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Top Online Marketing Tools to Grow Your Company


It does not matter if you are a midsized or small business, or you happen to be an established enterprise, you will want to make the most out of your online marketing strategy. It is not always something easy when it comes to leading marketing efforts in-house. However, if you want to make your life easier, then these marketing solutions are going to help.

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Screaming Frog



A great digital marketing solution for your business is Screaming Frog. They offer technical SEO, and it can crawl your site to discover multiple site errors like 404 Errors. Screaming Frog can also check out the pages on the site. For instance, when it comes to internet marketing solutions, you can see how many external and internal links will show up for a particular page on your site.

They offer a paid or free version. The paid version will allow you to crawl and unlimited amounts of URLs and can get integrated with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. However, the free version will only let you crawl 500 URLs.

Before you even consider purchasing the paid version of Screaming Frog, try out the free version to see if it is something that you and your team likes. The free version could offer everything that you need based on the size of your site and what you are looking to do.

If you have decided to try Screaming Frog, then check out the FAQ on their site. It has a lot of helpful as well as easy to understand resources that you and your team can use. However, Screaming Frog cannot be used on your web browser as it is downloadable software for Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows. You will need to have a laptop or desktop to use.


Stock Up



If you are looking for the best image for your site or blog posts, then Stock Up is where you should go. They are a go-to for digital marketing solutions of stock photos. The site has over 25,000 stock photos that are free and even comes with a search feature which can save time.

It is essential to know that the Stock Up photo database is of photos taken from other websites, so when you need to download an image, it will take you to a new website.  The good news is that all the photos found on Stock Up are free images, and they are all high-resolution images. Additionally, there are other websites that you can get free stock photos like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay

If you want variety and the best results, you will need to use multiple stock photo websites. That can help your company discover new images and keep the content fresh. If you like, your team can even capture photos in-house to show the culture and company.


Google Analytics



A must-have tool for anyone working on online marketing is Google Analytics. It can provide a business with insight into the performance of a website while giving your team a chance to see how the audience’s behavior is as well as features of the site that are working well. The most significant selling point of Google Analytics is that it is free to use.

It is a digital marketing solution that has many options for customization. You can create segments that will narrow down the view for the behavior and actions of the targeted market. You can create a dashboard that will highlight the data that is important for your digital marketing strategy and business.

If you have decided to add Google Ads to your marketing strategy, then you can link that to Google Analytics. Adding that feature can make it much easier for your team to keep an eye on your site data and campaign performance. You can create custom audiences for remarketing campaigns in Google Ads.

There are a few other online marketing solutions that you can use through Google Analytics which include:

Surveys: That allows you to get feedback from customers with a custom survey.

Optimize: That will allow you to test different page designs to find one that fits the best.

Data Studio: That allows you to build custom reports as well as reporting dashboards.

Google Analytics is an all in one tool that works on multiple levels.





A trusted online marketing solution that works well with Google Search Console and Google Analytics is Ahrefs. It can help you to get your business to get real-time data on the performance of your site as well as your competitors.

However, Ahrefs will need a monthly subscription to use, unlike Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You do have the option to purchase a seven-day trial for only $7 to see if this program is right for your business. Most businesses have found that it is worth the investment.

Ahrefs will let you track keywords that rank in your content and the content of the competitors. It can also help you to compare your website to competitors to see if there are content gaps that can help marketing strategies.

Similar to Google Search Console, you will be able to get alerts about your website. If you lose a link or earn one, then Ahrefs will notify you. It can even provide you updates on new keyword rankings and any mentions of your company online.

If you have been looking for a reason to take your SEO to the next level, then you need Ahrefs. There is a reason that many professionals in digital marketing recommend using Ahrefs. It provides real-time data, and that can help with your marketing strategy.


Google Search Console



If you want a free and essential marketing solution, then check out Google Search Console. If you have not created an account for your business, then you need to, as it will change your whole marketing strategy.

Whenever you use Google Search Console, you can access valuable data about your content, SEO, and site. Not to mention that you also get alerts about issues with your website, such as if a page is not mobile-friendly or if a critical page disappears.

You can use Google Search Console to check to see if Google can crawl and then index your website, which is vital for SEO. It can also allow you to submit your URLs for Google to start indexing, which is essential whenever you update a page on your site.

