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What is Technical SEO And What Makes It So Important?

It can be beneficial for you to consider technical SEO to be a foundation for the strategy used in your search engine optimization. The word ‘technical’ here is referring to the page structure and base code of your website, as this is going to help search engines crawl through your site.         

Maybe you have been exposed to some of the other aspects related to search engine optimization.

Is your website code and layout optimized for the best results, learn what technical SEO is for a better understanding:

On-Page SEO 

The way in which your content has been optimized gives it user experience, including search engines, headings, descriptions, keywords, meta titles, organization, and there is more.


Off-Page SEO

Factors of SEO that affect your site’s ranking even when you are not on your site. The key factor of off-page SEO is the inbound links, which come from other websites and link up to your site.    

To complete the trio, add in technical SEO. If it were not for the technical end of it, the search engines would never be in the position to access your website at all. This would take away any chance your site has to be ranked. Always make certain that the technical part of the SEO is the best you can get it. After that, your site will be set-up both on-page and off-page!

The following is a list of many of the basic technical factors that will be helpful to search engines crawling through your site; this includes your website’s index.


Basic Factors of Technical SEO Needed for A Healthy Website



The Architecture of Your Website


Search engine crawlers can use the architecture of your site through its quest of indexing your site’s pages.

The use of Robots.txt


Perhaps you would rather that certain pages on your website not be indexed, or maybe you just feel that it is unnecessary for some of them to be indexed. For instance, giving instructions for certain pages to be ignored in the robots.txt file is going to make things easier on search crawlers.

Promote Secure Browsing by Using HTTPS        


Did you know that a website that uses HTTPS will be automatically awarded by Google? It is far too easy for the information on a website to be stolen with all the advanced technology. Nowadays, a site can be made to be safer by improving the architecture of it. Brush-up on HTTPS and learn how you can get it here.

You Need A Sitemap      


You can help crawlers find their way through your site by including a sitemap to the structure of your website. This sitemap not only needs to give them a clear view of what all is there, but it needs to also show the most important parts of it.

You have options for the sitemap you use, such as the XML sitemap (users do not have the ability to see it), and another choice is an HTML sitemap (generally located in sites footer), which users not only can see but can use it for locating specific pages.

The Use of Breadcrumbs      


Users can use a navigation tool referred to as ‘Breadcrumbs,’ and it helps them to stay oriented while on your site. Breadcrumbs let users see the page hierarchy for any of the pages they are currently on. It is easy for a beginner to quickly become confused while using the site architecture.   

Anyone who has some concerns regarding the quality of the underlying structure of your website, or maybe you are just wanting an experienced specialist to evaluate your site, then you need to contact an SEO agency and work with them to correct the issue.


The Speed of Your Website Must Be Fast!   


Another crucial factor for having good technical SEO:  How fast is your computer? Does it load websites and other stuff quickly? You may get docked by Google should your site be slower than Google expects it to be. However, if your computer is fast at loading things, it is going to help your site get a position in the Search Engines Result Pages (SERPs).

The following are some of the reasons for a computer loading slowly:

  • Your page template has too many elements, such as widgets, extra codes, and plug-ins, and this is making it overly complicated.

  • There have been multiple redirects for the one page, and it is automatically sending your visitors to visit a different page.

  • The images you are using have not been optimized for use on the web.

You need knowledge in coding if you would like to have the ability to get your own site to load quickly and a little knowledge in search engine optimization. Improving the speed that your site loads can put you higher up in the SERPs.


Your Smartphones and Tablets Should Be Mobile-Friendly


The popularity of mobile browsing continues to grow, while the number of people who are enjoying having the internet to surf and the convenience of mobile phones and other such devices. Do not be at a disadvantage; get your site optimized for mobile ASAP!

To have a mobile-friendly design is saying that your website must be presentable as well as readable on the smaller screens. This does not mean you will need to have two versions of your site, but rather, have a responsive design to rely on.

Get Help with Optimizing Your Site by Using Google Search Console


It may take a little getting used to technical SEO. Fortunately, tools are available that can help you with optimizing and improving your technical SEO, such as Google’s Search Console. It is a comprehensive tool that provides you with detailed data about the structure of your site, how it is the position in the search results, and much more.

Better yet, you get all this for free!

It also lets you know the areas of your site that could be improved upon, and then you will understand what went wrong.


Combining Good SEO With the Right Tools Improves Your Digital Marketing!


When you have good search engine optimization for the foundation of your website, it gives you comprehensive digital marketing to work with. You can have a path to success in SERPs if you first begin with technical SEO and gradually continue working with on and off-page factors.

How Strong is your Digital Marketing?

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