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SEO Consulting

How is your Digital Marketing Strategy Working out?

The world is evolving and so is Google. Perhaps google is the reason we are evolving? We Digress. Digital Marketing strategies that worked a few years ago are outdated today due to the Penguin and Panda updates thanks for Google. This constant change and cycle of updates causes SEO Companies to be on their toes in order to rank you higher. In the event, you have chosen to do your own SEO Edmonton Service, our consulting services will guide you in the right direction! 

SEO Analysis

How Does Google Really View you website?

You have a super “flashy” website. Awesome. We are happy you have such a nice website. However, appearances are deceiving. When it comes to Google, your website is put under a microscope. As one of the better SEO Companies in North America, Sages is committed to the research and development needed to rank your website at the top! Therefore, SEO Analysis is a mandatory requirement in order to achieve search results dominance.

Local SEO Edmonton

Ranking on the maps for local traffic is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO.

As a local business, you want to take advantage of your location and proximity to some clients. Local SEO does just that. You are ranked on the map component of the Google search allowing local customers to view your business and visit your store. However, there are few requirements needed in order to rank on the website. Factors such as directory listings, reviews and overall business age, reputation and proximity all help rank you in Local SEO Edmonton. In conclusion, while some companies may charge extra for this, we include it in our SEO Edmonton Service packages

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Our SEO Edmonton Process

  • SEO Edmonton Marketing Analysis
  • Website Updates and Optimization
  • Reporting and Maintenance

Step 1: SEO Services Marketing Analysis

Where are you right now?

In order to get started on a journey, we must first know where we stand. Any SEO Service company will need to gather as much information as they can from you and start by discovering your industry. The targeted client base, objectives and competition are just the beginning of a numerous amount of questions. As one of the best SEO Agencies, we do everything we can do put you right at the top! 

What do the numbers say about your business?

Now that we understand the Industry you are in, let’s look at the raw data. As the saying goes: Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers Don’t. Firstly, will need to set up your website properly to enable data collections. Secondly, we will start to analyze this data and predict patterns needed for your success. The tools needed are in your search console, tag manager and analytics accounts. 

How is your Competition Performing?

We have your input and the information from google on where we stand. It is now time to research the industry and find out a thing or two on how to conquer SEO for your company. There are several tools used by various SEO companies including Ahrefs, MOZ and SemRush. It helps us narrow and concentrate our efforts to rank you higher on Google. 

Websites are the backbone of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

 We have the numbers from Google analytics. The data from Ahrefs and Moz has been gathered as well. It is not time to see how our website is doing. Far too often, businesses spend too much money and time focusing on the website’s visual appeal. While it is not a bad thing, the essential factors often get overlooked. We can break it all down but it is nothing more than complicated SEO expert jargon which we handle once we are hired

We know how they are doing…but are there any missed oppurtunities?

One of the best places to get started on increased SEO Standings are your competitors. What are they doing to land on the top 3 ranks for your keywords? How is their website laid out? Are they using SSL for their security? From the little factors to the big, we will handle this for you. Additionally, are they missing out on any other oppurtunities?  

Do you really know what people are typing in when looking for your service?

Perhaps one of the most overlooked talents of an SEO Company. While many businesses will go ahead and do their market research, they are sure to miss out on several keywords that an SEO professional will be able to dig out. There are certain keywords that you know, certain you don’t know and ones you don’t know that you don’t know. Worry not. We have experiencing pulling out all these keywords to maximize your traffic.

What is a good backlink? What is bad?

Lastly, the Link building. By far, the most time consuming and what sets apart good agencies from the bad ones. Google is a robot that follows instructions based on your links, security, speed and other factors. In order to convince the system that you are better than your competition, we also need to be better than them. It is a slow and time consuming process but one that will certainly yield positive results in the long run. 

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Step 2: Website Updates and Optimization

It takes more than just backlinks to maximize exposure..

One of the main responsibility of an SEO company is to edit the website to optimize conversions. Cool. However, the lesser the the pages, the lesser the authority. In order to build credibility with Google, it helps to have a lot of RELEVANT content on your website. Content is King and we know the importance of it. 

We got eveything we need. Time to put things together

We now have a plan and it is time to execute. It all begins with the keywords you are looking to rank for. In the early 2000’s people would pack their keyword as much as possible to rank higher on google SEO. Unfortunately, doing this today has a chance to get you a penalty than a higher ranking. We will do all the little things to get you moving up higher. 

We don’t blindly follow a plan…time to evaluate progress.

Once we put it all together there are several tools available to optimize the health of your website. As long as we get the “green smiley” from the developer (yes…we are quite happy here at Sages) we can move onto the next round of link building

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Step 4: Reporting. Maintenance.

We love the end of month. Know why? Because we know we put the work in..

At this stage, we have all the momentum in the world. There is nothing stopping us from getting to the top and staying there. We love end of month because of the results. Seeing the elated expressions on our clients face is what truly drives us to be better.  We really care about our clients and our work will show it. No Gimmicks. No Excuses. Only Passion driven Results

Nothing lasts forever. Not even Google Rankings..

It is time to maintain pole positions and hold onto your customers. Our SEO Agency company comes up content to engage your audience and keep them attracted to your business. The money you invest is being doubled or even tripled on a monthly basis and sales are booming. You are the King/Queen of the mountain. We are happy to be your loyal minions! 

