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Who Has The Fastest Internet In The World?


Have you ever wondered who offers the fastest internet in the world? With the ability to smoothly stream TV shows, movies, play high-demand games all at the same time, you might think the U.S. has the fastest connection. However, would you believe not only is the U.S. not the fastest in the world, it’s not even in the top 5?

In fact, the internet connection in the United States does not even rank in the top 10 fastest internet speeds in the world!

When your business depends on the internet being fast, one thing you pay attention to is internet speeds. Below we will compare the average internet speeds from different countries around the world. The results may surprise you.

The following infographic shows the average speeds for the top 10 fastest internet connections around the world, and where the United States ranks amongst speeds from around the world.



The fastest internet in the world can be found in Taiwan. That’s right, Taiwan offers the highest average speed with internet connections around 85.02 MB/s. Compare that to the United States’ average of just 32.89 MB/s, ranking 15th in the world.

If you thought your internet was fast, Taiwan is clocking internet speeds over 2.5x the U.S., wow!



Okay, so the U.S. doesn’t offer the fastest internet speeds in the world. But, it is still far from the average worldwide internet speed of just 9.1 MB/s!



Of course, the national average is determined by calculating the state-by-state average. The following will show which states offer the fastest internet connection in the United States. Many larger populated areas are upgrading to Fiber Optics, which allows for much faster internet speeds.


Fastest Internet Connection in the U.S.: New Jersey



If you’re looking to relocate to the state offering the fastest internet speeds, New Jersey is your destination. The average connection speed is 52 MB/s, almost double the national average. Of course, it is still well below the average connection speeds of Taiwan, but unless you want to relocate internationally…

The state with the second fastest internet speeds is Maryland at 51.3 MB/s. This is higher than Denmark’s overall average of 49.19 MB/s, which is the 5th fastest worldwide, and just below Sweden’s speeds of 55.18 MB/s.

Other states with fast internet speeds compared to the rest of the United States includes:

  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds: South Korea


Averaging 52.4 MB/s, South Korea offers the fastest mobile internet connection worldwide. The following infographic will show how mobile internet speeds compare around the world.

Again, the United States did not make the list. In fact, the top 10 fastest mobile internet speeds average higher than the United States’ average non-mobile speeds. So, where does the U.S. rank for mobile speeds?


That’s right, the U.S. ranked 18th for mobile connections. While that is still fast compared to some regions of the world, and a massive improvement from two decades ago, it doesn’t compare to the top 10 list.

Test your internet speeds with Ookla’s Speed Test.

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