb, pages that load longer than 3 sec often lose 20% of their potential client base. 

Robot.txt is a file on your website that usually gives our special instructions to search engine (google/yahoo/bing) about that particular website. Sometimes (unknowingly), SEO’s and freelancers often forget to edit the code that might hinder your SEO progress. 

Content is King.

Ranking for keywords is cool. However…does your website even contain the keywords that you are looking to rank for? How many times? Hopefully you didn’t keyword stuff the site too hard..2.5% is usually the magic number for optimal results. 

Overall Branding and Design

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. What makes your different from your competition? There has to be that one factor that separates you from the competitor next search result. 

Trust is Everything.

How established is the business? At the time, Dump-Squad had around 24 reviews? It’s not bad for that industry at that time.  good. You want to have a few reviews to prove to your potential customer that you exist and are doing well. 

What does a quick google search on your business bring up? Does your website even show up? For Dump-Squad, the website showed up, local business listings and map listings all showed up. (if not we build it. Don’t worry) 

Google Listings are an underrated asset. 

Do you have google listings for maps? Local SEO if often one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO. Several business owners underestimate the power of maps…we take all the help we can get to rank your business.  


Did you hire a previous SEO company? No problem. If you are looking for a new one, chances are we have a mess on our hands to clean up. Luckily, Dump-Squad was a clean slate and we could work freely. 

Black Hat SEO…Never.

When new clients come to us, one of the first things we check for is the google penalty. There are times when all the work will not pay off due to a simple google penalty. Check first. Get rid of it if there was one. Proceed as usual. 

How many backlinks do you have? No it is not a competition and the more is not the merrier. Quality/Quantity. One link from is more valuable than 100,000 backlinks from some freelancer on Fiverr. 

If you do have backlinks in the thousands or hundreds even, who is maintaining your campaign?  Dump-Squad overall was in a good situation since they were new and hired us right from the get go. 

Step 2: Where are your competitors?

As is the case with all industries, competition is key to ranking for your keywords. What is it they are doing that we need to do? How are they doing it? How much are they spending monthly?

We ask all the questions to try and build an SEO campaign that is sustainable long term. Here are some of the images of their competitors today. Obviously they have made adjustments to their campaigns but we are going to be using where they were around January 2017 for a fair comparison. 

Note: We blurred out their names because we are not trying to tick them off. Just showcasing what we have done for our client: Dump-Squad. 

Industry Strength

All the competitors have updated websites that state of the art. Nobody in the industry is using outdated techniques or websites to rank for their keywords. That means that dump-squad needs to have a updated, functional website that can get the job done. 

Speed Saves.

All their websites clearly were functioning fast enough to rank at the top. It is not coincidence that speed usually correlates to higher rankings and increased customer acquisition rates. 

The Robot.txt is something we cannot access for these website but clearly their SEO Agencies have been taking care of it. All the correct instructions have been placed on there. 

All their websites are well optimized. Ranking for keywords is cool. However…does your website even contain the keywords that you are looking to rank for? How many times? Hopefully you didn’t keyword stuff the site too hard..2.5% is usually the magic number for optimal results. 


As you can see from the images above, we are going up against a variety of websites with varying link profiles. All of them have really good backlinks in general and we had our work cut out for us. 

Every Single competitor mentioned above had established reviews on their business. Getting customers for a business that is unproven is obviously a harder task. However, we have ways to increase your business reviews on Google.    

Google is King.

A quick Google Search brings up all of their businesses. There are no mistakes or errors on those pages either. Everything looks good. 

Plenty of google listings. Lots of reviews. Businesses in the industry have been around for a long time and we have to exceed expectations just to break into the industry. 


Every single company in the industry looks like they are hiring someone for their SEO. How did we know? The quality of the backlinks, page speed, optimization and several other factors give it away. 

Penalties Suck..

The google penalty risk for this industry seems low. There are a lot of companies that doing SEO the right way. Cheap tactics would not get the job done here (Not that we apply those). We always want to know what we are up against. 

Awesome mix of Backlinks. They are all over the place. The more diverse they are, the more work we have to do . 

