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Best Customer Acquisition Strategies to Gain Clients

The goal all businesses have is to gain new clients or customers. The reason gaining new clients is significant is clear, getting attention and converting is not as simple. To help with that, companies use customer acquisition strategies. However, what user acquisition strategy will be best for your business?

The following will go over some of the various customer acquisition methods that can be used for improving new customer growth. Of course, if you need further assistance, you can reach out to us for additional help.


What Is Customer Acquisition, Why Is It Important?


The term customer acquisition is just a way to define gaining attraction from new clients or customers to the company.  Businesses implement various customer acquisition methods for maintaining client growth, including during industry trends, economic changes, or any other time. Without using them, companies could not continue growing over time.


What Is A Customer Acquisition Strategy?


A customer acquisition strategy is more than a single method or technique; it’s a term used within the marketing industry to categorize or describe a number of tactics. In simple terms, it describes establishing a relationship between a company and potential clients by providing a solution to their needs, offering valuable information, and allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions.

When reviewing customer acquisition as the main campaign goal, it is often simpler to calculate the CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs). That is because, in most acquisition campaigns, it will take more than a single advertisement to calculate the success rate.

To accurately judge the success of user acquisition must generate conversions. One strategy may increase traffic and brand awareness, but without conversions, there is no revenue.  Rather than assuming or guessing the number of generated leads or ROI, real data can be used to determine the answer and help your company conduct a calculated decision in the future.


7 Best Customer Acquisition Strategies


Using a mix of the following strategies will increase your ability to attract and convert more potential clients. The number of combinations is vast, providing many opportunities to increase conversion rates.

Choose any of these strategies and learn what works best for your company, and use them in your future campaigns. The following seven strategies have been proven effective for any industry. If you already use acquisition strategies, the following methods should all be included in your marketing plan.


Customer Acquisition Strategy #1


Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization


SEO is among the more significant methods that should be included in any marketing plan. This tactic increases your chances of being found organically through search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The more organic traffic your company receives, the higher potential to generate leads and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization requires optimizing your website to help increase rank in search results. There are many areas to this, but studies have shown less than 25% of users do not go past the first page of search results. Out of those, only a handful will bother going to the 3rd page or further. That is why ranking high is especially important.

For example, if you are a dermatologist in Phoenix, AZ, you would want to appear in local searches for “Dermatologists in Phoenix, AZ.”

Unlike with other advertisement methods such as radio or TV spots, SEO can be used to narrow your targeted audience. This is done based on keywords used to find your company. It makes spending more efficient as it targets those already interested in your product or service.

With SEO, you are more likely to convert traffic to a sale compared to a broad audience. The reason is, you are focusing customer acquisition on a targeted group of people searching for your particular solution. When people can easily find you, and you offer an easy solution to their problem, conversions are much easier to make.

So, when a user searches for ‘Dermatologists in Phoenix, AZ”, you already know they are looking for your services. Because you’re offering a relevant service, they are more likely to click on your listing.

Because SEO is done on your website, there is no need to spend money on external ad slots. You simply optimize your site to satisfy search engines enough they rank you higher than the competition. There are no on-going costs required. Although continued SEO maintenance can help keep older content and articles updated and recent.


Downside of SEO


There is one downside to SEO, and that is the time it takes to work. It takes time to update the website, gets noticed by search engines, and start ranking high for specific keywords and phrases. That means the boost to customer acquisition will not be immediately noticed but will slowly provide results.

The other methods listed below can be used while you’re waiting for results from SEO efforts.


Customer Acquisition Strategy #2


Content Marketing


Implement content marketing can greatly increase SEO efforts and customer acquisition strategies. You can target users searching for information on a problem or question. It is a strategy that opens opportunities to provide your audience with the information they need while increasing brand awareness and authority.

With content marketing, you can build trust with potential clients by creating a name for yourself. The more knowledgeable you appear to new readers, the more likely they will be interested in knowing more about your business and convert into clients.

There are various types of content that you can use:

  • Informational – This type of content helps answer a question or problem.
  • Infographics – This type of content provides an easily scanned graphic with important information or highlights.
  • Blogs – This type of content can be used to break down information, such as a how-to guide.
  • eBooks – For more in-depth topics that readers can download for referencing later.
  • Videos – Some people are visual learners, and you can capture an audience from search engines like YouTube as well.


You can choose to combine some or all these content marketing methods in your marketing plan. Experimenting to find what works best in your industry is important, but content should be industry-related for the best results.

For example, if you’re in the shoe business, your targeted audience may be looking for sandals during the summer. To gain attention from your targeted audience, publish a related blog post, such as “Top 10 sandal trends of Summer.”

