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Social Messaging Apps That are Great For Your Business



Are you trying to find new methods of connecting with your social media audience?

Engaging customers has become easy with the development of messaging apps for social media. There are billions of people on these messaging apps a day, so it goes without saying that your business should be taking advantage of that.

You will learn about the 9 most popular messaging apps that can help your business grow.


Do Social Messaging Apps Make a Difference?


It is becoming more common for people to connect with their family, friends, businesses, and even doctors through social messaging apps.

Since a good portion of these apps are free, you can make cost-effective voice calls, group chats, video calls, and even video conferences. It has even brought a convenience to connecting with people in other countries, many of which don’t have unlimited texting plans.

As for the question, “Do social messaging apps make a difference?”, they really do. It is actually a crucial aspect of business now days to have a convenient way to connect with your associates and customers. You can even generate new leads, as millions of people use these apps.

You are sending a personalized message with social messaging apps. It gives a sense of importance to the users, making them feel like they are a part of your business. That is just one benefit of these apps, this one-on-one interaction is a healthy way to grow a business relationship.

This does mean, however, you will be obligated to maintain your business’ presence on these social apps. Making phone calls for information is becoming an obsolete method of doing things. Phone calls can limit you to the office, and everyone is on the go, so social messaging apps add more convenience then you think.

This method is quick and easy, and it equals out to be one of the best ways to interact with your business and associates. You are able to reach out through these apps to gather information and ask your business questions. Building a relationship with your audience has never been so easy, and you should absolutely be doing it!

You are able to utilize social messaging apps to allow for interaction with potential and current customers. You will be providing them with a personalized experience that makes them feel welcome to your company. This can lead to many conversions for your company.



Top 9 Popular Social Messaging Apps


Finding the right social messaging app can seem to be complicated, but with this helpful information, you will be able to find one that is great to your business and marketing plan.

  1. SnapChat

This social messaging app has become one of the most popular apps in the world. It has become a regular way to communicate with friends and family. This messaging app puts heavy focus on sending videos and photos between family and friends.

The communication comes in the form of these videos and photos. You can alter them by adding text, emojis, Bitmoji, and even filters.

SnapChat’s most prominent feature is that after the sent content is opened, it’ll disappear. Unless a screenshot is taken, saving video or images is impossible with this app.

There is, however, a messaging feature on this app. Like the other content, the conversations will disappear. They disappear as the other person replies. Unlike other content, SnapChat will give the option to users to save their chats. If they don’t save them, they disappear.

You can drive more interaction with your content and business by using SnapChat. There is the option to post photos and videos to your story, which can be seen by everyone who follows you on SnapChat. Sharing content to your story will invite the customer and leads to communicate with the business while interacting with the content the way you want.

As a partner to Facebook’s social connection, Messenger is their messaging app that caters to over 1.3 Billion users. His is by far the most popular, and commonly used messaging apps.

At one point, Messenger was only a feature of Facebook’s interface. This meant that you were required to be inside the Facebook app just to interact with your messages. However, when it began to become so popular, Facebook decided to make it a separate app to add more convenience to a successful feature.

Any smart phone has the capability to download Messenger. The only thing you are required to have to use this app to communicate with other users is a Facebook account. It is an easy platform to utilize, and built with a simple design. You are able to send calls, photos, videos, video chats, text, emojis, stickers, and GIFs. The features it has to offer can create an interaction that is fun for your business and associates/customers.

One of the many features that Messenger offers are chatbots. This feature is become exceedingly popular among many businesses. Integrating a chatbot is the perfect way to provide excellent customer service, without the need for someone to be on call at all hours. Automatic reminders, as well as order confirmations, are easily sent using this social messaging app.

The best part is, it is free. You only need a Facebook account, which is free as well. If you already have a business profile on Facebook, then you already have access to Messenger. It is a fun, free, and convenient way to provide a better customer experience to your clients.

Like we said, many social messaging apps are free, and Viber is no exception to that.  This social chatting app is for businesses looking to capitalize on the fact that there are over 260 million users. You are able to send messages or even voice calls, and it works with almost all phones, computers, and tablets. This is an excellent way to connect with your audience who use multiple devices.

You can share stickers, GIFs, and even photos with friends/associates. You are able to send video messages as well. You are able to reply to and like specific messages in your group chats.

This social messaging app is a bit more complex than some of the alternatives, but it offers a lot more features. Viber is a wonderful option for those looking for a lot of capabilities.

Another extension of Facebook, WhatsApp has become the most popular social chatting app. It has over 1.5 Billion users, and many mobile users rely on it to stay connected with friends, family, and associates.

You can get this app on any device, and you are able to make calls from some devices, while being able to send messages from any device. It is a very user-friendly app that is also free-to-use. However, unlike Messenger, this app requires a phone number. It was originally designed to make SMS texting a thing of the past, helping users who have a texting plan that isn’t unlimited.

Along with its numerous features, you can have as many as 250 people in a single chat, making it super useful for businesses connecting with associates and customers. You are also able to send files that are no bigger than 100 MB. With its end-to-end encryption, your information is secure and safe. One of the boasting features of this app is that there are no Ads.

For an easy-to-use app that is also free, WhatsApp is probably the ideal pick for you. Your audience can stay connected with you, and you are able to relay important information to them.

Skype has to be one of the more professional apps for messaging. It is a great pick for businesses or even everyday people. You are able to make video calls, regular calls, video conference chats, and messages.

This app makes it simple to connect with people, while keeping a professional level that you don’t get with other apps. That is why businesses choose to use Skype over many apps. Companies can easily file transfer, but with the aspect of fun by offering emojis. It is a perfect balance of functional and fun.



For reaching out to a younger generation, KiK is a wonderful social messaging app. It doesn’t require a phone number, but instead functions as a chat with a username/account. Teenagers are the predominant users of KiK. They enjoy it for the fun features it offers like stickers, emojis, and GIFs. You are also able to share videos and photos.

This is another free option for businesses, especially those trying to reach out to a younger demographic. Connecting with leads, and sending them information that is engaging, is made simple with KiK. It is an app, that if used right, will promote interaction with your business.

With over 200 million users, Telegram is an enjoyable app that is usable on many different devices. It is a cloud-based messaging system. You are able to make calls or send messages, with a secret chat feature that allows for timed messages to be sent. Once the message is sent, it will expire at a designated time.

You get a great number of amazing features with Telegram, like the ability to integrate stickers, downloads, and bots. You are able to personalize the theme in your messages, so you can reflect your business appropriately.

You will find that over 203 Million people use this social messaging app to make free calls and send free messages. You will have access to video calls, voice calls, and line groups with this messaging app. However, it really shines with one-on-one chats, keeping conversations personal with your customers/associates.

You get a more than a few features with this app, especially when you compare it to most messaging apps on the market. You are able to play games, network, or even send/receive money through Line. There are also upgraded features that make the experience engaging and interesting to the audience.

  • WeChat

This is a social messaging app that works on every mobile device. With over 1 Billion users, the predominant region being Asian Countries, this app is free to use and makes it easy to connect with your audience.

The best feature of WeChat is that you are able to call mobile and landline numbers. It makes it a flexible option for connecting to people who don’t have WeChat. It works in reverse too, people can use this app to contact your business with their concerns or questions.

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