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9 Examples of Remarketing You Need To See

Over 90% of people who visit websites will leave without making a purchase. If you are the owner of a small to mid-sized business, then that statistic may seem detrimental. However, remarketing allows you to re-engage the users who visited your site, tempting them to be a conversion.

To help you with your remarketing campaign, we have decided to write an article giving examples of successful remarketing by big businesses. Keep reading to find out how others have succeeded.


What Exactly is Remarketing?


Before you can fully appreciate the ad samples we have gathered for you, let’s take a moment to talk about what remarketing is.

For starters, remarketing is also known as retargeting. It gives you the chance to advertise to individuals who have already used your mobile app or visited your website. When they browse their other favored sites, your ad will be there. It is a way for them to revisit your website to finish or make a transaction.

Not only can your business boost conversions, revenue, and more traffic, but you will be boosting your brand awareness. This is valuable for any industry and business.


How Does it Work?


By now, you are probably wondering how remarketing works. Basically, it places cookies on the device of visitors once a specific criterion (that you set) is met. As an example, Maybe your remarketing goals are to target individuals that have left your site without a purchase or visited certain pages on your site.

Your audience list is then updated with their cookie ID. This will allow them to see your remarketing ads as they search through the web.

With Google Ads, you are able to just add a bit of remarketing code to your business’ website. That way, your remarketing lists can be updated as visitors come in.

This is the basic process of remarketing:

  • Your Website Gets Traffic
  • The Traffic leaves, Tracked by the Cookies
  • When Browsing Other Sites, The Traffic will see your remarketing attempts
  • They Click the Ad, Returning to your Website
  • They Make a Transaction


9 Successful Examples of Remarketing Campaigns


Now that you have a basic idea of how remarketing works, we can go into the ad examples as promised. Below are the 9 successful examples of remarketing campaigns.






The Hilton Hotel Chain uses remarketing ads to attract potential guests that have once visited. The reason they use this display marketing is to give them the chance to book a stay.

Below is a remarketing example from the Hilton. It is made up of an image of one of their fine locations, simple but relevant text, and a CTA that will direct the retargeted back to the website.

The retargeting ads remind people of Hilton’s presence as they browser other booking and hotel options.


Using this Example

When you are making a copy for your remarketing ad, make sure to give it a sense of urgency. As an example, Adorned with a “Book Now” button that makes it easy for those viewing the ad to follow through, the Hilton ad emphasizes the urgency for booking at their website.






The next one we want to look at is Spotify’s remarketing ad. They used a traditional display in order to reach out to people as they travel through other websites. They decided to include a promotion with the ad that we have below:

Their promotion is 3 free months of their premium services. They include a CTA button that people can easily find and use.

This offer is targeting the traditional users of Spotify, those who use it regularly but haven’t upgraded yet. The free trial acts as an opening for those users to ease into Premium.


Using this Example

The goal is to use remarketing ads to solve problem points while anticipating them. Just like how Spotify is remarketing to the regular users of their music platform but haven’t upgraded their service yet. They solve the problem by offering 3 free months of premium to help people move into the signing up phase.






Nike has been known for its ‘Just Do It’ branding, but recently they have decided to rebrand themselves with ‘Suggested For You.’

If you visit the Nike website, you may see an ad similar to the one below, with a product, slogan, and CTA button.

What this ad does is encourage visitors to click the CTA button to easily see their product line based on the previous shopping done by individual users. Hence, the ‘suggested for you’ rebranding.


Using this Example

When you remarket on the Google Display Network, you get the chance to show ads (like the one above) to visitors while they browse through millions of other websites. Simple display ads with text, CTA buttons, and images are ideal when you are just starting to remarket.






Now let’s talk about the remarketing example from Madewell, the clothing brand.

They use Facebook ads for remarketing their brand, encouraging previous visitors to make a purchase.

Their remarketing ads are customized to social media based on the traffics activity on the website. As an example, this ad will allow Facebook users to shop through a selection of items that have been curated.

The personalization of the ad makes it promote brand loyalty with the shoppers, with a setup that makes it simple for people to make a purchase.


