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Top 10 Tips For Search Engine Marketing

If you are new to search engine marketing (SEM), you likely found this article to get some tips and advice. We collected a list of useful tips and fun facts that can assist in evolving online marketing.


Traditional Marketing Methods Remain Useful


Did you know that traditional, old-school marketing methods are still good for business? For example, sitting a chalkboard sign by an entrance, mailing postcards, or offering cupcakes to customers. Making an impression on previous clients by mailing handwritten letters can be useful too.


Writing About People


People enjoy hearing about themselves, and that goes for customers too. When possible, include a picture so a face can be matched with the story; it increases the impact.


Expertise Provides Value


If you have industry secrets, tricks or tips, share them with others. This will have a positive impact as it makes you appear more like an expert in your field.


Notice Startups That Large Companies Acquire


Take notes when big companies look into acquiring startups and what they find valuable as it can be an insight into what direct trends are headed.


Don’t Ask For Links


Since Google’s major updates, you want to avoid asking for linkbacks. You only want links coming from related sites with quality content. Backlinks should be subtle when viewed by guests.


Let Google Suggest Topics


Instead of typing your search term and hitting enter, type it in slowly and allow Google to predict your search. By allowing Google to suggest your topic, you may find a term or topic others are searching that you did not think about. Ubersuggest is a good tool for suggestions.


Talk About Yourself Or Customers


If your industry is not that interesting, you can strike up interest by talking about yourself or customers. For instance, “I am the type of ___ that enjoys ___.” After all, some businesses are just boring to talk about.


Remember The Mobile Users


We cannot stress this one enough, especially with most people searching for things online and shopping through mobile devices. If your website has not been updated to be mobile-friendly, our professionals at Sage Marketing can help!


Social Media Is The New Email


In case it is not obvious, social media has become a more effective way of reaching out to previous customers and potential customers alike. While email marketing still has some use, it is easier to get people to retweet, like, and share content than forwarding an email. That’s not counting the emails that end up in junk folders.


Research First, Contact Second


Before you reach out to potential leads, do a little research first to learn more about them. This will allow you to provide a more personalized experience and create a better image. Some useful tools include, Zerply, and Knowem.

We hope this list of tips has helped give you some insight to search engine marketing that you didn’t know. If you still need help setting up or maintaining your marketing, call us today!

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