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HVAC SEO – The No Link Method

Have you seen those “SEO is Dead” articles? It seems there are new ones coming out every year claiming the same thing; old tactics no longer work. Although that is partially true, SEO is simply transitioning into new methods, it is not dead, and not all old methods are obsolete (yet). However, one of the recent changes or “phases” of SEO is one HVAC contractors should understand better. Today, HVAC SEO requires more than simple link building.

“Change is the only consistent element of SEO.”

The following will go over the No Link Method for HVAC SEO.

Although search engines still consider the quality of backlinks, optimized anchor text is becoming more valuable, creating “implicit links.” This is often considered a no-link method that HVAC contractors can use for improving SEO.

Let’s go over how to create implicit links using co-occurrences and co-citations.


What Is Co-Citations?


Co-citation can be considered link building, but without the links. It’s a method for establishing the relevancy of a website that does not necessarily have links to it but has been mentioned by authoritative sites.

For example, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America is an authoritative and high-quality website that links to Indoor Air Quality Association. If it mentions your blog or website, it creates a transitive relation between your website and the IAQA, which benefits your HVAC SEO.

If an industry-based blog mentions a brand or cites a quote from a company employee on their site, it creates relevancy and authority for your website.


What Is Co-Occurrence?


When your name or brand is referenced near keywords within a third-party website, it creates co-occurrences. When there are enough websites referencing your brand or site in proximity to the same keywords, it creates keyword relevancy assigned by the search engines. Therefore, increasing your website’s search ranking.


How To Create Implicit Links


Co-occurrence and co-citations are considered implicit links. Below are some methods for creating implicit links for your website.

Guest Blogging: Create useful content for other blogs and websites. Find websites that allow guest blogging; they often provide an “about the author” section that you can use for referencing your website or brand.

Viral Content: If you create something positive and valuable, it could go viral. When content goes viral, it spreads quickly as people begin sharing it.

Press Release: Using more traditional PR tactics can help get important content and news to the public.

Thought Leader: By becoming an authority and leader within discussion boards and forums in your niche.

Quality Content: Simply create useful content about areas that have not been covered in-depth. This provides a reason for people to mention your website or link. You can use tools like Google Trends and write on current topics that are trendy. Ask readers to engage by sharing your content.


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