Then, if someone is looking for summer trends, they are more likely to find your post and read it. You will need to guide them to your products, but they are more likely to convert than someone searching for ‘new brake shoes on the car.’

To help guide readers, use Call-To-Action (CTA) elements. This helps gives users direction on what action to take next. For example, “Get 20% Off Sandals, Shop Now!” This increases impulse decisions for readers to see what you offer and creates the opportunity for a reader to become a customer.

Furthermore, if your blog makes you look like an authority in your industry by answering a vast range of relative questions, providing how-to, etc., they are more likely to keep returning and sharing your content with friends and family.

By offering the audience useful information that solves their problem, you are making an amazing first impression. They find the information needed, and you introduce them to your brand so they can learn about you at their pace.

Also, once created, the content remains on your website, increasing SEO efforts and gaining organic traffic. In time, this can be free converting traffic as it works by targeting the audience with keywords and useful information.


Customer Acquisition Strategy #2


Pay Per Click (PPC)


This is likely familiar with this type of advertisement, even if you have not run a PPC campaign before. Anyone who has used a search engine has been exposed to pay-per-click ads. These are the paid ad spots that show the above search results in Google and other search engines. They can be easily identified by the ‘Ad’ tag, which reflects they are paid content.

PPC campaigns are based around keyword targeting, similar to SEO but with more immediate results. You are targeting audiences based on their search terms, allowing companies to pay only for very targeted, specific audiences. As indicated by the name, you only pay for each time the ad is clicked.

Because you are only paying for each click from a targeted audience, it creates a more cost-efficient marketing choice for any industry, unlike paying for impressions (CPM), where you would be paying for every 1,000 views with less control overspending.

Businesses from small to corporations use PPC because of the control it provides, overspending, and the chance to attract users ready to buy. It can also be used for increasing lead generation. Both tactics can begin to show results soon as the campaign is launched. Instead of taking weeks or months to provide results like SEO, PPC can be used to gain results within minutes. That is why it is among the most common methods used in marketing plans and creates a cost-effective customer acquisition strategy.


Customer Acquisition Strategy #4


Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing


According to studies, over 77% of Americans have at least one social media profile. Many platforms can be used to increase customer acquisition strategies, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or a number of other platforms.

Originally the concept was for social platforms to create a network among peers, but as popularity grew, it has become just as valuable for businesses of all sizes. For example, LinkedIn is a business-focused social networking platform that allows professionals of all industries and positions to reach out and connect with others.

This creates the perfect opportunity for targeting specific demographics based on which platform is used. People use each platform for different reasons and in different ways. Instagram is a popular platform for the food and clothing industries, as users enjoy sharing pictures of their latest meals or outfits. Facebook is more social, while LinkedIn is more business-oriented.

When running an online campaign, you want to consider the type of audience that uses each platform and the advertising models available. Twitter allows for keyword targeting, which finds users that have to include the keyword in their tweets. LinkedIn allows targeting audiences based on job title, industry type, or skills.

By narrowing down your targeted audience even further than a specific niche, can greatly increase conversion rates and make campaigns more cost-efficient. You avoid advertising to people with little to no interest in your product or service, allowing you to maximize your advertising budget for quality leads.

Social media marketing is great for including in your user acquisition strategy as it helps attract and grow leads.


Customer Acquisition Strategy #5


Email Marketing


Email Marketing


Because email marketing requires getting permission to contact each person, it is not commonly considered an acquisition marketing method. The concept of acquisition marketing is to gain new customers, while email marketing requires already having permission and goes against that concept.

However, implementing email marketing can increase the effects of other acquisition strategies by staying in touch until an individual is ready to buy.

Until a person converts, email marketing can continue providing valuable information to your audience while reminding them you exist. You could send subscribers content updates to increase engagement, help them realize more about what you offer, and familiarize them with your brand.

Email content can be used for engaging with existing and potential clients, creating more opportunities to offer valuable information. Then, when subscribers need what you offer their more likely to think of your brand first, giving you the advantage that your competition does not.

Email marketing lets companies personalize content to each subscriber. For instance, if a subscriber has an interest in a certain product or service, you can customize emails and newsletters focusing on a particular segment for that service or product. The more personal emails feel, the more likely they will remain interested in your brand.

So, even though email marketing strategies are not a full acquisition marketing method, it can be used in combination with others to help create a new opportunity for growth. Another option includes a customer referral program.

Customer Referral Program

By implementing even a basic customer referral program, you can have subscribers help market your products, service, and brand. It gives an incentive for subscribers to invite their friends and family, co-workers, or a number of people from social media platforms.

This provides a benefit for both the referrer and referee. A clothing store might offer store credit for subscribers that referring a sale.