Using this Example

The ads that retarget while featuring products that are curated based on the browsing history of the visitor as well as their preferences. This strategy makes it easier for users to make a purchase while showing them that you care about their interests, needs, and style.






For those who love to travel, Airbnb sites are constantly searched through to find suitable accommodations. The following ad is found on Facebook.

In this ad, you find a photo of the listing, a “Book Now” CTA button, and an easy way to complete the booking process. This ad makes it as simple as using a few clicks of the mouse to navigate through the purchasing process for Airbnb services.


Using this Example

Customize your remarketing ads to appeal to social media traffic that has, at one point, shown an interest in your services, products, or brand.

You are able to do what AirBnB did and customize your ads based off of the activity of visitors to your website or page on social media. This is a magnificent way to remind people what you are offering while pointing them in the right direction to make a purchase, like booking an AirBnB stay.






Casetify is going to be the example of our next remarketing ad. Another one that can be found on Facebook after viewing just a couple phone cases on their website.

The ad will often show phone cases that viewers were checking out, reminding them that they don’t want to miss up their chance to buy one. Also, the ad provides a link that goes directly to Casetify’s website. Clicking the link makes it easy to complete a purchase.


Using this Example

Testing multiple ad formats is recommended. Along with News Feed ads, you can also consider retargeting in different locations on Facebook or other platforms for social media.

By testing different formats, you are pinpointing remarketing ads that show the highest rates of conversions while gathering valuable data.






Now we want to look at this example of Harry’s display remarketing that features a custom trial deal.

Potential customers who browse Harry’s website will see this ad and be encouraged to use the CTA to “Redeem Trial.”

It is a simple ad that touts their selling proposition. They use a splashy red CTA that stands out while remaining inviting. Incentives help your remarketing campaigns, as they are a great method of reaching out to first-time customers, bringing them back to your website to make a purchase.


Using this Example

Like Spotify, you can use incentives to entice people with your remarketing ads. Make sure the copy and images are clean, including a CTA button that is easy-to-follow. This will direct users to make a specific action, like taking a quality offer from a company they have shown interest in at one point.






With only a couple of examples left, one of them will be the retargeting e-mails that Expedia uses.

Retargeting e-mails are usually automated, and they work similarly to remarketing on websites. You are using the same basic concept, reaching out to people who have shown interest. The only difference is, you are doing it in their e-mail.

With Expedia, once you have looked up a flight on the mobile app, you will receive an e-mail with a CTA button to help entice you into taking them up on their latest ticket deals.

You will find that the copy of the e-mail details a boarding pass that is personalized with flight information that the viewer checks out on the app. They even include a CTA button that is eye-catching in order to invite back the viewers to their website.


Using this Example

For e-commerce stores, someone inserts their e-mail to your app or site, you can personalize e-mails that automatically get sent out to them. The purpose of this is to remind them of what they may have viewed or placed inside of their online cart.

Even if you don’t have a store online, remarketing e-mails can still be sent out under the right circumstances. As an example, if a viewer downloads a guide that they must first input their e-mail address, you can have automated e-mails set up to send out carrying valuable information on their interests with a CTA that offers a free quote.

This is a tactic that allows you to stay on top of people who’ve previously engaged with your website. Also, it encourages them to convert. Whether that be a purchase or signing up for something.


1-800 Contacts


1-800 Contacts


Our last example comes from 1-800 Contacts. This is a company that uses ads to re-connect with visitors to their site after they have left. Below is the remarketing example from 1-800 Contacts, which tempts potential customers to travel back to the website to get an offer of 12% off their first order.

Remarketing lists allow you to serve retargeting ads and segment visitors. The ads meet the needs of the visitors, encouraging them to take action.


Using this Example

Once again, special promotions and incentives are perfect for remarketing ads. They encourage clicks and sometimes lead to a complete transaction on your website.

We hope you have learned something from these 9 remarketing ad examples. The copy, objects, and CTA of the ads will make a huge difference in how your audience interacts with the ad. The goal is to bring them back to your website and encourage them to make a purchase from it.



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