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Top Website Speed Testing Tools Online

One of the most important aspects of any website (Be it for a blog, business, or personal page) is the speed at which it loads. In fact, many users who visit sites rely on the speed of the page to tell them if it is worth their time being there or not. Because of this, it is important to know how fast your website loads its pages and content. A fast website is a website that has a foot in the door for success.

The web development process can be extensive and difficult. That is why you should incorporate one of these tools in the process to ensure that you have the speed that the users require to enjoy their visit to the web page. In fact, just using one of these tools is effective, but for the best results, you should utilize multiples of these website speed testing tools for your web page development. Throughout this article, we will discuss a great number of website speed testing tools that you can find online for free. Who doesn’t love a free hand in development?


BrowserMob’s Free Website Performance Test


BrowserMob's Free Website Performance Test 


BrowserMob creating this free performance and speed testing tool. They are a company that has monitoring services and load testing for websites. It can give you loads of information about the speed of your web page, such as:

  • Load Time Average
  • Number of Page Objects
  • and Total Page Weight

You get a global view of the performance of your website by pinging the pages from several locations.


Pingdom Tools


Pingdom Tools


Pingdom offers this free online speed-testing tool for websites. They provide you with multiple reports, such as the length of time each object on your web page takes to download. They also provide performance grades for things such as browser caching. Lastly, they also give a report on-page analysis. This report provides load time information, requests, and page size.


Page Speed Online


Page Speed Online 


This web-based adaptation of the Google Chrome browser extension for web development analyzes the performance of your website. It measures the speed by Google’s Web Performance Best Practices. These practices are like a set of rules for optimizing front end performance. This nifty tool provides you with tons of information, including reports for mobile devices for optimal performance.






This is a useful online tool that can test the rendering speed of your web page in real browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.). It also gives you the choice of testing from multiple locations across the globe. There are advanced settings that provide options for simulating internet connection speeds (Common speeds; DSL and 56K dial-up). It is also ad-blocking so you can monitor the performance cost of using ads on your website.






This is a web-based speed testing tool that displays only relevant data on rendering time. Such as:

  • Download Time
  • Number of Made Connections
  • Requests Made

There are also some bonus features that can prove to be very useful. Some of these features include the ability to run the test regardless of HTTP authentication. On top of that, you can simulate different internet connection types.


Web Page Analyzer


Web Page Analyzer 


This is a simple speed test analyzer. It is also probably one of the longest-running tools on the internet, releasing in 2003. It gives you your web page’s size, load time, and assets. They even go as far as adding recommendations to improve on key issues your site may have.


Which Loads Faster?


Which Loads Faster 


This is an interesting tool that pits two separate websites against one another to test their loading times. For example, you can test the load speed of Bing against Google with this tool. How is this helpful to you as a business owner? You can easily compare the competition’s websites to yours in terms of speed, giving you an edge if you’re fast enough. It is an open-source tool, found on GitHub, that was created to promote web performance importance.






This free tool allows you to test your site speed to monitor performance from different locations around the world.


OctaGate SiteTimer


OctaGate SiteTimer


This is a straightforward tool found online that allows you to plug in the URL that you wish to have tested. It will return with a bar graph featuring the web page objects and their download start times, duration, and end times for each one. It is beneficial for discovering a slow loading page quite quickly. With this tool, you can get the information you need to improve the speed of your website.






Another free performance and load testing tool online is K6. It will provide you with enough data from your website’s capacity for traffic. It will offer you graphed data on load time, requests per second, and more. These are helpful for discovering your website’s server’s durability as well as how fast requests are handled. Their load time is simulated by a virtual, automated machine.


More Website Speed Testing Tools to Try Out


Web Site Performance Test (Free Trial by Dynatrace)


A site performance tool that displays information on such things as DNS lookup time, as well as connection time.




Similar to “Which Loads Faster,” which we mentioned before, it compares the performances of two separate websites.




Utilizing PageSpeed and YSlow, this tool will evaluate the front end performance of your website, providing easy-to-understand information.




This tool uses 35 different locations to report basic data on the speed of your web pages.




You get to scan a page on your website with this tool in order to gather up data that pertains to performance. You must provide an e-mail address (and verify it).


Website Speed Test (WebToolHub)


Providing data on load time, download speed, average speed, and page size, this basic online tool presents information in tabular format.


Site Speed Checker


You get to run a test with this web-based speed tool on 10 URLs simultaneously.


Sucuri LoadTime Tester


This tool will look at the length of time it takes to load a single page of your website. It is easy to use, free, and simple.


Free Web Site Speed Test (Self SEO)


You are able to input as many as 10 URLs to simultaneously test them with this simple speed testing utility.




This is a great tool that offers free testing on load time, page size, content breakdown, and time to 1st byte.

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