Well Maintained. Super Optimized. All the companies had SEO agencies maintaining their campaigns for them.

Step 3: How good is your Website?

Based on the research and information we had on hand, Dump-Squad needed help on multiple fronts. At the time, their website was old, outdated and definitely needed an overhaul. 

On top of the website overhaul, the SEO Campaign had to be built from scratch as there were no current backlinks and Google did not trust the website very much. 

New Website Design

Websites are your Backbone.

As you can see, we made a very responsive website that is still currently servicing them well. When it comes to “Trades and Service” Business(es), you want customers to see what they will be receiving. You may think little factors like this are trivial. However, they can be the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one. 

Strong Branding and CTA’s

Strong Branding is Key.

Orange is the color they choose when it came to their equipment. We followed. We tried to make the orange as prevalent as possible along with a contrast color of light blue to make the website eye-popping. The last thing you want is a dull and boring color scheme that subliminally turns the clients interest off. Adding a custom made video was a nice touch and some people like to watch instead of read. 

Backlinks Structure

We love situations like this. It was a blank slate with very few to no existing backlinks. It gives us a chance to build a campaign that will be successful for sure without having to correct previous companies mistakes. We built them a blog page with the content to add more credibility in the eyes of Google. 

Step 4: How do we do it? What’s the plan?

At the moment, we have all the information we need to start building up our plan. We know the clients background. The scouting of the competition is complete. Lastly, we also have a a functional yet modern website that can be ranked at the top of google for this industry. What now? Time to build a plan an execute it.  

Website Metrics

In the early 2000’s, many companies and SEO Agencies were able to simply keyword stuff their way to the top. If you were in the business of Tree cutting, you simply had to mention tree cutting as many times as possible. The end.

Today? No chance. If anything, you will be penalized by google and your rankings will not only decrease but your domain can get de-listed. We had to make sure the targeted keywords were sprinkled in without overdoing it. 

Speed Saves.

One of the most overlooked aspects of SEO – Website Speed. The more time it takes your webpages to load, the more customers you lose. Imagine you were trying to buy a bin from Dump-Squad. However, their page wont load for 5-10 seconds. What would you do? Leave. 

We ensure that speed is always functional and solid. 

SEO Marketing

Readability is a metric considered by google. What does it mean? It signals the search engine about the content and how it sounds. Content is meant for the end consumer. Not to rank on google. You want it to sound as natural as possible when it comes to ranking at the top. The more un-natural it sounds, the longer you spend at the bottom of the pages. 

Layout is Key.

How is the website designed? How many call to actions are there? Are you actively asking your client to give you a call? email? Attracting people thorough your website is great. However, the end goal is convert them into customers. We made sure the website was filled with plenty of Call-to Actions. 


At the time of the campaign, Dump-Squad did not have any backlinks that were powerful. Sure, they had their profile listed in a few directories but that is not going to cut it. It was important to remember to grow in spurts. 

Always Trend Up.

Grow in spurts? What do you mean? Just add 1,000 backlinks right now. The faster the better right? 


You want to be able to add backlinks on a consistent basis in order to rank at the top AND stay at the top. Patience is one the key qualities when it comes an SEO Agency. No spam. No filler. Just consistent link building activity. 

Step 5: Plan Execution. Phase # 1

SEO is nothing something we can be 100% correct on all the time. It is all about trial and error. What works for a certain company will not work for another. We can put together the best possible plan given a certain situation. However, it will make progress but tweaks will be needed to take the next step and end up on top of your rankings. 


Phase # 1 of our marketing plan for Dump-Squad. This is usually the first phase of many and it sets the tone for future growth. Perhaps the most crucial part of your ongoing campaign. Often times, many start-up companies choose to cut corners and hire someone that is cheaper. They end getting a lot of “black hat” backlinks that will rank you initially but will penalize you down the road. Then companies like our have clean up the entire mess and start all over again. 

Initial Burst of Traffic

When it comes to websites and SEO campaign, one cannot exist without the other. All SEO Agencies depend on a perfectly crafted website in order rank clients for their respective keywords. It is crucial to have an updated and improved website design before the start of an SEO Campaign. 

