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PCC Campaign Landing Page Design Services

Having a quality landing page is an important element of advertising and marketing strategies. The landing page can help maximize results by increasing conversion rates, boosting lead generation, and driving revenue. We can help you create professional landing page designs.


Our Services:


Below are some of our landing page services.


Static Landing Pages – $1,499 per page


  • Custom conversion strategy
  • Setup conversion tracking
  • Landing page design


Dynamic + Testing – $2,399 per page


  • Landing page design w/ unlimited revisions
  • Performance testing
  • Conversion reporting
  • 1 Multivariate conversion test


Complete Optimized – $3,199 per month


  • Landing page design w/ unlimited revisions
  • PPC campaign review
  • 3 Multivariate conversion tests


Improving Sales with Landing Page Design Services


At Sages Marketing, we design landing pages that deliver results. A professional landing page design will help increase brand identity, help potential customers identify your product or service, and build trust. Even more, an effective landing page encourages each person to take direct action to convert into leads and/or sales. Your landing page should be designed for a targeted audience for the best results.

When you run a PPC marketing campaign, having a custom landing page design is important to maximizing conversion rates. If you are ready to take your marketing to new levels and optimize your strategy, give us a call today. One of our expert strategists will answer any questions you have.


Landing Page Design Services


Benefits of Using Sate Marketing For Landing Page Design


When you choose Sage Marketing, you will be choosing a team of experienced designers with a competitive edge within the marketing industry. We offer turn-key solutions to landing page design, creation, and launch. We can improve existing landing page designs too, helping you get the best results and get more sales, leads, and increase revenue.


Market Research


The first step to creating an effective landing page is in-depth market research. We start by learning what you offer, and who your target audience is. Who is your ideal buyer? What interests them? We then use this information to create an attractive landing page that is easy to navigate and quick to load.


Custom Design


Sage Marketing only designs custom landing pages. We never use basic templates. Every landing page is customized for your niche or industry, and attract your targeted audience. This results in increased sales, leads, and revenue.


CRO Testing


The best ROI requires continued testing of every element, such as colors or content. When you choose Sage Marketing, we can handle everything, giving your company the opportunity to maximize the number of calls, subscribers, and sales.


Advantages of Custom Landing Page Design Services


Your business will receive many benefits by choosing Sage Marketing for your professional landing page design services, including:

  • Assigned a dedicated account manager
  • Receive custom design and strategy for each landing page
  • Launch of responsive landing page (desktop, tablet, and mobile)
  • Implement and setup conversion tracking
  • Lead generation form and database integration
  • Track calls generated from your new landing page
  • And more


Sage Marketing is an all-in-one solution to landing page design services.

Our team work together to design and create an attractive landing page for your digital marketing campaigns. We can create on-brand landing pages to aid in brand identity, with a user-friendly experience, top of the line conversion and content copy. All of these areas are overseen by a dedicated account manager assigned to your project to answer any questions.


What Is PPC?


What is PPC


We feel it is important to have a good understanding of PPC basics before diving into landing page information. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a paid advertising method used for obtaining more immediate leads. It works similar to SEO as both target users based on keywords, except PPC strategies work faster.

A PPC ad is shown at the top of search results. These are the first few results shown with the ‘paid’ symbol beside it.

The reason PPC advertising works so well, is because your targeting the users that are searching for your product or service, and it puts you at the top of searches. Also, you only pay for the traffic that clicks your ad, instead of every 1,000 people that it’s shown too.

To begin a PPC campaign, you want to have keywords for your landing page. The keywords allow search engines to know what search terms to show ads too. For the best results, use long-tail keywords that contain 3+ words.

After choosing your targeted keywords, you will place a bid for the position you want the ad to appear. This requires setting your max bid amount. The max bid is the highest cost per click you’re willing to pay based on your marketing budget. Keep in mind the max bid is flexible and you can change it at any time. The higher the max bid, the more likely you will outbid the competition.

Ad placement is determined by your max bid and your ads quality score.


Although Google is the most popular PPC platform, it is far from the only player on the field. PPC ad campaigns can be placed on other search engines, social media platforms, etc. Social media platforms position ads in the news feed for the targeted demographic or users with related interests. This can greatly increase lead generation and conversions.

Social media marketing frequently include PPC ads because they are integrated into users’ newsfeed. Because you only pay when a user clicks the ad, the traffic is higher quality than other advertising methods.

