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What Should Be Included In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Many successful business owners will state that they got where they are because of the effort that they put forward. It is not easy to start up a business in the current market and then make it grow, The following will explain what should be included in your digital marketing strategy.

If you lag even if you have an excellent service or product, then do not underestimate marketing. It is all about strategy. A strategy is not complicated because it is just a bunch of tactics and plans that will help you grow your business. A good marketing strategy will make the difference between your business survival and being taken down by a competitor.

Startups and business owners are all trying to develop new strategies to stay ahead of the game right now. However, small business owners are all doing things like building websites, blogging, tweeting, advertising, sending emails, optimizing their landing pages, and more. That is why they are missing out on the bigger picture. They do not know how and when to create a new strategy and keep up with all of the market changes.

When it comes to marketing, two things are closely connected. When it comes to small businesses, advertising on billboards, radio, and TV is not affordable because you need a large budget. Many small businesses do not have the funds needed for those types of marketing, which is where digital marketing will come into play.

Digital marketing is the best solution for small businesses to get their names out there. Digital marketing campaigns will often include mobile marketing through media or text, in-app mobile advertising, affiliate marketing, electronic billboards, influencer marketing, email marketing, PPC, SEO, and so much more.

It was during 2017 when digital media became the most used advertising and marketing platform. There is a projected increase of 12% to 15% on average when it comes to spending for digital marketing. The share of marketing budgets for social media has increased from 10% in 2015 up to 14% in just a year, while offline advertising had fallen by 2%.

Now that you know that digital marketing is essential for any small business, you need to be asking yourself now is how you can design the best digital marketing strategy for your business?


Setting Your Target


Step 1 Set Your Business Goals


Since you have a small business, you need to figure out your platform for digital marketing strategy. That can include:


Growth of Revenue: 


This is something that you are going to need for your business to work. According to best-selling author of The Personal MBA, Josh Kaufman, there are four proven ways for you to get revenue growth. These ways are:

  • Raising your prices
  • Raising the transaction frequency for each customer
  • Increasing the average size for each transaction
  • Increasing the number of customers that you have
  • Visible Sale Increments

Increments are getting people to shop for your product. Based on FICO information, customers are made up of two groups, which are repeat and new customers. The more repeat customers you have, the addictive that the new customers will be compared to finding new customers to replace those who do not become repeat customers.

Increment sales will be a jackpot that is hit when you get more people to purchase a product that you had expected. You will choose KPIs or key performance indicators, and then you will measure them against your analytics to get the increment in sales.


Business Branding


One of the essential parts of any business is branding. It is your promise to your customers, and it tells them what they can expect from you and what makes you better than your competitors. Your promotions, websites, offers, and logo are your branding. What you are visually and verbally communicating is a big part of your brand strategy.

An excellent strategy for digital marketing will be based on the targets you have set for your company. Keep reading to see how you can create your digital marketing plan for your small business.


Know your Competitors and Your Audience


Step 2 Know your Competition  and Your Audience


Foundations of Marketing


If you want to build a successful business, then you are going to need strong marketing foundations. You will have to work hard to promote your business. One of the biggest things is that your marketing plan will need to show you what your customer needs, and then it should point out your unique selling proposition or your USP. Take time and target that area that your product will serve, and it will give you an edge over some of your competitors. You can also think about investing in using inbound marketing, as it seen to be a foolproof way to market small to medium businesses.




When you begin to build your persona for your core audience or customer, you will have a way to solve social media challenges for your customers. Your marketing persona is a key segment for your audience. When it comes to content marketing, you will need personas to help deliver content that will be useful and relevant.




This is a unique marketing strategy designed to occupy a different position in customers’ minds compared with other brands. There is a lot of competition in the market that makes customers dizzy. Therefore, with a strong positioning strategy, you can leave a mark in their hearts. This way, they will remember your product when they think of it.

On the other hand, the wrong positioning can also destroy your brand, so you need to beware and review this survival guide for small businesses.


Message Delivery


It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business. If you leave a message to your target audience, they may remember it. Focus on solving the customer’s problem and reach the limit by using compelling clickable headings such as “Successfully conduct business in a week.” Because of the way you carved this message, it will encourage one person to read more. Of course, you should not lie. Be honest and creative.