Exponential Growth

if you are shopping for SEO Services, we are positive that you have seen agencies make outlandish claims like this. What does it really mean? 

In short. You are track to rank at the top of google. At Sages Marketing, we take honestly and transparency very seriously. It is always in your best interest to hire an SEO Agency that doesn’t try to fool you with these outlandish claims but rather work on improving your search results. 

Return on Investment

SEO is an investment for your business. It is a form of marketing that tends to pay itself over and over again. It’s only growing in importance by the day thanks to the digital world we live in today. In dump-squad’s case, they began seeing around 500 clients within their first 6 months! 

They were already in the green. Don’t understand it? No problem. Click on “Math Time”. 

Money Talks..

If you see the picture above, it tells the amount of traffic your website is attracting and gives you a numerical value based on how much google values it at. 

In our case, Dump-Squad is valued at $5,100/Monthly. It attract 1,100 Visitors. 

$5,100/1,100 = $4.64

So in first six months, Dump-Squad began attracting 500 clients. 

500 x $4.64 = $2,318.18

They pay us around $2000/monthly.

In the first 6 months, Dump-Squad was already making money of their own SEO campaign not to mention their actual business. 

SEO is all about Return on Investment. 


There are bad apples in every industry. SEO is not an exception. More often than not, SEO companies try to prove their worth by talking about return on investment. However, their return is not exactly what you are looking for or need. It is important to get your ROI through Keywords that generate you revenue. 

Numbers Don’t Lie.

In the case of Dump-Squad, we could have easily ranked them for a bunch of keywords that are easy to rank for and told them that they are making money. Do we even think about doing this like other SEO companies will? Absolutely not. 

Look at the image above. Under countries, you will see Canada accounting for 99.5% of their traffic. We ranked them for local searches where local people would give them a call for a dumpster. 

Not rank them in Idaho, Ohio or Montana…..useless traffic.

Relevant Traffic is key. 

Step 6: Review the Progress. Make changes if Needed..

Dump-Squad was making steady progress as we can see from the pictures above. Within 6 months, they were starting to break even and better yet, save money on their marketing. Their traffic kept increasing and their valuation kept getting higher and higher. At one point, they were getting as many as 2,200 clients at their peak ($10,000 value) 

However, recently (Earlier) this year, we noticed a steep decline in traffic. Clearly the strategy we were using is no longer working and changes needed to be made.

Spoiler: we figured it out. 

Back to the Basics

Optimize the Website

We notices several of their competitors had hired rival agencies to copy and beat them out. This is only natural. We did the same thing for them and its only natural for them to reverse the trend.  

We ended up making changes to the websites and layout including and not limited to layout, speed, content, meta tags and several other factors. 

Dump-Squad was not exactly struggling but it was time to re-tool (just like the Raptors should) and build it back up.  

What are they doing?

Honesty is the best policy.

Lets be frank here. We did not see this coming. It happens. It happens to every professional in every industry. So how do we recover? 

Let’s see what the competition is doing.

Simply put: 

1) Majority of them builtbrand new websites

2) They added a lot more content than Dump-Squad had

3) They have indexed more pages and posts than Dump-Squad did. 

4) They caught up in terms of adding backlinks. 

Time to react and respond. Do what we can to put our client at the top. 

FYI: At no point has Dump-Squad ever lost money from their SEO campaign. Their low point of 650 cleints is still valued at $3,000…

Just Saying.  When we build campaigns, we built them with a strong foundation. It done so to give us more time to recover and respond.  

On and Off Page SEO

The new and re-tooled SEO campaigns were stronger than ever. We had to build a lot more high quality backlinks to stand a chance and bring them back up. SEO is all about Up’s and Downs. As long as your campaign is paying itself off and making you money. You should keep investing into it. 

Step 7: Re-Tool. Re-Grow. Maintain Rankings.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The results below are put on display to show you what can be accomplished for your business as well. We promised you that this picture would make sense at the end. If you have stuck through the entire case study, thank you for taking the time to read it.

Hopefully it makes sense and you are ready to give us a call for your business!  

