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6 Important Reasons to Invest In Digital Marketing

Many business owners hear about how important digital marketing is to their success. However, when you are looking for ways to better market your business, digital marketing may not seem all that imperative. That being said, it is, and you need to understand why.

Not only does digital marketing help your business grow, but it will also help establish a positive online presence for your audience and search engines. It is a fact that over 80% of marketers use methods like SEO (Search engine optimization) to succeed. Additional methods, such as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, can also increase brand presence by almost 80%.

Now that leaves us with an important question, Why is it so important to invest in digital marketing? The answer is simple, it will help the growth of your business. You will find many reasons why you should invest in digital marketing throughout this post. We have provided you with 6 important reasons to invest in digital marketing, so keep reading to learn more!


The Competition Is Already Running Digital Marketing Campaigns


One of the main reasons why digital marketing is vital is because your competitors are already investing in it. This gives them an edge in search results and traffic because they have put forth the time and effort into customizing their content and websites to better fit the needs of the search engine algorithms and traffic that frequents their sites through search results. They have made social profiles, practiced SEO, and even paid for advertisements to reach out to new leads.

This is reasoning enough for you to use a digital marketing strategy. If you want to keep up with the competition, you need to do what they are doing. Only better. When you neglect this vital part of promoting your business, you are neglecting the business itself.

For every bit of traffic your competition gains, that is less traffic for your site. That means they are making more conversions than you are most likely. It doesn’t matter if you have a superior product, service, or prices; if you aren’t noticeable, you won’t go far. You have to let the audience know that your business is a valid choice for their needs, and digital marketing lets you do just that. Throw your name into the mix by investing in digital; it’ll pay off.


Impressive ROI (Return on Investment)


When you invest in digital marketing, after some time, you will see results that drive your business further. Marketing strategies online show an impressive ROI, meaning you will get more than you put in if it’s done right.

Marketing through e-mail campaigns shows the highest ROI of all other methods. For every dollar you spend, you have the potential of multiplying it by 40%. That means you have a prime opportunity to earn a profit and grow as a business.

How is there such a great ROI using these different methods?

Put simply, online marketing strategies can be very cost-effective. There is plenty of room for ROI because you aren’t spending a bunch of money to run a single campaign. Even PPC and Social media campaigns are budget-friendly to an extent when you compare them to traditional methods. In return, with the ROI, your business will grow to greater heights.


Target the Ideal Audience


One vital way to increase your ROI and an important reason to use digital marketing are to target the ideal audience. With digital marketing, you are able to customize your campaign to appease the audience your service/product will benefit the most.

Just think about it, you will be using your digital marketing campaign to reach out to thousands of interested viewers who are already in need of your services. You are directly making contact with leads instead of waiting around for them to come to you.

Traditional methods are effective. However, they don’t have the precision that digital marketing strategies do. You are able to input the vital information involving your audience and use it to shape your campaign accordingly. That, in turn, makes reaching the right people so much easier.

If you are a men’s hat company, you obviously want to target men who wear hats. You want to get specifics about these hat-wearing men and use those specifics to reach out to them and appeal to their interests and needs in headwear.

Take the information you gathered about these avid hat enthusiasts, and apply them to your social media campaign. This will result in only relevant and interested people seeing your ads.

There is a way to segment the audience, as well. For example, if you are a company that makes hats for men and women, you are able to customize your efforts to reach out to both audiences with customized ads. All by just using the information from their demographics.

When you better target the right audience, you will see an impressive increase in traffic, leads, sales, and brand loyalty. These are key aspects of success.


Reach Out To People Where They Spend Most Of Their Time


Since the internet became a household thing, it has become a common hangout for many people. In fact, according to Internet World Stats, 7.7 billion people on Earth use the internet. The internet has become an everyday necessity. It is used to conduct searches, purchase services and products, and check popular social media platforms.

The customers you want are online. That alone is a major sign that digital marketing should be implemented into your business strategy. You may not know it, and they may not realize it, but they are browsing the internet in search of what you have to offer. They won’t be able to find you if your online presence is weak.

Building your online presence will drive the results you need for your business to succeed. Digital marketing campaigns reach out to leads that want your services/products.


You Can Compete With The Best


Don’t be intimidated by the big names in your industry. You have the capabilities to compete with them with digital marketing. It is a known fact that the biggest hurdle you will face in business is the competition. It can seem hard to compete with names like Target, Amazon, and Walmart. Their names alone attract customers left and right.

However, there is hope. If you want a fighting chance to stand against the big corporations, you need to implement digital marketing. You will be using the exact same methods that are making the big names so big.

These methods include SEO and PPC.




Your site’s rank in search results is based on relevancy. SEO is one way to make sure your content and website stay relevant. You aren’t able to just throw cash on the internet to put your content. First, you have to earn it.




Google Ranks all ads based on relevancy as well. So using PPC advertising is ideal for making sure your ads are seen first. Even if a corporation has a bid twice as big as yours per click for similar keywords, they aren’t guaranteed a top spot. The reason they aren’t able to buy the top spot is that their ads have to be relevant.

You are creating the opportunity for your small/mid-sized business to make your competition sweat. All you have to do is create content that is designed to be more relevant, utilizing valuable keywords that your competitors haven’t thought of. Digital marketing is how you get this opportunity. With it, you will be a threat to the big names on the market.


You Are Able to Monitor and Optimize Your Campaign To Better Results


One of the major important points of digital marketing is the ability you gain to track and monitor the campaign you launch. Making an effort to invest money and time into your campaigns is all well and good, but you need to know if they are effective. Digital marketing makes that knowledge common. You can track the different campaigns and find out which ones are doing better than others. From there, you are able to optimize your running campaigns to be more effective and appealing to your targeted audience.

Using traditional methods, like television ads and billboards, you aren’t likely to see the results of each ad you place. There isn’t a way to track where they came from and what was working to catch their attention. Without digital marketing, you are left questioning where your traffic is coming from. No one wants to ask each customer where they heard about the business. It is time-consuming and quite annoying for the customers.

You aren’t bothering the audience with digital marketing. The campaigns are all trackable. You are able to easily pinpoint the ROI from your campaign, giving you the ability to tell which one is bringing in the best results and which ones need to be optimized.

The metrics you can witness are:

  • Impressions
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Conversions
  • Clicks
  • And More

It is dependent on the medium and what you choose to measure for which metric you monitor. You are able to set a tracking system to the metrics you want to monitor for your campaign and gather data that is ultimately impactful to the success of the business.

When tracking the performance of your campaign, you will find it easier to adjust and adapt to changes. With traditional advertising, you can just make changes over and over again, not without spending a ton of money and possibly putting yourself in the hole with unsuccessful attempts.

For digital marketing, you are able to monitor what shines about your ads and campaigns. That way, you are given the ability to easily adjust your approach, changing what needs to be changed to better appeal to the people you are wanting to know about what you are offering. It is cheaper to make changes to your digital marketing campaign, and those changes can be instant rather than taking months to produce.

Basically, with digital marketing campaigns, you are saving time and money. You are able to increase your ROI, reach out to the appropriate audiences, and monitor your performance at all times. If you can’t see the value in this, you need to have your eyes checked.

How Strong is your Digital Marketing?

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