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12 Free Text Editors that are Great for Coders

When it comes to writing code, you can make it complicated, but it comes down to a great text editor. You can use a simple one like Notepad from Microsoft. It may be best to have a text editor with syntax coloring and highlight multiple language support, a strong find and replace feature, and other features that make writing code much more manageable.

If you want a great free text editor, you are looking in the right place. Below are some of the best free text editors that are designed with coding in mind. Whether you are using Linux, Mac, or Windows, you will see options that can satisfy your code writing needs.


1.     jEdit (Linux, Mac, Windows)




jEdit is a great text editor that had programmers in mind. It was written in Java and must be used on an operating system that supports Java. You can download various plugins to extend any of the features that are built-in already. jEdit was made to combine all Unix, Mac, and Windows text editors’ most remarkable features.


2.     TextWrangler (Mac)




TextWrangler is a multifunctional text editor for Mac OS. It is a Server/Unix Admin text that is a very programmer-friendly editor. It has a useful “plugin” system that allows developers to extend TextWrangler’s built-in functions. There is also a function browser to quickly find and jump to the required function, which is very useful for those very long files.


3.     GNU Emacs (Linux, Mac, Windows)

GNU Emacs


GNU Emacs (often referred to as Emacs) is a cross-platform, extensible text editor for programmers. One of its defining features is Emacs-among other features; it also enables you to use it as a debugger and project planner. It has a file comparison function called M-x ediff that can highlight the differences between two files, which is very useful for finding out file changes made by coders who do not record/comment on their revisions.


4.     Komodo Edit (Linux, Mac, Windows)



This is a free cross-platform software text editor made by ActiveState. It is straightforward when it comes to a text editor for integrated development environments. It has a convenient and flexible project manager function that can help you organize and track project files.


5.     Crimson Editor (Windows)


Crimson Editor

Crimson Editor is a Windows text editor that supports multiple languages. It has a “macro” function that allows you to record a series of tasks so that you can reuse the sequence with the click of a button. It has a built-in FTP function that allows you to upload/download files from an FTP server. The Crimson Editor is a reliable choice for Windows users.


6.     Smultron (Mac)



If you need a super easy to use text editor, than Smultron is where to go. If you are a beginner at coding, then the simple interface makes it easier to get what you are doing. It has all the needed features for coding and practical features. The code snippet library allows you to store frequently used code blocks and a full-screen mode, which is designed to focus on the task at hand.


7.     Notepad++ (Windows)



NOTEPAD++ is the main alternative to Microsoft Notepad. It has an auto-completion function for most supported languages. You can guess what you want to write; the tabbed interface is very suitable for handling multiple files without making your taskbar cluttered. The powerful RegEx Find and replace functions, code folding, support for multiple languages , even assembly language, and more. These are just some of the features that make NOTEPAD++ a great default text editor.


8.     Gedit (Linux)



gedit is the official text editor of the GNOME desktop. However, unlike Notepad, gedit has more features that were designed for mark-up and programming. Grammar highlighting of gedit, tabbed interface for editing multiple files, and spell check function-gedit is an excellent free text editor for an encoder.


9.     SciTE (Linux, Windows)



SciTE is used Scintilla code editing software and is a fast text editor designed for editing source code. It has a separate .exe version that can be used on portable storage drives (i.e., USB flash drives) so that you can take it with you and use it on any computer without installing it. SciTE is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems and has been tested by developers on Ubuntu 7.10, Fedora 8, and Windows XP.


10. Caditor (Windows)



Caditor is an open-source portable text editor that uses C# or .NET framework, which boosts the performance and speed of the design. It has a convenient search box built into the toolbar of the text editor interface to perform searches without opening another dialog box. It has other convenient functions commonly used in text editors for developers, such as line numbers, a compiler function that allows you to link it with a compiler, and an FTP function.

11. ConText (Windows)



ConTEXT is another excellent, lightweight free software for Windows (which means it is free, but open source). It has many convenient functions, such as text sorting when you need to sort content in order, the ability to take your configuration options, and export them to share configurations or import them to multiple computers and a macro recorder Repeat a series of tasks. In 2007, ConTEXT development was transferred to David Hadley, but it is still free software.


12. Bluefish Editor (Linux, Mac)


Bluefish Editor

Bluefish Editor is a powerful open-source text editor for programmers and web designers. It is a text editor that can easily open more than 500 documents at once and still be fast. It has a built-in functional reference browser for HTML, CSS, Python, and PHP, so you can quickly understand the specific syntax. Please check the “Screenshots” section to find movies/screenshots, such as learning about using remote files and screenshots of Bluefish Editor.

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