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SEO Is Transforming Into Inbound Marketing

As the internet continues to expand, SEO has adapted to introduce new algorithms. Digital marketing has also grown into new areas.

In the past, many factors have influenced search results, including social media and the quality of links and content. Search engine optimization is going through another change, being influenced by the latest trends on the internet. The following will explain how SEO is adapting.


How Is SEO Adapting To New Trends


Search engine marketing includes the following:

  • Pay Per Click advertising with targeted keywords
  • Social media marketing using popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Networking to build relationships with other relevant bloggers for promoting links and collaborations
  • Content creation using high quality, relevant topics and keyword usage


Because of all the new methods used in SEO, the term search engine optimization is not exactly the correct term within internet marketing. Instead, the new term Inbound Marketing is becoming popular in place of the previous term ‘SEO.’


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Moving To Inbound Marketing


Today’s online marketing methods are better described using Inbound Marketing. It takes more than keyword placement to optimize a website effectively for traffic and conversion; the same goes for adding links. Because of constantly updating search result algorithms, using poor quality backlinks and content is pointless and could have negative impacts.

It is best to use organic optimization, as long-term traffic is established by having a presence on the internet, which provides users with value. Adding related links can still offer value, but active social media accounts that connect with customers are more favorable due to the ability to purchase or fake backlinks. Updating social media frequently with original fresh content is a better tactic than recycling old concepts.


Inbound Marketing Creates a Strong Foundation and Lasting Results


These new methods require hard work and time. One way to look at it is, the more work and time you put into creating high-quality content, valuable links to reputable websites, and having a diversified presence, you build a strong foundation. The higher quality and stronger the foundation, the more effective it will be, and the higher rank you will eventually obtain.

Sites using reliable and quality inbound marketing techniques for promoting products or services do not have to stress over being penalized by a search engine. However, SEO that does not adapt and continues using old methods of low-quality backlinks and keyword stuffing always risks being penalized. A penalty would reduce page rank and possibly the removal from search results altogether.


Inbound Marketing, The New & Improved SEO


The term Inbound Marketing is more than comprehensive SEO; it shows that online marketing and search engine optimization itself is improving and changing. Additionally, it shows search results are aimed at providing users the most valuable and pertinent content first. Website owners should focus on more natural flow and avoid the old tactics. Keywords are still important, but be careful about keyword stuffing.

How Strong is your Digital Marketing?

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