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Top 10 Responsive Frameworks for HTML5

Less Framework



Less Framework is a front-end framework that is a modern solution for responsive designs. It is similar to Skeleton, but it only uses a simple grid layout frame. It comes with four layouts, which are wide-mobile, mobile, tablet, and default. You can find many tutorials online for Less Framework.





Skeleton is one of those frameworks that allows clean, simple, and responsive layouts for HTML5 websites using CSS. It comes equipped with PSD templates, CSS classes for responsive images with scalable grids, standard media queries for CSS styles, and a responsive grid layout.


Montage HTML5 Framework



A great open-source framework for HTML5 is Montage. It is great for building modern apps. It has a JavaScript library that uses binding to help you keep UI and app data in sync. Montage also has blueprints that allow binding metadata for your apps, which covers a lot of dynamic page elements.





CreateJS is a great JavaScript library that is full of open-source frameworks. It allows you the chance to create unique interactive content for HTML5. There are five libraries that help you to support audio, animations, and more.





Foundation is another popular responsive front-end framework. With this modern HTML5 framework, you can start with mobile design, or you can scale down from a large display to a mobile size for web design.

It has a rapid prototyping function, a responsive grid system, etc.

The Foundation is composed of ZURB, a company that specializes in product designers who provide web-based solutions.


HTML KickStart



HTML5 KickStart is one of the newest children in this block. It is a streamlined and implicit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript file package, which is expected to save UI developers’ work time.

HTML KickStart is about 300KB in size, which is quite impactful: UI components, such as stylish buttons and navigation bars, zoomable icons (using Font Awesome), responsive grid layout, touch-enabled slide components, etc.


HTML5 Boilerplate



In 2010, HTML5 Boilerplate became the first and later one of the most popular open-source front-end web development tools for immediately building and running HTML5 websites and web applications. This is a compilation web development solution that enables our website to support modern web browsers.

HTML5 Boilerplate contains a mobile-friendly HTML template, placeholder icons, CSS reset for normalized/standardized style sheet attribute values, standard media queries for popular viewing screens, and non-modern web browsers HTML5 shiv and so on.

HTML5 Boilerplate Tutorials


Twitter Bootstrap



Bootstrap is a modern and popular UI and front-end framework for development. It is feature-rich and comes equipped with many of the features that you need to develop responsive websites and applications. Bootstrap has 12 responsive grid layouts, 13 custom jQuery plug-ins for common UI (such as carousel and modal windows), Bootstrap customizer, etc. Bootstrap is well documented, and this open-source project has a lot of reports on blogs and tutorial sites.





SproutCore is a front-end framework for quickly building HTML5 applications.

It follows the MVC architecture pattern and assures its users that it can design a native-like user experience for the Web.





Zebra is a rich UI open-source framework that uses HTML5 canvas as the basis for its rendering capabilities.

Zebra says that using it is “not rocket science,” and you can start using it in 5 minutes.

What responsive HTML5 framework/boilerplate/tool ​​do you use?

I chose these 10 based on the number (development activities, popularity, etc.) and qualitative (such as the founder’s reputation and personal preferences).

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