Customer Acquisition Strategy #6


Customer Referral Program


Customer Referral Program


When your customers know that you offer quality products or services, provide valuable information and useful content, they often do not mind telling others. This is good because potential customers expect a business to have a biased self-evaluation for describing services or products.

However, people expect the opinions of other buyers to be more unbiased and realistic. That is why providing customers an incentive to share their experience with others is beneficial to both sides.

Sometimes a business may feel they do not have control when it comes to a customer referral program, but in reality, it is a great, low-cost method for any customer acquisition strategy. You simply need the correct tools for it to be successful.

An incentive is not required, but it does help encourage more customers to engage. This makes a referral program a great lead generator.


Customer Acquisition Strategy #6


Free Trials and Downloads


Offering free trials can help gain more attraction; people love free stuff. By offering a free trial, users are more likely to try out your product or service to see what it is. This creates an opportunity for lead generation, which can help build your list of leads tremendously

Free trials often lead to new customers, especially if you offer an exclusive service that helps solve an issue. The user is able to test out your service with no strings attached; if they like what they see, it can be what makes them make the purchase.

The best part is, free trials and downloads work no matter what industry your business is in. A digital company can offer a free trial of their service, an informative brochure, or a limited version of their service. A retail or brand can provide a free sample of their product.

Do a little research to determine what method works best for your targeted audience. The time invested will be worth it as the users it attracts will be easier to convert into paying customers. To increase your chances, combine free trials with other tactics.

There are many types of freebies you can go with, which can be the hardest part of this method. Depending on your audience, they may prefer guides, checklists, free trials, free samples, exclusive content, and so on. Know your audience, what interests them, and then you can begin generating high-quality leads by putting what they want in front of them, for free.


Ways to Improve Customer Acquisition Strategies


It will take some work and time to get a winning combination. Building the customer acquisition strategy takes time, learning what works and what doesn’t for your audience to get the best results. Your business could use some or all of the mentioned methods or others. The key to success is carefully learning how to make each method work best for your company.

Remember, trial and error is an important part of all marketing campaigns. It lets you learn what doesn’t work, so you can learn from it. However, the following tips can help optimize customer acquisition strategies to make things a little easier.


Tip #1: Bigger Picture


When you find a successful customer acquisition strategy for a specific channel, it can be easy to get caught up focusing on all the tiny details. Of course, there is nothing wrong with spending more time on a successful channel providing results, but you should not forget to work on other channels for a more diversified strategy.

When marketing with the goal of gaining more customers, integrating various channels allows you to easily connect with potential customers. There are tools that make this simple across multiple platforms from a single dashboard as well, making integration of all platforms that much easier.

For instance, you can share content that generates a high amount of converting traffic to a single platform. But, if you share the same content across multiple platforms, even include it within PPC marketing, you can greatly increase your customer acquisition goals.

Another scenario includes finding a popular topic your audience has a large interest in and create a guide for it. Optimize the landing page for the guide using keywords and SEO best practices, then give the guide as a freebie when users subscribe to your mailing list.

The methods used do not matter as much as knowing how to combine them with each other to maximize your results. The best approach is to create a multiple channel strategy. This will allow you to get the most from each platform your audience uses.


Tip #2: Testing and Optimizing


After getting your customer acquisition strategy set up, the next step should be testing and optimizing, also known as fine-tuning your marketing strategy. Even if you are getting results from your first campaign, marketing plans are never perfect the first time out. To maximize your results, you will need to regularly test acquisition strategies.

Being able to track, monitor, and analyze visitor interaction is one of the best parts of digital marketing. You can maximize results for each part of your website with conversion rate optimization. There are various ways you can do this.

For example, with landing page design, you want to get the user’s attention and direct them to take action. This is done by including a Call-To-Action, such as a button. To test this part of your website, simply create multiple versions of the landing page button to see which button color, text, or shape your audience tends to click the most.

Conducting A/B testing like this allows you to determine the best version of each element to get the best results. You may find the smallest change makes the biggest impact, such as a color, word, shape, or image position.

A/B testing works with off-site marketing strategies as well. For instance, PPC campaigns can be tested by creating two or more campaigns for every ad. Then, simply monitor them to determine which one gets the most clicks, then remove the less effective one. This can be repeated for each element in an ad to find the best result.

Again, there are various ways to test and optimize your website, ad campaigns, or any marketing strategy. Just keep in mind the littlest thing can be what makes or breaks your results. When you combine multiple marketing methods, you can increase customer acquisition marketing even more.


Looking to Improve Customer Acquisition Marketing?


Are you looking to improve customer acquisition marketing strategies but are not sure where to begin or lack time to do so? Let us help; call today!

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