The Final Breakdown: Spend Vs Earned


As we previously mentioned: SEO Services are all about Return on Investment (ROI). Dump-Squad has currently been with us for the last 3 years (and counting). Here is the breakdown of the total price they have been billed for: 

Initial Payment/Setup Fee: $0

Web Design and Development: $2000

Monthly Payment: $2000/Monthly

Time Span (as of right now): 36 months

Total: $2000 * 36 Months = $72,000

+$2000 (Web Design) = $74,000



They paid $74,000 over 3 years??? What? That’s a lot of money. Yes. We Agree. However, we also need to account for what they received back in terms of production. Its obvious they made their money. Exactly how much? 

First Year Average traffic: 700/Monthly

Second Year Average Traffic: 1500/Monthly

Third Year Average traffic:  1100/Monthly 

(700*12) + (1500*12) + (1100*12) = 39,600 Visitors

Average Click Value: $4.64

Total: 39,600 * 4.64 =$183,744


How Valuable is Your Website?

Find out in Minutes what your website is worth and start building on it with our detailed report! Let our SEO Toronto Experts help Your Business!

Our SEO Toronto Agency Pricing


Business Starting Up
$ 499 Monthly
  • 4 Blog Posts Monthly (500 Words)
  • Focus on 10+ keywords & phrases
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

Starter 2.0

Semi Established Businesss
$ 799 Monthly
  • 8 Blog Posts Monthly (500 Words)
  • Focus on 20+ keywords & phrases
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

The Professional

For Established Businesses
$ 1499 Monthly
  • Focus on 50+ keywords & phrases
  • 16 Blog Posts Monthly (1000 Words)
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

The Professional 2.0

For Established Businesses really looking to expand
$ 2499 Monthly
  • Focus on 100+ keywords & phrases
  • 32 Blog Posts Monthly (1000 Words)
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

What is Off-Page SEO Toronto Services?

This is the other factor aside from On-Page SEO. Off Pages SEO refers to SEO tactics that can help you website gain trust and build credibility. Backlinks of all types, Do-Follow and No-follow would be considered part of Off Page SEO Strategy. They pass "SEO Juice" which allows Google to trust you website more and rank you higher. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are two different forms of Marketing. They are both forms of online advertising through search engines. Think of SEO as earned and SEM as paid.

No. We don't. Business Owners should want to be subscribed to our SEO due to the Return on Investment we generate for them. Not a contract that forces them to stay on board. 

Freelancers can charge anywhere from $200 - $2000. However, you will not receive the same value in return due to their lack of employees and resources that an agency has. You are always better off choosing an SEO Agency than a freelancer if you are serious about investing in your business. 

Our SEO Toronto Agency FAQ's

What's the best SEO Toronto Service Pricing Package for our business?

It all depends on what stage of the business you company is currently at. If you are starting out and looking to establish a presence, the started package might suit you best. However, if you have a good customer base and are looking to increase your operations, the professional 2.0 might be your best option.  The SEO Agency fees is just an overhead cost that pays itself off. It is normal for companies to experience a 400-500% ROI. 

How Long till I see results?

On Average, depending on several factors - 3-6 months. Why so long? Well some industries such as financing, law firms and dental clinics might take longer. Factors such as the competition, how often your website gets crawled, the indexing timeline and website speed all play factors into ranking your website at the top. We want your website to be functioning optimally in order to maintain those rankings we achieve for you.  

SEO is an ongoing process.

Yes. We can. How long will it take? How much will it cost? This will depend on a number of factors. Domain Age, Website Optimization, website speed, industry strength are just a few of the factors. While you may believe that one keyword suits your better than others, our job as an SEO agency is to uncover hidden gems. We try to get your website seen by as many people as possible looking for your service. So regardless if you are #1 for a certain keyword or not, we will get you tons of relevant traffic that will convert and purchase your product. 

Are SEO Toronto Services even worth it?

