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When it comes to SEO Toronto, your strategy is everything. However, ranking at the top is achieved through planned strategy and execution, not luck. There are several factors that are considered before Google ranks you at the top. Similarly, signals such as your site speed, backlinks, domain rating, security and reviews (among several others) are all factors that go into ranking your business. In addition to this…picture them changing constantly. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have often flustered several Toronto based SEO Engineers but we have managed to stay on top of it all. Our SEO Company comprises of individuals who spend all day researching your industry and how to put you at the top! In other words, get us on your side and watch your competition lose their rankings. 


We often get this question…why should be work with you? Short answer is because we are the best SEO Company in Toronto! While we cannot speak for our competition, we take pride in doing things the right way and only deploy White Hat SEO Techniques. In addition to this, our seo service leads to better trust ratings, higher quality of leads improving your conversion ratio. White Hat SEO Methods take longer to garner results but they are more robust and rank at the top for a lot longer. In other words, factors such as these along with our experienced SEO Toronto staff make us the best SEO Company in Toronto! 


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As one of the premier SEO Companies out there, we will get you to your destination. In order to do so, we need to optimize several factors within your website. Starting from the On-Page SEO, Local SEO and enhancing the content on your website, we know what we are doing. We will do everything in our power to get your RELAVANT traffic to your website that can turn into high quality leads. We have been around from 2017 and have recently taken the leap to become one of the best SEO companies in the area! 

Experienced SEO Team!
We boast some of the best SEO engineers in the business. We have experience working with several different industries and getting quality results. Regardless of how competitive your industry is, we can help you achieve that stable SERP rankings you are looking for. More and more businesses in your area are looking to SEO companies as a form of marketing that is going to put them over the top. Give us a call today and make your decision. We will get you where you need to go! 
How We Operate

We Rank You. You Pay us. Simple right? It is how it should be. The work we do would depend on how much work needs to be done. If you have previous work done and it is helpful, the cost will be lower. However, if the SEO work to be done is quite extensive, the price will be much higher.  It all depends on the workload we have too do on your website. 

Competitive Pricing

As a business owner, you are bound to have certain overhead costs. We believe SEO Services should be one of them. All businesses plan to stay around for a long time and SEO Marketing is your investment. All that being said, the cost is the problem? No. It is not. We are extremely competitive when it comes to pricing out our SEO Services. On top of that, you make all your money back through ROI. So what are you really worried about? 


SEO Toronto has several different components to it. We broke it down into 4 convenient parts : SEO Analysis, SEO Consulting, Google Penalty Recovery and Local SEO. All of these components have different impacts on your rankings and each one is just as important as the other. Regardless of what size and industry you are coming from, the importance of these four factors cannot be downplayed. 

SEO Analysis

How does Google Really view your website?


You have a super “flashy” website. Awesome. We are happy you have such a nice website. However, appearances are deceiving. When it comes to Google, your website is put under a microscope. As one of the better SEO Companies in Toronto, Sages is committed to the research and development needed to rank your website at the top! SEO Analysis is a mandatory requirement in order to achieve search results dominance. 


Local SEO 

Toronto SEO is a lot more than just Google Rankings. Ranking on the maps for local traffic is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO Toronto.

As a local business, you want to take advantage of your location and proximity to some clients. Local SEO does just that. You are ranked on the map component of the Google search allowing local customers to view your business and visit your store. There are few requirements needed in order to rank on the website. Factors such as directory listings, reviews and overall business age, reputation and proximity all help rank you in Local SEO. While some companies may charge extra for this, we include it in our Toronto SEO packages. 

SEO Consulting

How is your Digital Marketing Strategy Working out?


The world is evolving and so is Google. Perhaps google is the reason we are evolving? We Digress. Digital Marketing strategies that worked a few years ago are outdated today due to the Penguin and Panda updates thanks for Google. This constant change and cycle of updates causes SEO Companies to be on their toes in order to rank you higher. In the event, you have choose to do your own SEO, our consulting services will guide you in the right direction! 

