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Trustworthy SEO Companies Will Have These Five Traits

The number of companies out there has increased exponentially since SEO first got its start, back in 2006. During this same time, SEO had become a mainstream thing, and companies were being told at the time that it was a necessity. However, a lot of SEO companies showed a high disregard for the profession and acted like their goal was to rush through the work they did for their clients as quickly as they could.

The people with this kind of SEO company were operated mostly by people that might have been good at business matters but had no knowledge at all about SEO. They may have been good when it came to the delivery of a sale. However, they were not able to deliver results or rank your website. In addition, a big part small had was no knowing if they could depend or trust on the SEO companies and their promises.

The following are the 5 traits check for when looking for a trustworthy SEO company to avoid wasted time and energy.


A trustworthy SEO company will have these 5 traits:


Do not let yourself become the victim of an SEO company that gives people false hope with their lies. The following 5-traits are what a trustworthy SEO company is going to have. Make a copy of this if it helps you to remember or in any other way. The information you read here could be the difference between your business succeeding or meeting with disaster. It is best to get in the habit of never using bad SEO practices, this is something that can potentially bring harm to your website, and it is an awfully bad thing in Google’s eyes!


5 Traits That an SEO Company Is Trustworthy


Are Their Previous Clients Satisfied?

This is the trait that is the most important. However, you will need to do a little research on their testimonials yourself to know for sure if a previous client of an SEO company was really satisfied. Look into the SEO techniques companies are using to help them promote client’s websites. Do they use black hat techniques, you know, the ones that Google blacklists? Or do they use white hat ones? If you find out that it is the former, try another company.

How long has the company been in business? If it is more than a year, check out some reviews of previous clients. Are they positive ones? Do they service other businesses which are like your business? If the answer is yes, ask if they would be willing to forward you to some of the customers they have provided services for. Should they not want to do that, you need to keep looking for another SEO company.

You might tell if they are honest by looking at the company’s reviews online. This can be done not only on their site but also with 3rd party reviews through Facebook, Google My Business, and more…

Realistic Promises Should Consist of the Following:

Let us go over the promises that SEO companies make, the ones that they can possibly keep, and how to recognize them. These should be easy enough to remember; however, take notes if you must. Alright, let begin learning! If an SEO company is trustworthy, they are not going to give you any guarantees that they know they cannot fulfill. Such as getting your site on the first page of the page search results. This is because all SEOs that are legitimate know very well that it is not possible to guarantee any keyword search results. There is not one SEO company that can honestly say they know all the nooks and crannies of Google’s internal work, nor do they know how to secretly hack anymore than the rest of us (well, most of us!).

Things are constantly changing in the world of SEO. This means that just because something worked a short time ago does not mean that it is going to work today. Lastly, SEO consists of some complex factors, including a lot of confusing elements and rules, and that is part of the reason it can take a period sometimes to get a website to take off.

Although it depends greatly on the goals you set for your website’s SEO campaign and how much you have budgeted for accomplishing them. An SEO company that is reliable should have the ability to guarantee they are going to use metrics, which are included in your contract, you know, that paper you signed. That is if they get the correct information from you the first time around.


Look for These 3 Signs of Transparency in An SEO Company

Do not give a bad SEO company the chance to burn you as they have so many others. The good SEO agencies know all about the ones that are bad. They try to make it easy for you to tell the good SEOs from the bad SEOs. The good ones are trustworthy, whereas the bad ones cannot be trusted! The good or trustworthy SEOs work hard to be transparent as they can to build-up and keep-up that trust.


Below is Three Signs That A SEO Company Is Trying to Be Transparent



A trustworthy SEO company will explain to you what must be done, then in more detail, the reason why, and next, how they are going to make it happen. Expect some scheduled meetings with them, which may take place via the telephone, in person, or via a webcam.

Another thing you need to make sure happens is to have direct access to the SEO company’s experts. You should have the ability to reach them without having delays or a bunch of hassles. It is thought that the SEOs you have delays and/or a bunch of hassles to be giving you a ‘Red Flag’ and it could be a warning that is telling you that “the company’s SEO expert on search engine optimization may not be true at all!

A trustworthy SEO company will also provide you with a report on each different thing they perform, and this will be done on a regular basis. Not all companies are willing to go to all this trouble. However, a trustworthy company understands that you want to keep up and keep records of or to keep the history of the work they perform for you. Who knows, this may be the only thing to let you remember if it was a good SEO campaign!


SEO For Long Term Success and PPC (paid ads) Is for Short Term Business


Be sure to focus on what your money is going into, as you want it to go towards SEO and not to PPC paid ads). PPC, or rather paid ads, is good for short-term investing, whereas SEO, on the other hand, is a long-term investment. The fact is, the two can work well together.

Will They Be Marketing for Your Competitors?



Do not forget to ask whether they are working with any other business like yours, especially if they are in the same area. Should they answer yes to that question, you may as well get up and leave. The reason being that you would not really want to be represented by a company that is also representing your

competition, would you?

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