Is it worth it? Yes.  Why? Subsidized form of Marketing is why. SEO is one of the best and more efficient manner of getting your business name out there for the world to see. It doesn't matter what product you sell, SEO is a fantastic method of marketing your product. As one of the cheapest forms of marketing and produces the highest return on investment than any other form of online marketing. People will always trust a website that is ranked highly on google because the business clearly invests in itself and therefore provides a good product. Is ranking at the top of crucial keywords worth it? Yes. It is. 

Can I choose what the blog content is about?

SEO Services are meant for companies to stand out and show out. There is nobody in the universe that knows about your business than you do. The content that is chosen to be created will always have your say in it. We want you to be happy and more importantly, get results for the money you are investing with us. All Blog posts will be relevant to your business and we will do the best we can to ensure the quality is A+

Time is Money...

Of Course you can. Why not. You can also change your own tires, mow your own lawn and make your own food. However, when we specialize in what we do, the best product is often created. Therefore, focusing on your business while an SEO Service is your best bet. Not to mention that SEO requires a lot of technical knowledge, research and most importantly experience.

By the time you learn how to SEO and what works and what doesn't, you will have lost plenty of business you could have had focusing on your craft. Our plans are extremely price sensitive and we work with clients from all backgrounds. Give us a chance and we will make you a lot more money than you currently have. That is the only promise we can make. 

How Much Does SEO Toronto Cost?

We have packages of all sizes and shapes dependent on your needs and wants. As a bare bone package, we can offer you an SEO Package starting from $399/month. However, the more you invest into your business, the more money you make back. We can always start out with the smaller package and work our way up once you see positive results.  

How can we get started?

It all starts by contacting us. Give us a call, send us an email and we can get started. We have a detail oriented process involved with all our SEO campaigns. We do not like to skip any steps and our results will always speak for themselves. 

What Exactly am I paying for with SEO Toronto Services?
When you hire an SEO Agency, you are essentially investing your companies marketing budget. What exactly are you paying for? You are paying us money to rank you at the top of various search engines. How does that benefit your business? You get more clients and earn more business!
1) Optimizing your URL's, Keywords, Page Titles and Meta Tags along with Site Content. 
Perhaps the most basic form of SEO Service. While some of this might not make sense to you, some of it will. Optimizing your website is crucial to the success of your SEO Campaign. 
2) Optimize alt attributes
Do you happen to know what alt attributes are? It's alright if you dont. this isn't a test. Alt attributes are basically codes for your images. The more optimized they are, the higher your chances for ranking for that keyword. Alt attributes are a very small factor in SEO rankings but we look past no factors for your success. 
3) Content Updating and Upgrading. 
Google values websites that are well maintained and offer new content from time to time. They like websites that are updated, optimized and looked after. This means that the company is still in business and continues to invest in itself. Must be a good a business. Let's rank them higher for our viewers to be see their website. Simple tasks. Amazing results.
4) Optimize technical site elements
We mentioned the alt tags and site updates. Reality is that there are so many little factors that we could not possible list all of them. There is on page factors, off page factors, branding and so many other technical aspects that go into ranking your website. When you pay an SEO Agency, this becomes part of their job description. We do this every day and and for every client like clockwork.
5) Responsive Website Design
Your Website is the backbone of your SEO Campaign. Responsive website design (RWD) is a term used for websites that are user friendly. They literally "respond well" to the end users. RWD improves the quality of the site and can make your website look very modern. As your online storefront, you want your website to stand out and for people to purchase your product or service. While you can have a flashy website, if the end users are not able to utilize it properly, chances are you will be losing several customers. Seamless navigations, multiple call to actions and optimal website speed are all categories of RWD. 
6) Streamline navigation
A customer comes to your website looking for your service or product. You have it. Great. However, they are not able to make the purchase because your website glitched and not they cant see your phone number or contact you through the website. Boom. You lost a customer. Worst feeling on the planet. You work hard to attract clients to the website ..well we do. But you pay us! and we will make sure that there are as few breakdowns as possible on your website. 
7) Answer users’ questions
You sell X products. Chances are that you are the expert in X Products. This means that you can answer some of the questions your user is looking for. Cool. But how do you pop up when the customers are looking for answers? Blogs, optimized website designs and improved branding and recognition. That's how. Let us take care of that for you. SEO is what we do. Just focus on optimizing your business and making more money! 

