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These Free Analytics Reporting Tools From Google Will Make Life Easier

Google Analytics is an important tool to use for data that will help your website succeed. However, there is a lot of data that it offers you to sort through. That being said, there are some free Google Analytics tools for reporting data that can allow you to see the important KPIs.

You have probably wasted time looking at numbers on your Analytics account. In fact, there is so much data for you to look at that it is easy to get confused and lost. Don’t worry, there is a solution. And we have decided to share it with you.

The solution comes in the form of some handy tools that are available to save you the needed time to run your campaigns without getting lost in all the data. Let’s look at these tools.


Dashboards on Google Analytics


Dashboards on Google Analytics


With Google Analytics, you are given a chance to make your own custom dashboard. You can base it on your queries, and it is simple to set it up by yourself. There is a button that you can click labeled “Add to Dashboard.” It is located at the top left of your current view.

If you want options, Google does have an excellent gallery of dashboards that have been pre-made. You can choose from different custom reports, segments, and dashboards. Many of these pre-made are created by other users of Google Analytics. They use them daily and wanted to share them with others to make things a bit easier.



Google Spreadsheets’ Google Analytics Add-on


Google Spreadsheets' Google Analytics Add-on


Nothing beats a spreadsheet for custom capabilities. Good news for you! Google provides a way for you an Add-on for Google Docs Spreadsheets.

If you don’t have it already, you will need to get the new Google Drive. This way, you will have the needed access to the helpful add-ons that are provided by Google. Just click on the “Add-ons” menu, Navigate through the option of “Get Add-ons.” Then you just need to do a search and the extension from Google Analytics for spreadsheets.

Then you can follow the same menu through the process of creating a new report on Google Analytics with a spreadsheet. This tool is useful for creating Google Analytics reports in different ways. Utilizing the magic of spreadsheets, you can create amazingly resourceful reporting dashboards. One of the finer points of this reporting tool is that it can be easily shared with the company by e-mail.


Excel’s Add-on By Google Analytics


You can use the power of Excel if you aren’t happy with Google Docs. Outfox offers basic functionality with their tool, Excellent Analytics. You can also get the cheap alternative on the paid route, SuperMetrics.

So far, we have only the basic products for Google Analytics reporting. Though free, they do require a fair amount of hard work and customization. There are a few other tools you can use, fortunately. Below are some tools that make all this easy. Weekly Insights Weekly Insights is the leader in infographics sharing. They created an easy method of graphically depicting the week’s analytics. All you have to do is link your and Google account together. Then you can have it create a visually pleasing Google Analytics report. With this report, you can see how the previous week did. You don’t need any design experience because the whole thing is done automatically.

However, there isn’t a way to customize the report. That doesn’t stop it from giving helpful insights for organic search traffic, social metrics, bounce rate, and even visitors.

This reporting tool is especially helpful when you set it to send you a report every week through your e-mail. This can certainly save you a ton of time.






This tool might possibly knock your socks off, depending on what you want to do.

SumAll is pretty much a catchall for many different reporting apps that show data. If it has something to do with your website, it can most likely give you data on it.

You are able to link your Google Analytics account to as many as 40 different platforms that you might use.

Hopefully, with these awesome tools, you have found some helpful options for creating an amazing Google Analytics reporting tool. Shelling out a few dollars a month is worth it for getting the data you need in an organized report that you can easily read and apply. This will save you time and make you money.

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