Now that we have covered why PPC marketing is a significant part of a marketing strategy, we will explain why you should also create a landing page for PPC campaigns or social media marketing strategies.


Why are landing pages important for PPC campaigns?


You can increase traffic to your website with SEO and advertising. A professional landing page can covert that traffic into a paying customer, and why combining it with PPC campaigns can maximize your results.

The purpose of a landing page is to encourage visitors to take a certain action, such as joining an email list, sharing to social media, or making a purchase. Unlike with a homepage where visitors may not know what action to take, landing pages provide targeted content letting them know who you are, what you provide, and how to take the next step.

Landing pages are an important element in any sales funnel. Sage Marketing can help by creating a professional landing page design that can reduce bounce rate, increase conversion, and many additional benefits.


How To Direct Your Audience With Landing Pages?


A landing page can be considered a bridge between receiving a click and making a sale. For instance, if you own a coffee roasting business and run a PPC campaign that targets search terms for fresh roasted coffee.

If you do not have a landing page, users will be directed to your homepage, if you have dozens of products, with multiple grind types, blends, origins, etc. the customer would have to figure out how to navigate your website and find the type of coffee they are interested in before getting to the information.

Many users simply won’t go to that much trouble when they are not already familiar with a brand, they would go to a competitor they are familiar with or choose one that used a landing page.

By optimizing your ad campaign, you can increase conversions by targeting your audience more specifically. For example, if a user searches “single origin coffee beans” their already interested in a specific type of coffee. By directing them to a landing page describing the single origin coffee products and a CTA, they will know where to go next.

If you’re targeting a slightly broader search term, such as ‘fresh roasted coffee’, a custom landing page design focusing on overall quality and freshness of your fresh roasted coffee would help increase Click-Thru-Rates (CTRs). This is because the landing page provides information, pricing, and direction in a single location.

A landing page reduces distractions and disruptions between ad click and conversion, which provides the best results as we naturally desire consistency. That is why simplifying a sales funnel is recommended.


How Your Landing Page Improves User Experience


A professional landing page design provides information in a clean and organized way. Using your homepage with a sales funnel makes it difficult to optimize and encourage users to take a specific action. This lowers your opportunity for converting potential clients.

First, any changes you make to the home page will impact every user that lands there. You could increase conversion rates for a particular demographic, but you will likely reduce conversion for different demographics. That’s not ideal.

By using a customized landing page you can target a specific demographic. Through testing, you can find tune the design elements to maximize the conversion rate for that particular demographic. If you want to target a separate demographic, simply create multiple versions and find what works best for each demographic you target.

If you need help, we can provide professional landing page services that convert traffic into sales. Our landing pages are customized for your audience and integrate seamlessly into your website and sales funnel.


What Do Custom Landing Page Designs Cost?


On average, landing page design services range between $1,300 to $3,200. The final cost depends on many factors.

The cost for a single landing page design depends on the amount of content, development, testing, and optimizing required. A basic PPC landing page might not cost much, but more complicated social media landing pages that require strong CTA and special elements could cost much more.

When hiring a professional landing page designer, expect costs to depend on your requirements. The more complex the landing page design and more time required, the higher the costs will be.


Types Of Landing Page Designs


There are two methods a user reaches your landing page, PPC campaigns or social media platforms. The method used will determine the approach to take with the landing page. Below we will discuss the factors behind each method, and why each approach impacts results differently.


Social Media Landing Pages


Social media landing pages


A social media landing page design focuses on going viral among various digital communities, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. The media type various, it may be for a useful list of resources, a blog post, or a press release that gets shared around and brings traffic to the site. With a premium landing page design, a sales funnel can continue bringing traffic for months, possibly years.

There are three key elements that every successful social media landing page has: relevance, interesting content, and usefulness. If your current landing page lacks even one of these elements, it needs to be redesigned to maximize your results.



Valuable Landing Page Content


Studies have shown that the most commonly bookmarked landing pages are those that provide useful information that users found valuable, and can reference again in the future. If a social media user finds something that makes their life easier, they like to keep track of it. Additionally, users that bookmark content are more likely to promote it to friends and family.


Purpose of Social Media Landing Pages


The purpose of a social media landing page is to attract users to become advocates of your brand or website. Unlike with PPC landing pages, which focus on converting traffic into sales you are aiming to get traffic to save and share your landing page.