Why are SEO Toronto Services so important to my business?
Is SEO Important for your business? Branding, Client Traffic, Increased Trust and Higher Revenues. Simple Answer. We can talk about how SEO is this and SEO is that. However, SEO comes down to building and increasing trust among your potential client base. You pay for SEO to target customers looking for your product or service. It also helps that it is one of the cheapest forms of marketing and is only increasing in value with time. 

How do you determine SEO Toronto Services  Pricing?

SEO Pricing has multiple factors that go into it. The most important one would be - how many keywords are you looking to rank for? Companies who start out their SEO campaigns early are often the most likely to need heavy campaigns since they are already established in their niche and industry. That makes sense as well. Companies that are around for longer often have an established client base that refers them and grows from the work they have dont prior. 

How big is your website? The larger the website, the more work involved for SEO companies to take you to the top. Optimizing and updating websites takes time. The more work that needs to be done, the higher the cost for your SEO Campaign. However, the more money you spend on SEO, the better your search results meaning higher revenues. 

The last determining factor is your target audience. Are you a global company? or local company? Do you have a specific target market that needs to be targeted? How many products and services are you looking to market to them? The more, the merrier. The more you pay for SEO, the higher your output as well. If you are targeting a global audience, it means more work. Targeting specific audiences requires skill and precision. There are so many factors that go into pricing out an SEO Campaign. It is one one or two things but rather a combination of several things that determine the cost of your SEO Services. 

How competitive is your pricing?

As a consumer, we are often trained to pay the least and expect the best. Unfortunately, SEO is not one of them. Quality is everything. You can always find a cheaper SEO Service but the finished product will not equal what you pay. The harsh reality is that SEO costs money. The lower budgets are usually a scam as those costs usually go right into the pocket of an SEO company. Not your website.

At the very least, have a budget of $500/monthly. Even though $500 is quite low, we take pride in being able to work with individuals from all walks of life. We have several clients who started with us at $500/month and not pay us close to $5000/month. Why? Because they are receiving $10,000 - $15,000/Month worth of traffic.

At Sages, we take pride in being upfront and honest about everything we do. A lot of SEO companies won't give you straight answers you deserve because they are trying to keep you paying and in the dark for as long as possible. We want our customers to benefit from our services because they are happy with us. If cost is a big factor for you, we are not the correct company for you. We do not want to work with companies that will nickel and dime us. SEO is not cheap and it costs money to rank on Google. One thing we can guarantee - our effort and ROI. Our work speaks for itself. 

Why does SEO Toronto Services cost as much as it does?

We’ve already answered the question “how much does SEO cost”. But the answer is not always so simple or straightforward. Here is an in-depth article about SEO Pricing. While we can provide a simple answer, the answer is not that simple. The reality is that SEO is not cheap. It costs money and requires an investment in your business. The more money you invest, the more you get back through increased rankings. 

Firstly, the competition is the biggest determinant of SEO cost. The higher the competition, the more money it will cost to rank in that industry. If you happen to be in a smaller city and work in an industry with lesser competition, you may get away with a smaller budget. However, if you work in the finance industry or insurance in the big city, expect to shell out more money for your business. 

There are no websites that don't need SEO work. SEO is an ongoing process. You need to keep your campaign optimized and ready to go in order to maintain your SEO Rankings. Factors such as competition and maintenance are key contributors to why most SEO Campaigns range from $1000-$3000/Monthly.

What is an SEO Toronto Audit?

An SEO Audit is something that is needed to rank at the top of your search results. The audit covers several different factors such as industry strength, website design and optimization among 200+ other factors. It's a tool that is used to build out a plan that an SEO agency can execute to get you the results you want and deserve. 

What is On-Page SEO Toronto Services?

There are several factors that contribute to SEO. One of them happens to be On-Page SEO. What exactly does it mean? It refers to the the technique of optimizing the content on your website. Keyword Optimization, Website Speed, Robots.txt file along with Meta Tag Optimization all come under the umbrella of On-Page SEO. 

