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Social Media And SEO Work Together

Social media has significantly changed how people are connecting with each other and how they follow their favorite brands and companies. According to Statista, an estimated 1.17 billion people used social media worldwide between 2010 and 2016 and estimated to be over 3 billion by 2020. This goes to show the reach social media can have when it comes to targeting your audience.

Marketers can choose who they target within a few clicks, ensuring they reach only people interested in their product or service. However, many marketers still do not understand the connection SEO and social media have.


Social Media and SEO Are Organic Strategies


In recent years SEO has greatly evolved, and that includes social media. Search engines are now using more ranking factors than ever before, making it good to know how users are using social media and how it impacts SEO, and vice versa. When SEO best practices are used, it creates a strong foundation that businesses can use to grow social media and have a long-term benefit in return.


What Is Organic Growth?


The term organic growth refers to strengthening your brand or company name through available resources but often requires initial costs. However, when compared to various outside growth methods, it is stronger and more effective.

Both social media and SEO are organic strategies that focus on attracting the targeted audience in a natural way through quality content to increase brand identity. Generally, SEO and social media are discussed as two different strategies, although social media can enhance SEO efforts. Some may have different opinions on how they help each other in marketing, but it is still a winning combination.


Social Media and SEO Are A Winning Combination


When you attempt to build a social media account, you cannot expect to reach your full potential without implementing SEO. You wouldn’t order a cheeseburger without cheese, right?

Without quality content, SEO will not be effective, and social media is one way to create high-quality content. According to Moz, social media can be used to “unlock untapped potential,” even though social media has no direct impact on search engine rankings.

Instead, social media can be used to reach a targeted audience, attracting new people to view your content, visit your website, and purchase your products or service. It indirectly affects site performance with Google and boosts overall visibility. After all, billions of people worldwide use various social media platforms every day, might as well try to reach them too.


Social Media Content And Google Rankings


In the past, marketers assumed social media channels had directly impacted SEO. This caused many businesses to begin using methods that would trigger Google algorithms into noticing their channels and rank them higher in searches.

However, Google announced in 2013 that is not the case, and algorithms are not ‘picking up social signals.’ Although search results do show page URLs on the front page, so a high-quality page name and profile remain significant for SEO.

It was shown in the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) “Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Strategy” that content posted throughout social media channels have the potential for being indexed by search engines like Google and reaching the first page.

The following are some methods for optimizing social media posts to help with this if it becomes popular enough.

  • Driving traffic during the proper time
  • Use keywords correctly
  • Publish a post with keywords during the proper time


Setting Up Your Social Media Strategy


SEJ recommends setting up your social media strategy to achieve the most effective reach possible. Additionally, it could impact SEO. Effective social media strategies have the following three foundations:

Connection: Connecting with your audience allows you to understand who they are, what they need, and when to deliver.

Communication: Communicating with your audience encourages them to interact. Listen to your audience, and speak clearly when talking about your service, product, or brand.

Coordination: Coordinate your plans by deciding what to publish, where to publish it, and how frequently.


Partner With Digital Marketing Experts


From needing assistance with optimizing your SEO or internet marketing to ensuring your social media channels are properly setup, we can help. Our certified professionals love helping business owners achieve their goals, and we offer a wide range of services. If you’re having trouble understanding or implementing any of the steps mentioned, call us today!

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