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When Will I Start Seeing Results from My SEO Campaign?

Have you been pondering the notion of hiring an SEO company? if so, be sure and ask them, “how far down the road will it be before I see any results?” Whenever money is invested into something, it is expected to see some results in a short amount of time. Of course, we already know that when you hire an SEO company that the timeline cannot be guaranteed or promised.

Here are some of the things to be expected if you hire an SEO agency:


At What Point Will My Website Begin Ranking in More Keywords Searches?


A brief answer to this question: In most cases, people wait an average of two months, depending on a variety of factors involved.

The competitiveness for some online markets is more serious than others. Such as the field of law and insurance, both industries are extremely competitive. Cities that have several different options for home services tend to also be competitive due to so many located in the same area. So, when it comes to how long it takes to see results that it also depends on whether you live in a city that has is crowded with the same type of business you are in.

Even if your business is not one that has a lot of competition, it is still possible for it to take longer to start seeing results in your site’s ranking.

Other factors that influence how long it takes to see improvement in your site’s ranking is if you are targeting a local or national market. Whereas one or two local markets is going to be more focused on their campaign marketing as it is generally quicker to see the results of the improvements. Of course, it is going to take a while longer to build a presence at the national level.

The timing of seeing improvements also depends on where you previously stand on your site’s rank. Those who are merely trying to increase an already good ranking can expect it to take a little more time, so just have patience.

Here is a study performed by ahrefs, which has found the average age of Google’s pages and among the top 10 results have been at least 2-years of age and older.

How long Will It Take for My Site to See an Increase in Leads and/or Sales?


Yes, you will see an increase in leads when your site gets higher rankings on those keywords you target. Although, there is more to it than just improving your rankings for leads and sales.

Getting a higher ranking so that your website makes it into the search engines is not the only thing that SEO and web marketing is about. After the leads start to increase your site’s traffic, there will also be other pieces for SEO to embed for leads and sales to continue increasing. However, it is your website that does the facilitating, which will increase your current traffic and turn it towards more leads. For that to be done, it will be necessary to work with conversion rate optimization.

What is conversion rate optimization? It is when you take the visitors that a website currently has an increasing number of visitors and turn them into leads and/or sales. Things that will be considered is the overall usability of your site, the way your website is designed, how fast the site loads, and where your website is set on its calls to action.

What Does Google Have to Say?


There was a video released by Google during February 2017 titled “How to Hire an SEO.” The video, it discusses the fact that magic has nothing to do with SEO and why it can take a little longer to see results for some sites.

There are many cases where SEOs take anywhere from months to a year to benefit your business by implementing needed improvements, and from there, to see the potential benefits of it. In fact, a good guideline to go by would be between months and a year. This will take patience and some investing to reap the results, but in the end, you will see that it is worth it.

The Truth of the Matter


The success rates of clients vary greatly as they are all different. Every client’s campaign receives the same amount of SEO expertise. However, with all the different factors involved in SEO, each client’s success in their growth happens at a different rate. The average growth happens over a period of months to a year before seeing the full results that a client is expecting from an SEO company.

In fact, if you check out the traffic on this company’s security system, you can see how it started out having an increase in the beginning. But then it leveled out for nearly a year before rising again. The half-green circle at the left on the top line representing January of 2018; this is showing that over a period, the results increase tremendously.

The #1 Virtue of SEO is Patience!


If you continue SEO to your site, it will continue to increase your site’s visitors. SEOs amazing results takes time!

There is another way of getting quicker results, and that is with PPC (pay-per-click). If you are a beginner and are looking for some immediate results, the best way to go would be with an SEO campaign. Going this route will ensure leads happen quickly for your site. After your SEO campaign starts bringing in an increase in your site’s leads, it is the right time to lower the budget for PPC ads. You will gradually need those ads, and eventually, you will not need them at all after the leads of your website continue to increase.

How Strong is your Digital Marketing?

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