Google Penalty Recovery

Black Hat SEO Techniques can make your website less valuable. Less Value = Lower Rankings.

Whether you hired another SEO Company in Toronto or tried to do it yourself, you have a google penalty. Worry Not. We can help you. All this means is spam links along with the content on your website is not deemed useful compared to your competition. Your website needs a deep clean and reset and we do it for you. 


All companies in every industry come in different sizes and shapes. Some are extremely well fed while others are weak and anemic. Regardless of your Digital Marketing budget size, we are willing to work with you. Feel free to read through our step by step process.

Step # 1

SEO Marketing Analysis


In order to get started on a journey, we must first know where we stand. Any SEO Toronto company will need to gather as much information as they can from you and start by discovering your industry. The targeted client base, objectives and competition are just the beginning of a numerous amount of questions. As one of the best SEO companies, we do everything we can do put you right at the top! 




Now that we understand the Industry you are in, let’s look at the raw data. As the saying goes: Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers Don’t. Firstly, will need to set up your website properly to enable data collections. Secondly, we will start to analyze this data and predict patterns needed for your success. The tools needed are in your search console, tag manager and analytics accounts. 



We have your input and the information from google on where we stand. It is now time to research the industry and find out a thing or two on how to conquer SEO for your company. There are several tools used by various SEO companies including Ahrefs, MOZ and SemRush. It helps us narrow and concentrate our efforts to rank you higher on Google. 




We have your input. We have the numbers from Google analytics. The data from Ahrefs and Moz has been gathered as well. It is not time to see how our website is doing. Far too often, businesses spend too much money and time focusing on the website’s visual appeal. While it is not a bad thing, the essential factors often get overlooked. We can break it all down but it is nothing more than complicated SEO jargon which will handle once we are hired. 


audit, report, verification



One of the best places to get started on increased SEO Standings are your competitors. What are they doing to land on the top 3 ranks for your keywords? How is their website laid out? Are they using SSL for their security? From the little factors to the big, we will handle this for you. 


seo, search engine optimization, search engine




Perhaps one of the most overlooked talents of an SEO Company. While many businesses will go ahead and do their market research, they are sure to miss out on several keywords that an SEO professional will be able to dig out. There are certain keywords that you know, certain you don’t know and ones you don;t know that you don’t know. Worry not. We have experiencing pulling out all these keywords to maximize your traffic.  


audit, report, verification





Lastly, the Link building. By far, the most time consuming and what sets apart good agencies from the bad ones. Google is a robot that follows instructions based on your links, security, speed and other factors. In order to convince the system that you are better than your competition, we also need to be better than them. It is a slow and time consuming process but one that will certainly yield positive results in the long run. 


award, business, win


Step # 2

Website Updates and Optimization


One of the main responsibility of an SEO company is to edit the website to optimize conversions. Therefore, SEO starts with your website. We have to start fixing up all the technical issues, change the content if we must and increase “Call to action” buttons as much as possible. Other factors such as Site speed, SSL Connection and overall appeal and layout are all factors that need to be dealt with before work beings. 


We now have a plan and it is time to execute. It all begins with the keywords you are looking to rank for. In the early 2000’s people would pack their keyword as much as possible to rank higher on google SEO. Unfortunately, doing this today has a chance to get you a penalty than a higher ranking. We will do all the little things to get you moving up higher. 


seo, 3d, websites

Once we put it all together there are several tools available to optimize the health of your website. As long as we get the “green smiley” from the developer (yes…we are quite happy here at Sages) we can move onto the next round of link building


geometry, mathematics, computer science


Step # 3

Link Building for your business

Every SEO Company’s nightmare or blessing (we consider it a blessing). Link building is the lifeline of your SEO Campaign. Your website is the backbone and the links are the blood that keep you alive and moving on up in the world of Google. We don’t mean to be that descriptive but it is the only analogy we can come up with at the moment.  The quality of links are everything. The more powerful they are, the more powerful you become. The weaker they are, they weaker your website becomes.  Our Toronto SEO engineer’s handpick the good links to connect to your website. 