Other features that make Google Search Console a great tool include:

Reports: You can get performance reports to assess your SEO.

Traffic Data: You can see how your site shows up in search results and much more.

Links: You can see what sites link to your site to spot link building opportunities.

If you want to start using Google Search Console, you should check out their setup guide.





If you are looking for image editing for your digital marketing, then Pixlr is the way to go. It allows you to remove the costs of expensive photo editing software without giving up all the editing tools that you need to create unique content for social media, blogs, or sites.

Another significant part of Pixlr is that you can access it through your web browser, and that means that no software will need to be installed on your laptop or computer to use it. That also means that you do not need to worry about waiting for updates or downloads. You upload the photo and start working.

If you have to work on the go, then you can even use the mobile app for Android or iOS devices. The app makes it super easy for you to edit and modify photos fast without using a laptop or desktop.




If you want a great marketing solution for social media, then Buffer is a great choice. Buffer allows you to streamline your content sharing for Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook by making and scheduling posts. You also can track your performance of the posts.

Businesses that use Buffer often save around 40 hours a month using it. If you are interested in Buffer, then you can use the Free version to see if you like it. However, based on your social media marketing needs, and if you need social analytics, you may want to think about getting the paid version, which has different packages and pricing.

Besides just scheduling, creating, and publishing social media posts through Buffer, you can also respond to questions and comments to your posts using Buffer. It is a feature that takes time out of having to log into social media to check and respond to comments. You can also use GIFs and emojis to respond to add personalization, make a lasting impression, and embrace your branding. You can also sign comments with your name automatically.

If you use Slack, then you can also integrate Buffer to it. Whenever you add Buffer to Slack, then you can make support requests quick and streamline your workday easily. It is one of the reasons that Buffer makes a great marketing tool.




If you need a great marketing solution online, then Squoosh is one that can help. Squoosh allows you to compress images for your site, which helps to speed it up. Having a faster website means that your customers are going to have a better experience, and it sends positive SEO signals to Google and other search engines.

Squoosh is web-based, so you will not need to install or download any software. All you have to do is open up a browser and start compressing your images. Squoosh allows you to access many compression features which include:

  • Rotating the image
  • Reducing the images color palette
  • Resizing the image
  • Selecting the quality for compressed images
  • Downloading image files in PNG, JPEG, and more

You can even see a preview of what the image gets expected to look like in real-time. That is something that can help you keep everything balanced between quality and size. However, you can only compress a single image at a time, and it is an excellent tool for people who are needing a free solution for image compression. Not to mention that it also compresses the images quickly, which makes the most of your time.

There are some alternatives to Squoosh like:





Bonus Tips for Success in Digital Marketing


If you are looking to succeed in online marketing, then you are going to need a good marketing solution. You will need to have an original strategy that is competitive, converts, attract, and keeps a targeted audience.

You can improve your strategy using these tips:

  • Know that the target audience wants

When it comes to online marketing, it is essential that you understand and know that the needs of the audience are before they do. Even though it can be time-consuming and challenging, this can have a significant impact on your sales, brand awareness, and lead generation efforts.

You can have a head start on predicting the wants of the audience using journey mapping. That can provide you with a point of reference when it comes to what your target audience does.

You can use the map to predict the next step of your audience, such as users that are signing up for newsletters or following you on social media. You can then create the type of content or direction that they need to move towards brand conversion.

  • Make the strategy accessible to your team

Based on what your business is, you may want to work with multiple team members. Even if it is just a small team, it is essential that you maximize information sharing. You will want everyone to have access to important documents such as brand guidelines, style guides, and much more.

If you are using programs like Google Sheets or Google Docs, then you can share this information quickly, and it helps to streamline information sharing. It helps to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal with your marketing strategy.

  • Audit your marketing strategies

It does not matter how much experience you have or the type of history that your business has with digital marketing. It is essential that you are auditing any strategies that get used consistently. If you do not do this, then your business can miss out on improvement opportunities when it comes to marketing.

You should schedule an auditing routine. Based on the plan, you could look at approaches monthly, quarterly, or yearly. If you want the best results, then it is best to do it every month.

If you do not have the resources or time to audit your strategies, you can look into working with a digital marketing agency. They can analyze your performance and make a report that has recommendations that you take to make your site better. There are times when the agency can do this for you.

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