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SEO Consulting

How is your Digital Marketing Strategy Working out?

The world is evolving and so is Google. Perhaps google is the reason we are evolving? We Digress. Digital Marketing strategies that worked a few years ago are outdated today due to the Penguin and Panda updates thanks for Google. This constant change and cycle of updates causes SEO Companies to be on their toes in order to rank you higher. In the event, you have chosen to do your own Ann Arbor SEO Service, our consulting services will guide you in the right direction! 

SEO Analysis

How Does Google Really View you website?

You have a super “flashy” website. Awesome. We are happy you have such a nice website. However, appearances are deceiving. When it comes to Google, your website is put under a microscope. As one of the better SEO Companies in North America, Sages is committed to the research and development needed to rank your website at the top! Therefore, SEO Analysis is a mandatory requirement in order to achieve search results dominance.

Local Ann Arbor SEO

Ranking on the maps for local traffic is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO.

As a local business, you want to take advantage of your location and proximity to some clients. Local SEO does just that. You are ranked on the map component of the Google search allowing local customers to view your business and visit your store. However, there are few requirements needed in order to rank on the website. Factors such as directory listings, reviews and overall business age, reputation and proximity all help rank you in Local Ann Arbor SEO. In conclusion, while some companies may charge extra for this, we include it in our Ann Arbor SEO Service packages

Want to Improve your Online Marketing?

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Our Ann Arbor SEO Process

  • Ann Arbor SEO Marketing Analysis
  • Website Updates and Optimization
  • Reporting and Maintenance

Step 1: SEO Services Marketing Analysis

Where are you right now?

In order to get started on a journey, we must first know where we stand. Any SEO Service company will need to gather as much information as they can from you and start by discovering your industry. The targeted client base, objectives and competition are just the beginning of a numerous amount of questions. As one of the best SEO Agencies, we do everything we can do put you right at the top! 

What do the numbers say about your business?

Now that we understand the Industry you are in, let’s look at the raw data. As the saying goes: Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers Don’t. Firstly, will need to set up your website properly to enable data collections. Secondly, we will start to analyze this data and predict patterns needed for your success. The tools needed are in your search console, tag manager and analytics accounts. 

How is your Competition Performing?

We have your input and the information from google on where we stand. It is now time to research the industry and find out a thing or two on how to conquer SEO for your company. There are several tools used by various SEO companies including Ahrefs, MOZ and SemRush. It helps us narrow and concentrate our efforts to rank you higher on Google. 

Websites are the backbone of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

 We have the numbers from Google analytics. The data from Ahrefs and Moz has been gathered as well. It is not time to see how our website is doing. Far too often, businesses spend too much money and time focusing on the website’s visual appeal. While it is not a bad thing, the essential factors often get overlooked. We can break it all down but it is nothing more than complicated SEO expert jargon which we handle once we are hired

We know how they are doing…but are there any missed oppurtunities?

One of the best places to get started on increased SEO Standings are your competitors. What are they doing to land on the top 3 ranks for your keywords? How is their website laid out? Are they using SSL for their security? From the little factors to the big, we will handle this for you. Additionally, are they missing out on any other oppurtunities?  

Do you really know what people are typing in when looking for your service?

Perhaps one of the most overlooked talents of an SEO Company. While many businesses will go ahead and do their market research, they are sure to miss out on several keywords that an SEO professional will be able to dig out. There are certain keywords that you know, certain you don’t know and ones you don’t know that you don’t know. Worry not. We have experiencing pulling out all these keywords to maximize your traffic.

What is a good backlink? What is bad?

Lastly, the Link building. By far, the most time consuming and what sets apart good agencies from the bad ones. Google is a robot that follows instructions based on your links, security, speed and other factors. In order to convince the system that you are better than your competition, we also need to be better than them. It is a slow and time consuming process but one that will certainly yield positive results in the long run. 

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Step 2: Website Updates and Optimization

It takes more than just backlinks to maximize exposure..

One of the main responsibility of an SEO company is to edit the website to optimize conversions. Cool. However, the lesser the the pages, the lesser the authority. In order to build credibility with Google, it helps to have a lot of RELEVANT content on your website. Content is King and we know the importance of it. 

We got eveything we need. Time to put things together

We now have a plan and it is time to execute. It all begins with the keywords you are looking to rank for. In the early 2000’s people would pack their keyword as much as possible to rank higher on google SEO. Unfortunately, doing this today has a chance to get you a penalty than a higher ranking. We will do all the little things to get you moving up higher. 

We don’t blindly follow a plan…time to evaluate progress.

Once we put it all together there are several tools available to optimize the health of your website. As long as we get the “green smiley” from the developer (yes…we are quite happy here at Sages) we can move onto the next round of link building

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Step 4: Reporting. Maintenance.

We love the end of month. Know why? Because we know we put the work in..

At this stage, we have all the momentum in the world. There is nothing stopping us from getting to the top and staying there. We love end of month because of the results. Seeing the elated expressions on our clients face is what truly drives us to be better.  We really care about our clients and our work will show it. No Gimmicks. No Excuses. Only Passion driven Results

Nothing lasts forever. Not even Google Rankings..

It is time to maintain pole positions and hold onto your customers. Our SEO Agency company comes up content to engage your audience and keep them attracted to your business. The money you invest is being doubled or even tripled on a monthly basis and sales are booming. You are the King/Queen of the mountain. We are happy to be your loyal minions! 

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

Small Business Owners Love us.