Define Your Marketing Tactics and Channels


Step 3 Map out your tactics


After determining your goals and understanding who your audience and competitors are, you should determine which digital marketing strategy is best for your business.


Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is crucial. Don’t take it lightly for small and medium-sized enterprises. It can attract clicks and attention from your website, and if you ignore it, it won’t happen. There are many ways to invest in SEO.


Link Building


According to Moz’s “Search Engine Ranking Factors Research”, link construction has the highest search ranking in Google’s algorithm. You must be very creative and honest when getting a link to your website. To gain widespread attention, you can talk to your target audience’s key influencers, who will give you honest comments in exchange for links. Also, check out these six link building strategies for your small business.


Page Optimization


As a small business marketer, you need to let Google know that you exist and that you are a reliable person and need to be ranked on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). You need to categorize your business, and you also need to add unique photos and videos on the page to attract more attention. According to Moz Local, the (previously known as search engine will “will not show businesses that are not classified or even misclassified for a specific keyword set.”


Site Architecture


Small businesses usually have 15 to 20 pages, which does not mean ignoring the site structure. Poor website architecture will drive users away in a few seconds. Matt Williamson said: “Remember, you always want the least number of links between the homepage and other pages on the site. You can use a level on the menu for small sites and add Provide relevant anchor text when navigating to the corresponding page on the page. Obviously, for any larger site, you want to implement a pyramid structure to effectively sort information.”


Technical Barriers


Compared with passing a resolution through the United Nations, managing an SEO plan is a joke. Many conflicting ideas, procedural issues, and language barriers. Whether it’s CMS flaws, technical issues, unclear goals, lack of consistency, or just your low IT skills, please take a quick look at this guide to address the six major technical obstacles in small SEO.


Be Mobile Friendly


It is not surprising to know that mobile marketing is essential in today’s business world. The average user spends most of their Internet time on mobile phones, not desktop computers. Mobile marketing includes designing ads to be displayed on mobile phones or tablets.


Know the Audience and Opportunities


Marketers should capture the interest of mobile users online, then attract them to their sites and turn them into customers. This will become especially important if you run a small e-commerce store because the field depends entirely on user experience. If your small business is service-based, you can refine your ads based on user reviews of the service. The “mobile-first” mentality is very suitable for your business, so you can direct users to conversion channels and get sales statistics.


Manage and Measure Activities


The larger iPhone size has turned them into “tablets”, but the keyboards on these devices are still small. This means that if you are using CTR (click-through rate) and it works well on your website, it may be due to the user’s mapping on the phone. This means little or no business.

If you want to measure analytics data for mobile marketing, check out the secondary action rate (SAR) that measures secondary data based on user clicks after following the ad. There is also a store access level (SVL), which can analyze the user’s geotagged data inside the store. A recent study by xAd showed that SVL and SAR are better indicators of purchase intention.


Paid Advertising


To be honest, as a small business, you need to be realistic about advertising. Usually, you will look for a low-cost solution. Still, in that case, you will no longer be able to get an effective, low-cost solution, so you continue to try to achieve a balance of payments through compromise or other solutions. And keep testing. You must set your advertising budget and make sure it will always get your response.


Display Ads


The goal of display advertising is to attract the website traffic by placing your brand on relevant websites. It can bring you to return on investment, increase visibility, increase conversions, and often attract new customers based on your interests. You can use segmentation strategies to create different types of advertisements for different customers, provide exclusive offers, and cater to your advertisements carefully and creatively.


Search Ads


In Internet marketing, search advertising uses advertisements on web pages that display search engine query results. These ads target keywords entered by users to find keywords. This positioning is profitable for marketers because consumers can directly decide where to go from their search sources.


Campaign Strategy


Because the budget is tight, you can allocate the budget to the entire 12 months and then check the results. Based on this, you can save some money to use during the season when your business usually performs best. Black Friday or Christmas is a high season for any business, depending on the type of business. You can prepare in advance and start your campaign within the scope your audience expects.


