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Why Responsive Design is Important?


Why Responsive Design is Important?


Having a responsive web design enables a website the ability to adapt, including being able to deliver a good experience to users, regardless if they are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. For this to come to pass, the website will first get a responsive design.

But what is a responsive web design, and what makes it work?

For those interested in finding out, keep reading! There are real-life examples that can be searched up for responsive web design. If you would like to stay up to date on responsive web design, just sign-up to receive our exclusive newsletter ‘Revenue Weekly’, and you can also receive tips for web design and also marketing tips, which can benefit businesses.

Responsive Web Design, What Is It?


It is an approach to designing websites that will enable the display of the websites and pages in a manner that will show up on all devices and considers their different screen sizes. This is automatically done by it having the ability to adapt to their screens, regardless if it is a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

What Is It That Makes This Work? 


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is what allows Responsive web design to work as it enables the use of different settings which can serve many different style properties, it all depends on the orientation, screen size, color capability, resolution, and what all characteristics the user’s device may have. The CSS properties that are related to a website design being responsible will include a ‘viewport’ and ‘media queries.’

How To Tell If Your Website Is Responsive



By looking at the browser, you can see immediately if they have a responsive website or not by doing the following:

  • Open your Google Chrome
  • Now check-in to your website
  • You are going to press Ctrl + Shift +l, and it will open the Chrome DevTools
  • Now press Ctrl + Shift + M, and you will be able to toggle the device’s toolbar
  • You can view the page from your tablet, desktop, or mobile

There are free tools available to use, such as Google’s Mobile-Friendly. Check to find out if your website pages are mobile-friendly. Although one can get mobile-friendliness using other approaches, such as adaptive design, responsive web design being more common due to the advantages it offers.

The Reason That Responsive Web Design Matters


Responsive web design is a relief to web designers, web developers, and user interface designers. It relieves them from having to work both day and night to create sites for almost every kind of device there is. As well as making life easier for advertisers, business owners, and marketers.

A Few of the Benefits Are

  • Only one site for all your devices: It does not make a difference if it is viewed on an iMac having a 27” screen and a wireless connection or on your Android’s screen, and the configuration for the website is going to give the user desirable viewing.
  • Each Device Has an Optimal Design: When you use the responsive web design approach, it is certain that all images, HTML elements, and fonts are going to be scaled properly, and the screen size of the device used will be maximizing.
  • You Will Not Need Redirects: Unlike some of the other options for designing multiple devices, responsive web design redirects are not necessary as the user is sent to the correct version of the page on the site. This means accessing the content you need will be much faster.

Responsive web design is also cost-efficient. Since it consists of only one site as opposed to two sites, it is much easier, and making changes only has to be done once for you can work and even take care of updates, all from a single website.

Responsive Web Design Example


Let us go ahead and check out the way that responsive web design works, this is where you will access the internet on one of your devices, we will go with your smartphone. Now, browse a few different sites. Now get on one of your other devices and do the exact same thing.

If the websites you viewed are responsive, you should be able to tell the difference, like in the image above. Do not forget that you are also able to use the DevTools found in Chrome.

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