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Optimizing Your Site for Voice Search

How important is it to optimize your website for voice search? In the current climate, voice search SEO is crucial. As voice-assisted technology tools (such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc.) continue to develop, it will only become more critical.

For most businesses, your customers are using voice search to help them make purchasing decisions. If you are searching for your product or service through voice search now, it will only increase in the future.

Did you know that currently, 20% of Google queries are voice search? It is expected to increase significantly. It’s not just teenagers on mobile phones. Everyone uses voice search on their mobile phones and home assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc. These can get used anywhere.

If you haven’t already, your company needs to consider optimizing your website for voice search.

Many elements can help you optimize voice search SEO. First, try to think like your target customer.


Think Like Your Customers When Optimizing Voice Search


Which search terms will your target customers use to find your business?

People may search for certain types of food in certain cities or neighborhoods if they have a restaurant. If you are a plumber, then people may use their Google Home or mobile phones to seek relief. Consider what might get included in their query.

  • Alexa, what restaurants with burgers are open now?
  • Siri, find towing services near me with 24/7 services.
  • Cortana, give me directions to get to the nearest mall.

Would someone’s voice search service suggest your company based on how it’s set up today? Have you checked

There are many things you need to do to maximize this situation. If you are already using it, please make the most of it to get the maximum conversion rate.


Local SEO can Help


  • Have you claimed your business Yelp? Did you make sure that your information is up to date?
  • Is your business on business directories for your area?
  • Have you claimed your red balloon and business listing with Google?


Have a Mobile-friendly Website


Is your website easy to view on a smartphone? If this is not the case, then voice search optimization will be of no avail until it changes. Consider people using small screens to try to gather information about you. A mobile-friendly website that looks good and easy to navigate is essential.


Clean Up and Speed Up Your Site


People who use mobile devices for voice searches tend to find information quickly, so use their microphones instead of typing searches. Speed ​​is important. The bounce rate on mobile sites is usually higher than that of desktop users, indicating that mobile users have a certain degree of patience. You want to optimize the speed of your website to load quickly.

Is your website optimized without broken links, and are you using all metadata?

Good navigation, relevant metadata, website permissions, and page content all help search engines see that your website has real answers to voice searchers’ questions.


Make Your Site Live Up To Standards


Collect information to see which voice search terms are driving traffic to your website.

When doing in-depth network analysis, you also need to check the bounce rate to optimize the content and user experience, reducing the bounce rate.

Evaluating search terms and traffic patterns will help you evaluate and improve the web content and user experience of existing searches, thereby increasing click-through rates.

You also need to conduct extensive keyword research to plan further optimization.

Sitemap, loading speed, and permissions of the entire website are all factors that determine how much traffic you want to send.


Optimize Your Site for AI


Optimizing for mobile devices and voice search will make it easier for the people on your page and the artificial intelligence (AI) that people are using. Voice search and mobile-friendly websites will be easy to navigate, have scannable content for people browsing on mobile devices, provide clear and straightforward answers to the device and AI voice, and read the answers aloud to searchers.

Consider the user experience, which includes things like being able to touch a number so that the device dials it for you, links to online reservations or booking services, and the ability to provide services to those who want to use map tools. Visit your location.


Strategizing Voice Search Optimization


Your website should provide concise answers to the questions asked by searchers. There are many ways to do this, including:


Frequently Asked Questions:


The FAQ section contains particular questions and answers. Take advantage of popular search terms used in your SEO articles’ questions and answers (designed to attract search engines with a long tail and geographic keywords).


Competition Analysis


Try a voice search to see what your smartphone and/or speaker assistant is bringing back due to key search terms for your industry and geographic area. Your natural inclinations will help. Search terms that you think are related to your product or service may be used. Take some time and research keywords and do a competitive analysis.

If you get homepage search engine results and many voice-based queries, check out those sites that rank higher or lower than you, and try to beat your website.

All in all, like SEO, voice optimization will be an ongoing job. As you plan your strategy and prepare to implement methods to optimize voice search, be prepared to analyze the results to continuously refine your strategy, take advantage of the working methods, and make sure you don’t miss apparent opportunities for website analysis.


Consider a Voice Assistant/Speaker


When making website content, please keep the following in mind: Not only will people use voice search to access your website and want to get the information they need from their mobile phones quickly, but there will also be a voice assistant to consider the screen will not appear Place used before. More than ever, people can use voice assistants to collect information without looking at the screen.


Consistently Produce Great Content


Make sure that you frequently update your website with fresh, relevant, and keyword-rich content. Considering that the more frequent voice searchers are updated, the more chances you will be indexed by search engines, the greater the chance of being discovered by those searched.


Post Blogs


Adding a business blog to your website is a great way to continuously provide search engines with the “food” they want. Blog posts can solve specific questions and answers and attract search engine results for desktop, mobile, and voice-based searches.

It is also helpful to use tags, marked up headings, alt tags on images, categories, descriptive permalink structures, as well as other SEO practices within your content, not only to help you with voice search SEO but also to help your whole Online marketing.

For more information about hiring a suitable SEO marketing agency, please contact Sages Marketing today.

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