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Small Business Owners Love us.

Dump-Squad (Construction)


Increase In Website Conversions


Increase In SEO Rankings Overall


Decrease In Overall Ad Spend


Decrease In Website Bounce Rate

Shield Security Solutions (Security)


Increase In Website Conversions


Increase In SEO Rankings Overall


Decrease in Overall Ad Spend


Decrease In Website Bounce Rate

RK Truck Center (Transportation)


Increase In Local Traffic through Maps


Increase In Positive Reviews from Clients


Decrease In Overall Ad Spend


Decrease In Email Marketing Spend

How Valuable is Your Website?

Find out in Minutes what your website is worth and start building on it with our detailed report! Let our SEO Edmonton Experts help Your Business!

Our SEO Edmonton Agency Pricing


Business Starting Up
$ 399 Monthly
  • 1 Blog Posts Monthly (500 Words)
  • Focus on 10+ keywords & phrases
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

Starter 2.0

Semi Established Businesss
$ 699 Monthly
  • 2 Blog Posts Monthly (500 Words)
  • Focus on 20+ keywords & phrases
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

The Professional

For Established Businesses
$ 1399 Monthly
  • Focus on 50+ keywords & phrases
  • 4 Blog Posts Monthly (1000 Words)
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

The Professional 2.0

For Established Businesses really looking to expand
$ 2399 Monthly
  • Focus on 100+ keywords & phrases
  • 8 Blog Posts Monthly (1000 Words)
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

Service Area: Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is known for its history, natural beauty, attractions, and culture. It is a city for everyone. It is home to the largest historical park, as well as the largest living history museum. It is also the home of the largest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall. The area is also famous for being known as Canada’s Festival City.

We are proud to serve the businesses through the city. With thousands of businesses in the area, digital marketing services such as Local SEO in Edmonton. If you need help with your online marketing strategy, we are willing to work with you.

Below are some of the ways we can help your business grow in Edmonton.

Digital Marketing Agency

 If you want to know how well your site is doing for Edmonton SEO, our SEO Analysis Service will provide you with the best insights possible about your SEO and how we can make your site headed toward the right path. When this gets combined with SEO, our team will handle all of the implementation work needed to increase your search traffic targeted for your business.

Besides this, we also can find gaps in your backlinks and find the right type of opportunities that you may be missing when it comes to your SEO visibility. We can help show you keyword gaps that go beyond the standard keyword research, and it will find keywords that your competitors are using to rank in organic searches.

Using SEO Analysis is a great way to establish and analyze your site SEO health. By doing this, we can find and even fix all of the issues that have caused problems for your website and things that are keeping it from ranking on search engines. The main goal for analysis is to make sure that your site is SEO friendly and if it is not, then provide a strategy that can put your site in the right direction.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Based on the circumstances you have been penalized for with Google, whether Panda or Penguin or algorithmic or manual updates. None of the situations is a good thing, and it can reduce your visibility on search engines. If you do not do something to fix it, then your search position will be out of the top 50 for several years. If you noticed that your site has lost its ranking position or completely disappeared, we could help.

It does not matter what the website penalty is. We have helped many people just like you have because of the results that we can get you. We will research the issue, create a customized plan to fix it, and then do what will need to get done to get the desired outcome that you have been looking for.

Local SEO Services

If you want to generate local business, our local SEO services can help customers find your business easier when they are close. Our team will focus on optimizing your business in the local area so that your customers know where to find you and who you are. Search engines can penalize you when you do not have your contact information managed adequately on the internet. That is where our local SEO services come into play. We can help to boost your organic search results here in Edmonton.

Managing and cleaning up your information can help your web presence and bottom line. We can create a strategy that will help drive up your ROI and get your customers to your business.

Even when it comes to searching for local businesses, online will be the one place that most people will turn to. Have you ever searched for a local service on Google and were a bit confused by unclaimed business listings or by the multiple contact information that pops up on multiple listings? That could be a huge problem for many people. You probably ended up at a different business from where you had thought to go to first because the one that you wanted did not show up on the first page of the search results. We know exactly what type of local SEO works in Edmonton and the local areas. We understand how important it is to rank on the first page as well as providing organic searches. Our SEO experts can make that happen for you.

SEO Consulting Services

Our team is a professional Edmonton SEO company, but they also have extensive experience in all aspects of digital marketing, including social media marketing, email marketing, etc. We can tailor solutions to meet the needs of Edmonton customers. We can provide services to help create an SEO strategy or overall digital marketing strategy and then work with you when your team implements it. No matter what your business needs are. If you are looking for a marketing company in Edmonton, please contact us immediately.

Web Design Services

Your website is synonymous with your business. Usually, this is the first place for customers to understand your business and understand your overall purpose, making an excellent first impression. A poorly designed website can cause people to have a negative impact on your business, and you can lose potential new customers. It is up to experts to design a customized and attractive website representing your brand and increasing potential customers and sales.

Not only should your website look good, but it also needs to create a good user experience. Our web designers know how to create a perfect combination of attractive designs and the best features. We live and breathe web design and know-how to provide your customers with a perfect user experience. Our customization feature will provide you with a website representing your brand and making you stand out from the competition.

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