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17 Google Ad Sizes

It is important that you follow up with your audience. It can be quite beneficial to your business when your target audience is retargeted. This will not only bring back previous visitors, but it will help drive revenue and sales. One of the best ways to follow up is by using Google Ads to launch a remarketing campaign. However, the display network does offer a range of placements and shapes in their ad sizes.

We are going to look at the benefits and features you get from the 17 ad sizes Google has.


The Most Popular Ad Sizes


Before we start going over the individual ad sizes, let’s take a look at the most popular ones that Google Ads offers:

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90)
  • Large Rectangle (336 x 280)
  • Large Mobile Banner (320 x 100)
  • Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
  • Half Page (300 x 600)

While these ads are the most popular, there are so many more you can choose from to aid in your campaign. Below we are going to go over the above-listed ads and others and inform you of the individual benefits that they offer.


Large Leaderboard (970 x 90)


Large Leaderboard (970 x 90)


A large leaderboard is an expansive version of the regular leaderboard. You will see large leaderboards lining up on the upper parts of most sites.

You get the option to expand with this ad, which means you can shift the rest of the content on the page downward. This will create an experience that is distinct. More interaction is made this way, but sometimes people see it as invasive. That being said, users are able to continue interfacing with the version that is expanded, or they can simply keep going. This will get the retargeted audience a chance to inquire about your products.


Leaderboard (728 x 90)


One of the top-performing sizes, the leaderboard is a long Google Ad display size. Most websites can easily fit them in, putting them in prime positions, at the top of a website, for example. With forums, these long ads do really well.


Billboard (970 x 250)


This is the biggest horizontal retargeting ad size offered by Google. Billboard ads work best when they are at the top of the page. They are able to be on the website in different positions. However, they do get the biggest impression rates when they are above the content. For ads that require a lot of text, billboards grant you the perfect amount of space.


Portrait (300 x 1050)


These ads come in a unit size that is emerging and ideal for retargeting. The reason for that is that these ad sizes are eye-catching. Though in high demand, there aren’t many websites with a large amount of ad inventory for portrait ads.


The common placement of portrait ads is the middle of the content. This can interrupt the flow of the pages, though. These ads are less intrusive and more captivating when they favor the left or right side of the content.


Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)


Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)


The Google Display Network provides sufficient space for medium rectangle ads. These are some of the most successful retargeting sizes for ads. They show up on tablets, computers, and smartphones, with the ability to display within text or positioned at the bottom of pages following articles.


Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600)


A wide skyscraper is a great way to have people remember your brand. With your Google Ad display size as a wide skyscraper, you will find abundant space available. These vertical ads line the sides of websites, and wide skyscraper offers a broader area than others to get the message out you are trying to relay.


Skyscraper (120 x 600)


Like a wide skyscraper, the regular skyscraper will be found on the side of web pages. They are tall ads that have limited space for word placement. They aren’t common ads that businesses use, but they cost less than others. They will hold a decent chance to capture the attention of your audience, leading them to your site once more. While they aren’t popular for businesses, they are worth thinking about.


Large Rectangle (336 x 280)


Large Rectangle (336 x 280)


Another top-performing ad size, Google provides a huge inventory of large rectangle ads. They are used to boost conversions, raise brand awareness, and bring an increase in revenue. Viewers react more positively to these ads when they are embedded in the content. They combine text and visual components that boost performance a lot more.


Half Page (300 x 600)


Half Page (300 x 600)


This top-performing ad size will perform well and communicate information to the viewers. Half-page ads will take up a large portion of a website, more so than other ads.

They usually rest on the side of websites, leaving a high impression rate that has been showing some rapid growth. Thanks to the size of these ads, viewers are looking at them for longer, encouraging more conversions and clicks.


Small Rectangle (180 x 150)


Normally, rectangular ads generate traffic. However, small rectangle ads aren’t as impactful. Since there is less competition with this Display advertising, the price is lower and more affordable. They primarily compliment compact pages.


Small Square (200 x 200)


The small square is slightly less noticeable in comparison to the regular square. However, it is more compatible with mobile browsing devices than other ad sizes.  Though they are a little more subtle, they can still capitalize on the interests of visitors.


Square (250 x 250)


The basic square ad size will appear on both computers and mobile browsers. It is versatile, advantageous, and responsive. It will adjust to the spots on the page that are most accessible. Regular square ads are straightforward, and they typically hug the panels on the side. You can easily manage to arrange images and text within these adaptable ads to get your message to the audience you are retargeting.


Vertical Banner (120 x 240)


Vertical banners are able to occupy spaces that are considered to be too tight for other ad sizes. Thin ads have a chance of fitting into these close spots. However, they lose some of their readability in comparison to wider ads. Google Ads network doesn’t have an ample supply of these ads, and because it is difficult to apply sentences into vertical banners, reasonable CTA isn’t easily achieved.


Large Mobile Banner (320 x 100)


Large Mobile Banner (320 x 100)


One of the more popular ad sizes provided by the Google Ads network would have to be large mobile banners. They reinforce your campaign on a personal technological level. They dispatch retargeting more effectively than just the regular mobile banner (which we will talk about next). It is a prominent mobile ad size that can engage your potential clients in a world where American households use mobile devices to access the internet more than ever. It will captivate past users, making use of mobile activity.


Mobile Banner


This banner, like the large mobile banner, only appears on devices that are mobile. However, it will only pinpoint certain groups. A study shows that 77% of Americans (Adults) reported owning a smart device in 2018. This was a surge in comparison to 2011 when it was only 35% of adults.

It isn’t a big secret that mobile internet usage has increased. That means there is tons of potential in the mobile market. Your banner will get significant exposure while people scroll their smart mobile devices.


Half Banner (234 x 60)


The half banner ad size is small, but it has a powerful scope that many people seek. These ads can fit into more narrow areas, but thanks to poor ad inventory, they are less substantial in their reach towards your audience. It is shorter, leaving little to no room for text, but directing viewers in a tactful way with powerful images is still beneficially impactful for your website.


Banner (468 x 60)


Finally, we have the regular banner ads. When someone visits a website, they see the top of the page before anything else. When they look at the top, your ad can meet their eyes. These ads roll across the upper page, grabbing attention for your remarketing campaign. In contrast to the previously mentioned leaderboard ad, they are long and thin.


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