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Top 5 Tools To Check Google Ranking

With more than 70% of people clicking results on the first page of Google, your ranking really matters. But, how do you check what your website currently ranks on Google? Of course, one way would be google every keyword you’re trying to rank for and manually look. But, there are many free tools available that save time, and have the ability to scan your site to determine the average ranking position in seconds.

The list below includes five of the tools that are great for checking your Google ranking. You may recognize some of them more for being keyword ranking tools, such as SEMrush. To learn more, keep reading to find out how these tools can help you find your current rank.

Remember, if you are finding it difficult to rank your website high in search results, particularly on the first page of Google, give us a call. Our experienced team of SEO experts can provide the results you want, and need. Our team uses innovative methods and AI to help increase ranking, traffic and boost your SEO efforts.



  1. AccuRanker
  2. Ahrefs
  3. AuthorityLabs
  4. Google Search Console
  5. SEMrush






AccuRanker is a good tool for learning what your Google keyword ranking position is, but only offers the minimum features needed. It offers Search Engine Result Page (SERP) results for Google. You can customize it for your location, and get results for mobile or desktop devices.

The following steps allow you to find your search position with AccuRanker:

  • Visit the AccuRanker SERP Checker
  • Input keywords
  • Choose your country/location
  • Choose device type (optional)
  • Hit the ‘Search Now’ button

Because it only offers the minimum features, you can only use it to check the first page of Google. If your position is further down, it won’t help much. Also, AccuRanker has search limit of 5 per day for free.

If you have a list of keywords to search for, or need more detailed result information AccuRanker may not be the best option. Although, they do have a paid version that provides more monitoring features.

Price: Free






One of the most known names in SEO, Ahrefs provides accurate search ranking results. However, it is a paid tool it has a high satisfaction rating and used by the pros.

It does have a free Google position checker, which is still effective. The full version simply offers many more features for checking your websites SEO, from auditing your website to targeting competitor keywords, links and finding new keywords, Ahref has you covered.

The following steps allow you to find your search position with Ahrefs:

  • Go to Ahref & Login
  • Select ‘Rank Tracker’
  • Add new website
  • Select the website
  • Add keywords

Your done, after adding the above information it will begin monitoring your website performance and the competition. Ahrefs allows for exporting data as a .csf file, making it simple to upload result data into other platforms, such as Google Sheets or Excel, Google Data Studio, and others.

Price: Starting at $99/month







When you need to track your keyword ranking, AuthorityLabs provides a simple way to do it. When comparing it against he other tools in the list, it may be the simplest approach as you just insert your domain, choose what you want to check and hit the button.

You can find your Google keyword position by:

  • Going to AuthorityLabs and login
  • Input your domain
  • Select the desired option


You can choose from the following options:

  • Rankings – View your rank for a certain keyword or search engine.
  • Add Keywords – Bulk or single keywords can be added
  • Now Provided – Check individual page ranking
  • Overview – Get a summary of all keyword rankings


The ‘Rankings’ option is the most common with ‘Now Provided’ reports a close second. They also provide various views to analyze your search engine position. This allows you to focus on overall performance of your website, either overall or separate pages.

Price: Starting at $49/month



Google Search Console


Google Search Console


Google Search Console is one of the best free keyword ranking tools out there. It was developed by Google as a way businesses can analyze and learn where they can improve their SERPs. It can be useful for learning what keywords are driving the most traffic to your website, to knowing how many impressions you’re getting.

It also shows you were traffic is referred from, their location, device type and more. For a free tool, it’s one of the most detailed available, including the content that performs the best.


To find your search ranking with Google Search Console, do the following:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to the Google home page
  • Enter the keyword and hit search
  • View the results with the ‘Search Performance’ box that appears


The catch is, it’s a manual process that can take time if you have a long list of keywords. However, it is a free way to collect various results without being limited to the first page results. You can also get information about impressions, clicks, average position, all in one place.

For a little better comparison, you can change the data period between 7, 28, and 90 days. Because it is Google, you are getting the most accurate data.

Price: Free







Last on our list, but by far the least is SEMrush. We recommend using this tool when you want full control over analyzing your website much further than search engine result positions. With the extra features offered in the paid Google page ranking tool you can find your search position, research and analyze keywords, backlinks, and much more.

SEMrush is more than an SEO tool, it provides toolkits that can be used for social media, paid advertising, and others.

To begin using SEMrush for Google keyword ranking, simply:

  • Log in
  • Choose ‘SEO Toolkit’
  • Select ‘Position Tracking’

You will be provided by the following report, giving you many significant pieces of data.

  • Top keywords
  • Top competition
  • Average position
  • Estimated traffic
  • Overall search result visibility
  • Landing pages
  • Featured snippets


Although this can seem like a lot of information to process, SEMrush has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to understand. Best of all, all the information is provided in the main dashboard, or you can choose between tabs to view each one individually.

Data can be exported and shared with others. There is a higher price compared to other SEO tools on the list, but that is because it’s so much more than your average SEO tool. Because of this, it is a leader in SEO and website analyzing tools.

Price: Starting at $99.95/month


Need Help?


If you are having trouble getting your website to rank, don’t feel bad. There is a lot of competition out there trying to rank for the same things. Also, SEO is not a straight path, a successful SEO plan requires strategy. This is why many SMBs (Small-to-midsized businesses) have reached out for help.

Our team has the experience needed to get your website to rank well, boost organic traffic and online sales with organic search marketing tactics. Call us today!

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