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5 Basic Steps to Build a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you are just starting or have been in the business for many years, you can now consider a digital marketing strategy. Whether you want to create a brand new brand for a new business, service or product, or need to evaluate and update an existing strategy, there are several steps you can follow to ensure that you develop the best and most comprehensive strategy.


Five necessary steps to build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy


When you follow the tips below, you are going to end up with a powerful and successful digital marketing strategy.


1. Define Your Audience


The best way to start with any form of marketing strategy is to consider your audience. After all, if you don’t know whom to market to, how can you effectively market to them? One of the most common mistakes that can be made is not defining what you want your target audience to be. That is something that has to be considered, and before you try to attract your audience, you have to define who your audience is.

As you define your audience, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the demographic information about my audience?.
  • What good positions or jobs does my audience have?
  • What does the public care about every day?
  • What is their economic situation?


2. List The Best Places To Get To


Consider someone’s average day in public. If you notice that there are completely different target groups in question 1, do this for each target group. What do they do when they wake up, what do they travel, what do they do during the trip, and what are they likely to do before going home and before going to bed?

Write a plan and take note of all the digital marketing opportunities you present. Does this person listen to radio or podcasts, explore the internet before making a decision, or use social media? If so, which network? Does he or she watch YouTube videos?


3. Brainstorm


What are their weaknesses, and how can you solve them?

It sounds simple, but you can go beyond what you think. It’s obvious why they need your product or service and brainstorm other products you offer, such as answers to their questions.

Now, next to each weakness, write down how to resolve it. Use what you found in the second step to reach your audience. For example, you can:

  • Make a video showing how you do something.
  • Includes new content and weekly emails
  • Create a Download Guide Quickly share interpreter graphics on social media
  • Give them your product or service answers to your questions on your blog



4. Put It Together



What strategies did you point out in your research? Okay, so you have considered the audience, what they do online and how to contact them to solve their pain points. Now is the time to put everything together and determine which digital marketing strategies should best attract the audience.

Here are some questions to keep in mind about digital marketing strategies:

  • Does it make sense to keep in touch with the audience every week or every month? (Email Ad)
  • Does my audience spend time on social media? (Social media marketing and advertising)
  • Can I answer questions that viewers are looking for answers to the content? (Strategy content)
  • Will my viewers search YouTube whenever they need answers?
  • Will, my viewers spend a lot of time on YouTube?(video ads)
  • Will viewers do online surveys before they buy? (SEO and PPC)


5. Determine priorities and plans


You can easily view the list in the previous step and say “yes” to all these questions. However, there are a few things (or a few things) that may stand out in your eyes, which are the most important for your current unique audience. Evaluate your budget, determine how much you can start, and then start from there.

You can also consult a digital marketing agency because we have extensive experience in digital marketing strategies!


Audience Brainstorming


Suppose you are a security systems company for residential homeowners. More than half of your calls are from men; for this example, your audience is a male homeowner. The people using your services are usually young, middle-aged fathers who want to protect their families.

Therefore, we call this audience Lane. Lane is 32 years old and has a 3-year-old toddler and a 4-month-old newborn baby. He and his wife just moved out of their apartment and moved into a more spacious home. He is considering building a security system to protect his family.

In the morning, he hopes to bring his 3-year-old to Pre-K and her 4-month-old to daycare before working in marketing while his wife sleeps during the day since she works nights. After dropping off the children, he listened to his favorite podcasts while driving.

After going to work, he focuses on work but checks his email at lunchtime and before going out. The night after the child falls asleep, he checks his social media feeds to learn about friends and other people he follows.

After that, he conducted some online research through Google to obtain information about the security system to determine which housing is suitable for her home.


Pain points


Lane is unsure if he wants a security system that is fully installed by a DIYer or more professional. He is not sure what the price will be, so he is doing some price research and wants to see which companies in her area have the best reviews to choose reputable companies. Usually, he wants to make sure that he finds an excellent service to protect his family.


How To Reach Lane


To attract customers like Lane, you need to set up an SEO campaign to show your area’s security system in Google search. If the budget is within your budget, then a PPC campaign will be the right choice because it can ensure that you stand out in the best results.

Since the checks his social media feeds every day, having social media will also be an excellent way to stay in front of him. You can even do some social media ads to target homeowners and mothers of the same age and place ads in the right place at the right time.

He also checks emails and listens to podcasts every day – there are two opportunities to contact her, although in this case, it may not be the most significant opportunity. It is also evident that you need excellent reviews, so he will not phase you out in a better-rated company’s research process.

Ready to work with digital marketing agencies to develop a digital strategy suitable for your business and put it into practice? Contact us today.

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