Through a successful social media landing page design, your content can get shared among peers. This creates the opportunity to go viral, increasing visitor traffic, along with the number of links and relinks being created.

A social media landing pages needs to be keyword-specific, and provide links to various areas of your website. Keep in mind, the more indexable the landing page is, the more people will want to bookmark it for later and share among their social media platforms.


Social Media Landing Page Services


We offer professional and custom landing page design services to help your content go viral. We know how to maximize results through color choices, images, and content layout. We stay updated on trends and best practices, contact us today.


PPC Landing Pages


A PPC landing page design helps seal the deal for online ad campaigns. For best results, you should have a custom landing page designed and tested for each targeted ad. This will help convert a specific demographic because a landing page is the first and sometimes only chance to capture a users interest and convert them to a customer.

To determine what works best, the Google Website Optimizer tool can be used to easily test out various versions of a landing page. We use this tool for continued testing to help ensure the best results, and update PPC landing pages.

In addition to converting traffic, a landing page can help track how many conversions are made from a specific landing page. It is important that PPC landing pages are adjusted and only accessible through the campaign and not other means. So, the landing page could be accessed by email, search engine, paid ads, or other ways. But you only want to use one per landing page to collect accurate data. To do this, landing pages should not be indexed by search engines.


Best Elements For Landing Page Designs


Best Elements For Landing Page Designs


Landing pages should include several elements to achieve the best results. The following will discuss the 8 factors for successful landing page designs.


1.    Keep The Design Consistent


When creating a landing page you want to remain consistent with the design. Because brand recognition is an important element of PPC campaigns, you want landing pages to reflect your brand image while capturing the attention of your targeted audience.

Remember, even when a person does not convert to a sale after clicking your ad it still puts your brand or business front and center. This helps increase brand awareness and they become familiar with you, increasing the chance of returning in the future.

As people learn more about your product or service, it creates a new lead. If they become familiar with you, when they need what you offer in the future, they are more likely to recall your brand and choose you over the competition.

So, when you are creating landing page designs, you want to make them eye-catching, but simple and easy to navigate. This requires proper use of font styles, colors, style and imagery that compliment your business.

Consistency helps maintain brand image, increases brand awareness and encourages users familiar with you to engage further.


2.    Focus On a Single Product or Service


A landing page focuses on a specifically targeted audience. For that reason, you want the landing page to reflect a simple and direct message to that targeted person. The goal is to capture attention, provide valuable information, and encourage them to make a purchase.

By marketing multiple products on a landing page, visitors may feel overwhelmed. Assuming they are searching for a certain product based on targeting, they may not want to search for the information they need or want. This reduces the results of your PPC campaign.

When creating the landing page, know which product or service you are marketing and running a PPC campaign for. This should be the only thing focused on in the landing page design, keeping it short, simple and to the point.

For instance, a coffee company running a PPC campaign for fresh roasted coffee beans from Bali. Those searching for coffee beans from Bali may click the ad. Because they are looking for coffee beans sourced form Bali, the landing page should only mention their Blue Bali coffee.

If the landing page mentioned an assortment of their coffee products, such as Blue Bali, Peruvian Brew, Pumpkin Spice, or any other type of coffee sold the users could become confused or distracted. That is why landing pages should focus on a single product.

If you have multiple products you want to market, it is best to create separate PPC campaigns and landing pages for each product or service. This also allows you to track each easier.


3.    Include Visuals


It is important that you include visuals in landing page designs. This will not only enhance the look of your PPC landing page, but the user engagement will go up. Visuals can be images, breaking text into smaller sections, and when used correctly it directs attention to a specific area.

Types of Visuals


Generally you want to keep it simple, a single video or image is fine. By including too many visuals it can overwhelm the visitor, design becomes cluttered. The more visuals added, the more likely users get distracted and you lose a conversion.

If you are marketing a product, including a single high quality image is efficient. It showers visitors what you’re selling. If you include a video, it can reflect how to use the product and visitors get to see it working.

When marketing services, you could include an image of the working environment, or employees in uniform. You can use employees facing a certain direction as a visual method to direct attention in that same direction. Also, it helps give a positive impression about your company.

Studies show that using a video can boost conversion rates by 86%. They help maintain attention while sharing more information about your product or service. It can also increase brand awareness.

