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Top 13 Tools Used By Marketing Companies For Increasing Traffic

The top priority for website marketing companies is to generate traffic. However, this goal is not always as simple as purchasing ad space as it was in the past. Today, marketing has become complex and competitive, and massive amounts of traffic are not always optimal traffic. Each business needs to determine its best tools for reaching goals, but they should help save time and guide them to get the most targeted traffic.

The following list of tools can help get higher-quality traffic to your website.


Revisitors – Complete Ad Space


Business owners can use as a way to avoid expensive advertising costs, including banner and text ads. They show websites as full-page ads through the large advertising network they developed. Websites that use their tool will gain traffic that is geographically targeted.


Google AdWords – Keyword Planner


Professionals use this tool to plan out their advertising campaigns. It allows you to search for keywords and how they could perform based on various information like competition, CPC, average monthly searches, and more.


Build Credibility With Forums


By finding forums within your niche, you can get creative with advertising and build credibility at the same time. By being active on the forums and engaging others, you can become a thought leader within the community and that reflex your expertise.


Guest Blogging


Similar to forums, you can build reputation and trust through guest blogging. You will have to find websites within your industry that allows guest blogging, many offer author bio sections that you can use for linking back. This also helps with building relevant links.


Google AdWords


When it comes to digital marketing, Google AdWords remains one of the best choices. It allows marketers to choose a budget, targeted keyword, target users geographically, and where ads appear. This is one of the most efficient methods for targeted advertising available, as it can reach those already searching for similar products or services, making it more likely they click through to your website.


Building Backlinks With Blog Comments


This is similar to guest blogging but on a much smaller scale. The bonus is there is no waiting for permission first. If your comment is interesting enough to get attention, people may click the backlink to visit your site to see what other interesting information you offer.


Using Reddit For Attention


Many viral stories, videos and images have got their start on Reddit, then get shared across the internet. Users are able to vote on content they like, helping it reach the front page and get even more attention. When used as a marketing tool, Reddit is able to help websites go viral simply by posting links to interesting content at the perfect time.


Grow Your Audience With Facebook Ads


Millions use Facebook all over the world, and businesses can reach their targeted audience using Facebook ads. It allows advertisers to target very specific groups based on location, age, gender, interest, and more. Therefore, you only pay for views and clicks by interested users.


Grow Email Lists With KingSumo


KingSumo is a good plugin for WordPress websites that help grow email lists in various ways. It gave also help you set up a viral giveaway using the KingSumo Giveaway plugin. It’s simple and quick to implement, taking about a minute to get going. Build leads as they subscribe for the giveaway and share with others.


Viral Content Buzz


The Viral Content Buzz tool allows website owners to get content shared and in front of a larger audience through a point-based system. The more points you receive, the more you can spend getting more people to further like and share. If done correctly, you can build long-term connections this way as well.




Snip.Ly is well known as a URL shortening tool, but it can be used for more because it allows custom messages to be attached. The content doesn’t even need to be your own, this allows a sign-up opportunity to be included in everything you share!




When publishing a blog post, it is important that you at least include a featured image so that you can attach your keywords within the anchor text (alt-text) section. Cavna makes this very simple and offers a free version. You simply start with a template or from scratch and make it your own. Saves tons of time compared to learning Photoshop, and images are of high quality.


Build Backlinks With Tynt


The backlink application Tynt will embed clickable links automatically when users copy content from your website. Therefore, providing you attribution as a resource, and creates a strong backlink that will enhance search rankings.

Generating traffic to your website is much easier with tools like these implemented. However, if you are still having issues or do not have time to set up and maintain this approach, you may contact us. Our professionals are always happy to help.

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