Service Area: Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is known for Kensington Market. Choose from eclectic old-fashioned shops, vegetarian cafes, and trendy bars in Kensington Market. The community showcases other scenes that Toronto is famous for. We are proud to serve the businesses through the city. With thousands of businesses in the area, digital marketing services such as Local SEO. If you need help with your online marketing strategy, we are willing to work with you.

Below are some of the ways we can help your business grow in Toronto

Digital Marketing Agency


Although backlinks and keyword combinations are essential for SEO, it is equally essential to ensure that your website is easy to index by search engines. For example, if you use XML sitemaps and Robots.txt files to tell such crawlers how to run on your website, the crawler or search engine robot can only accurately analyze your website.

Similarly, if your URL returns an HTTP error code, refuse to execute the crawler responsible for evaluating your website. In this case, part of our website review process includes getting to know your website in-depth and ensuring that search engines can see and discover as much information about you as possible.

Shift our focus to your website's end users, and then our SEO review will consider your page load time. Generally, these times should not exceed 3 seconds. If this is the case, then actual website visitors are less likely to wait to discover more about you and any content you provide them.

Google Penalty Recovery Services


What people often forget is that Google is a company. Search engines' primary customers are its users, and these users always want the highest quality search results.
In this case, Google has been trying to remove bad web content from searches; and ensure that the search results it provides are as safe, reliable, and contextual as possible.

Because of the above, Google's penalties are usually for one of the following two reasons. Google may have identified you as trying to trick its search algorithms into ranking higher in search results, or your website may get believed to provide an insecure and inadequate user experience.

Suppose your website loads slowly, does not provide sufficient security, or generates too many error codes. In that case, if you can identify that you have used a Google website, in addition to the problem of poor performance, Google will often tell you The website got fined. Techniques used by Black hat SEO can improve ranking. Often times, techniques like keyword density spam, article rotation, quick link building, and sites that use spam backlinks and paid traffic.

The good news is that if the cause of the fine is corrected, you can delete Google's fine and restore your ranking. In this case, we will help you determine why a fine should get imposed on you and then request Google on your behalf to waive the fine. To prevent this from happening again, we will conduct site-wide compliance checks and then provide website owners with recommendations on SEO best practices. In this case, if you want to restore your ranking, please contact us immediately to discuss your specific fines in more detail.

Local SEO Services

Almost everyone knows that SEO is essential for building and maintaining a strong business influence. However, if you are a local company operating outside of a specific geographic location, you also need to understand how local SEO can benefit your online and offline business.

Local SEO refers to the practice of using citations from well-known websites and business lists to improve your website's ranking in local web searches. For simplicity, if you are located in East York City, Toronto, a higher local ranking will mean that your business will be more dominant in East York-centric search results than Mississauga-centric search results.

One thing to remember about local SEO is that improving your local ranking is an ongoing project. In addition to ensuring that each citation contains the latest contact information, you also need to monitor and respond to customer reviews and comments. Fortunately, we can help you improve your local SEO rankings and provide continuous support when managing business lists. We can even better combine your local SEO strategy with the implementation of a broader SEO and online marketing strategy. In this case, if you want to get better visibility online, please make sure to contact us immediately for further consultation.

SEO Consulting Services

Our SEO service can attract traffic to the target website by ranking page 1 for high-value keywords. Provide SEO strategies for your business anytime, anywhere.

SEO or search engine optimization is often considered the holy grail of online marketing. That is because creating a great and easy-to-navigate website is a prerequisite for any successful business, and your website must appear as high as possible in the search results provided by Bing and Google, etc.

That is why we provide SEO consulting services for Toronto companies, aiming to help companies like you discover how to attract more target audiences.

Web Design Services

The website we build can eliminate the noise of customer competition. The easy-to-forget web experience will not bring conversion. Therefore, our desktop and mobile design teams can create customized business and e-commerce websites to ensure you can find the right person. We focus on web design, development, and marketing, bringing together industry-recognized designers from the fields of web development, branding, and graphic design. Start cultivating new sales opportunities immediately. Work with us and connect directly with the best brand experts, logo designers, and SEO strategists in Toronto.