Remember, a key element of successful landing pages include a visual element to grab attention. Your design will be more interesting and inviting. The longer visitors stay on a landing page, the more likely they will convert into a lead or paying customer.


Use Interesting Headlines


Use Interesting Headlines


The headline is the first thing a person sees after clicking on a social media or PPC advertisement. That is why having an interesting headline that gets attention is important. It’s essentially your first, and possibly only chance to capture their attention.

Using the coffee company landing page design as an example, a generic headline such as “Premium Coffee” would not grab a persons attention and they wouldn’t be as likely to engage.

However, something like “Bring Your Vacation To The Kitchen with Premium Bali Blue Coffee Beans” would be more appealing and interesting.

Headlines that make an impact results in visitors staying on the page longer. This increases the chance of visitors taking action.


1.    Use Trust Signals


Adding trust signals to a landing page helps build trust with visitors. Give them a reason why your product can help them. This can be convenience, solve a problem their having, or a number of other things. Reassure their belief in your product or service being the answer they are looking for.

The following are some examples of trust signals you can add.

Testimonials are by far the most commonly integrated trust signal. People find them to be less bias than a business talking about themselves. Other ideas include mentioning any accolades or awards received. This lets people know you have been acknowledged as a top performer.

Use testimonials that focus on the product or service you are marketing in the landing page. This will give people a reason to believe your claims, building trust helps increase their purchase decision.


2.    Use Strong CTAs


A key element to any landing page is the Call-To-Action. This tells visitors that stay on your landing page what you want them to do next. A CTA can be requesting email subscriptions to build leads, call to schedule a consultation for a service, or purchase a product.

The CTA may be the element that triggers most people to follow through with the sales funnel. Without it, many people will likely hit the back button. That is why you need to make an impact with your Call-To-Action.

Usually a CTA button or message is placed towards the bottom of a landing page. This means your visitor has already been on the page looking at information, and has an interest in continuing. You must guide them to the next step by telling them what to do.


What Makes CTAs Impactful?


First, you want it to be clearly stated so there are no chances of confusion. But, generic “Click Here” buttons won’t work as well. Visitors need to know what happens when they click, many people do not care for surprises when searching for solutions.

Consider longer, more description call to action requests, such as “Get your free sample now!” or “Save 20% off your first order”.

Using a descriptive CTA your visitor knows what to do, and what to expect when they continue. When a potential lead decides to click, they become more valuable because it shows they are interested enough to proceed.


1.    Short Forms


Forms are a good way to generate leads, especially on a landing page. However, you want to keep them short. Decide what the most important information is to collect, and stick to just asking for that.

Not many people will fill out a long form. If they clicked your ad, they are likely wanting to get what they were looking for and move on with their day. If a form is important to your goal, short and simple is the way to go.

Some basic information that many businesses use in the landing page includes their First Name, Last Name, Email. That’s all you need to reach out later for further information.

A form with these basic questions are common, and take seconds to fill out. Companies get lead information, and the visitor gets to proceed quickly.

Providing value for filling out the form is helpful. For instance, offering a discount code off the product being marketed, or something directly related.


2.    Responsive Design


Keep in mind the majority of online users are on a mobile device, so landing pages need to be responsive. If your landing page design does not look professional when viewed on a tablet or smartphone, you will be losing a lot of opportunities to reach your goal.

A responsive design will ensure your pages look great no matter what device is used to view it. It also increases user experience for mobile viewers. This increases overall conversion rates.


A Landing Page Is The First and Last Impression


Remember, a landing page design has the role of making the first impression on new visitors. Studies have shown that a first impression has seconds to make an impact, which is not long. It must quickly establish credibility, trust, and value.

Visitors want to know how your product or service provides an advantage over the competition. How is it more valuable?

The overall design of a landing page is important and can make or break the marketing efforts. Every element is significant and requires testing, from content wording, positioning, visuals, colors and more. All these come together to give a person an instant judgement call.

Simple designs help people know they are on the correct page. You want your landing page and advertisement or social media post to be consistent.

Finally, be sure the headline and content are clear, creative and concise. The landing page will be reflecting your professionalism as a business. If it looks generic, then potential customers will consider your product or service generic too.


Get the Best Landing Page Design Services


Sage Marketing can help create professional landing pages for your targeted audience. We offer custom landing pages that make an impact, keeps user interest and convert into leads and sales. Our team of experienced designers are ready to help, call today.

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