Dump-Squad (Construction)


Increase In Website Conversions


Increase In SEO Rankings Overall


Decrease In Overall Ad Spend


Decrease In Website Bounce Rate

Shield Security Solutions (Security)


Increase In Website Conversions


Increase In SEO Rankings Overall


Decrease in Overall Ad Spend


Decrease In Website Bounce Rate

RK Truck Center (Transportation)


Increase In Local Traffic through Maps


Increase In Positive Reviews from Clients


Decrease In Overall Ad Spend


Decrease In Email Marketing Spend

How Valuable is Your Website?

Find out in Minutes what your website is worth and start building on it with our detailed report! Let our Ann Arbor SEO Experts help Your Business!

Our Ann Arbor SEO Agency Pricing


Business Starting Up
$ 399 Monthly
  • 1 Blog Posts Monthly (500 Words)
  • Focus on 10+ keywords & phrases
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

Starter 2.0

Semi Established Businesss
$ 699 Monthly
  • 2 Blog Posts Monthly (500 Words)
  • Focus on 20+ keywords & phrases
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

The Professional

For Established Businesses
$ 1399 Monthly
  • Focus on 50+ keywords & phrases
  • 4 Blog Posts Monthly (1000 Words)
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

The Professional 2.0

For Established Businesses really looking to expand
$ 2399 Monthly
  • Focus on 100+ keywords & phrases
  • 8 Blog Posts Monthly (1000 Words)
  • 3 Month minimum. No Long Term Contracts

Service Area: Ann Arbor, Michgan

Located in Michigan, Ann Arbor is home to the Michigan Museum of Art, where people can view artwork from all over the world that dates back hundreds of years. Each year, new students attend the University of Michigan for the research programs, and the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum provides fun interactive exhibits for kids.

Ann Arbor is also a culinary hotspot and tech hub. The city is surrounded by various thriving communities, which has helped the city is growing into an urban oasis and cultural melting pot. There’s something for everyone, from outdoor activities and recreation to walking the farmers market in the mornings and catching a performing art show in the evening.

With so many things to do, people will take to the internet before choosing somewhere to go. Studies have shown this is true 9 out of 10 times, and that’s when you need to appear in search results to grow your business. If you are not ranking high enough to be seen among your competition in local searches and the Google Pack, let our Ann Arbor SEO services help you outrank the rest!

Below are some ways that we can assist your business growth in Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Digital Marketing Agency

Are you ranking at the top of search results for your targeted keywords? If not, our SEO services can help you get there. SEO is a long-term investment but is the best ROI out of any digital marketing methods. We begin by analyzing your website and providing a detailed report of our findings. You will be updated every step of the way, as we believe in being fully transparent with our clients.

After learning where your weak points are, we will provide our expert advice on how we can help you fix them and improve upon them. Once changes have been made, we continue to help you find ways to further outrank your competition, including looking into what tactics they use. After changes have been applied, we can review the site again to ensure we did not miss anything the first time.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

The recovery process from being hit with one or more Google penalties is a long road but is possible. There are two key algorithm-based penalties used by Google to decide on search rankings. Penguin and Panda, both could be triggered automatically, and a third is a manual penalty from Google staff.

Having a good understanding of how Google penalties work is the best line of defense against preventing them. Our team of SEO experts has the knowledge needed to help find, fix, and recover your website from a Google penalty. The first step is learning if it is a Panda (links), Penguin (content), or manual penalty. We will then explain what we learn and give you our recommendations for the next step.

Google Panda focuses on the content quality of backlinks, meaning the incoming links from other websites. This is an attempt to rank websites based on how honest and high quality the links coming into the site appear. If hundreds or thousands of low quality, spammy websites are linking to you (link packages, link exchange programs, etc.) – Google will penalize you.

Google Penguin is the same concept, except it focuses on all the content on your site. Low quality or duplicated content is bad. High quality, unique, and original content is good.

The manual penalties could be for dozens of reasons, which makes it the trickiest to figure out. Call us today to save time, and let us do it for you.

Local SEO Services

When it comes to being noticed, local SEO is the way to go. After all, Google makes up nearly half of all searches, and you want to attract new customers in the area, right? It is easier said than done, though, because Google constantly updates their algorithms and how they position websites. This means your website will vary. But, with the help of a professional SEO agency, you can rank better, get found easier, and increase your revenue.

Our team is always learning new tricks to get our clients the best ranking possible. Combined with our years of experience, we have the knowledge and tools to adapt a custom strategy to your business needs. We deliver detailed reports and remain open with you through the entire process from start to finish. Call us today to see how our SEO services can help.

SEO Consulting Services

The job of an SEO consultant is to provide in-depth, long-term tasks that give long-term results. Our SEO professional will analyze and review your business, repair site issues, enhance search engine results performance, check your backlinks, and everything else. Once that is done, you will receive a full report of all the discoveries, so you know where your strengths are and weaknesses.

After finding everything that needs improving to reach your goals, we begin taking action and creating an SEO strategy guide to follow. This will help lead you down a path to better ranking and positioning. It is a long-term investment, but every successful business has invested in quality SEO at some point to get where they are. Let our trusted Ann Arbor SEO agency help you get more traffic, leads, and sales!

Web Design Services

It can be a long and extensive process to redesign or updated existing websites for the latest SEO best practices and Google webmaster guidelines. At Save, we offer this service to help reduce the burden on business owners while helping them rank higher. However, it could be less expensive to simply allow us to completely redesign your website as we focus on implementing SEO practices within our web designs, saving time, and money doing it later.

Interested in any of our Ann Arbor SEO services? Give us a call today to speak with an SEO expert!

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