webdesign, design, web


As an SEO company in Toronto, we make sure the pace we build the links at is sustainable. It is a long and tedious process meant to get you more customers for a very long time. If we work in a hurry, you will get a bunch of top 3 rankings but they will not last at the top. It is better to proceed slowly and ensure a steady pace that is sustainable in the long term. 


instagram, social, media

Once we have established our base and we are moving up quickly, time to ramp it up and distance yourself from the competition. Our Toronto SEO based team will ramp up link production to get you right to the top and get you those positions you are looking for. 


spreadsheets, graph, business

Step # 4

Reporting and Ongoing Maintenance

At this stage, we have climbed the mountain top. Your business is receiving a lot of ongoing SEO traffic to your website and people are flocking for your product. We have done our job but now it is time to maintain it. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates change quite often and these changes need to be reflected in your campaign. In the absence of these changes, your competition once again supersedes you and takes over traffic that was once yours. We will keep you informed with monthly reports to see the amount of traffic driven to your site with an recommendations for improvement. 


writing, paper, pen 


It is time to maintain pole positions and hold onto your customers. Our Toronto SEO company comes up content to engage your audience and keep them attracted to your business. The money you invest is being doubled or even tripled on a monthly basis and sales are booming. You are the King/Queen of the mountain! 


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Experienced Staff

Regardless of your size and industry, chances are we have worked with someone very similar to your business. 

Affordable Marketing Solutions

Not everyone is Amazon (including us). We understand that. 

Protection and Maintenance

Your website is one of the most valuable assets you posses. We will help you protect it.  

Create a lead generation machine

We are here to optimize your digital marketing. You hire us. We get you the results you need. 


All companies in every industry come in different sizes and shapes. Some are extremely well fed while others are weak and anemic. Regardless of your Digital Marketing budget size, we are willing to work with you. Feel free to read through our step by step process. 


Dump-Squad was one of very first customers back when we started. We have built everything for this company from scratch. Currently they have hundreds of keywords in the top 3 and receive lots of RELEVANT traffic to their website. We also focused on building up their reputation to increase their market presence.  

  • Built brand New website. Secure, efficient and extremely user friendly. . 
  • 5000% increase in Google Rankings over the past year.
  • Successfully implemented a PPC campaign which is used quite frequently.  
  • Currently working on holding their rankings at the top. Established player in their industry today. 


Shield Security Solutions also happens to be one of our first clients.  Similar to Dump-Squad, everything was customized and built from scratch. We enabled the e-commerce functionality on the site. They have 1000’s of keywords in their top 3 and enjoy a significant amount of traffic to their website. .  

  • Built brand new website. Secure, efficient and extremely user friendly. E-Commerce Enabled. 
  • 7500% increase in Google Rankings over the past year.
  • Successfully implemented a PPC campaign which is used quite frequently.  
  • Currently working on holding their rankings at the top. Established player in their industry today. 


Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada. As one of the many premier Digital Marketing Agency Toronto, we are proud to be servicing this city. Our head office is based out of this city. There are thousands of businesses of all sizes and shapes across the city. Regardless of the size of your business, we are willing to work with you. Above all, we are a digital marketing agency, have all the resources to help increase your business quickly and at an affordable price point. As is the case with every business owner, the bottom line is the end goal and we can help you get there. We have experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Industrial, Commercial, Residential and E-Commerce businesses are all something we have experience with. However, our digital marketing agency is not just confined to the borders of this great city. We do work across Canada and have become one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the country. If you are not in Toronto but would still like to hire us, worry not. Chances are we are going to be able to work with you.