Social Media


This can boost your audience very dramatically. Many small businesses are online listeners. They are reading what customers say about them. If you join the discussion next and reply to them in their social media posts, they will establish more connections with you as a customer/user.


Social Content Development


Knowing what to post will increase the buzz about your content. Jayson DeMers suggested: “First, you need to know what to measure. The ultimate goal determines the metric.” Steve Cooper proposed some methods to promote social content development:

  • Innovation-Because they are so flexible, simple, and ubiquitous, and more companies can find creative ways to increase the power behind the label.
  • Positioning-Unlike following the average web surfer on the open web, those who use hashtags will likely start social conversations. Once they break this point, they tend to share their positive experiences with a brand.
  • Conversation-Providing your website URL to customers is not easy to start a conversation, but just use tags.
  • Unified-You can track hashtags in all major networks, or you can filter them separately using new tools (such as Tagboard).
  • Promotions-Use tags to easily track promotional activities on multiple social platforms.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is still the most popular and highly convertible channel among enterprises. One will glance at their email inbox, which makes email marketing more attractive to business owners.


Segmentation Strategy


After testing, segmenting the email list can help you get a better open rate. An email marketing company tested some companies’ segmentation strategies, sent certain emails to specific users, and found that they connected to the brand.


Content Personalization


“The content optimization system can help you deliver “smart content,” or content that can be intelligently personalized to meet customer needs. With smart content, you can deliver content targeted at potential customers’ locations during the purchase process or targeted at first-time visitors’ content. With smart content, you can locate content based on your knowledge of your contacts to achieve true relationship-driven marketing.”


Publication Schedule


Your email newsletter is a vital part of the entire marketing plan. It is used for follow-up, continuity, positioning, sales, branding, etc. Now you are making one, when and how? You can decide the frequency based on business needs.

There are useful guides out there to help you determine if you are confused. Besides, if you use any smart marketing automation software, it will provide you with statistical information about what time and date are best for publishing newsletters and other emails.


Website Optimization


Website optimization means designing a website that ranks high on search engines from scratch. As a small business, your website can tell a lot about you, and any interaction that occurs is the key to building brand value.


Segmentation and Multivariate Testing


In MVT, you design a hypothesis and check it by continually changing various variables. Both websites and mobile applications consist of a set of variable elements, and by continually testing them, you can understand the development of your business.


Usability Testing


This is a user-centered interactive design, and projects can be measured entirely based on how users process them. This technology is irreplaceable in business because it can bring you natural results about user reviews.

Exit and On-page Survey


When the user is about to leave the page, the exit survey will be displayed. They can be a combination of questions designed to attract users. In-page surveys combined with an excellent website interface can make users stay on your website longer.


Web Analytics


It sounds cliche, network analysis, and continuous monitoring, and you can get more than just information. You can use analytics to cut off non-interactive parts of the website and need to modify them, or you can create a part (such as a subscription box) if it does not already exist. Nowadays, there is nothing better than Google Analytics. If you want to build your own small business, you must tell Google that you are the web site’s author and run a reputable business.


Heat Mapping and Click Analysis


Heat maps will show what elements of your website that people are clicking on. You can see where people are clicking and where they are not clicking. This can help you optimize your landing page and record the mouse rates of your website. They are great for small businesses, and there are plenty of tools out there that you can use for heat mapping.


Content Strategy


Website content is essential, and it is not something that will ever get old because the internet audience will be chasing trends all the time. The more advancement that is seen, the more challenging it will be to stay on the map.


Benefits of Oriented Copy


Whenever a person sees an ad, they will think about what is in it and what the deal is. That is why you need to make a benefits-oriented copy that will answer these questions for your targeted audience. It is like you are talking to your customers face to face, not paying attention to the extra noise. Good advertising will make it clear what the deal is.


Corporate Blogs


A corporate blog is essential. It is like the mouth of your business. If you make one, make sure that it stays up to date for subscribers who like to know how your business is doing.


Linkable Asset Creations


Linkable assets are on your site that people will use to link to, whether it is a person, photo, content, or something else. It is essential because, with Tumblr and Twitter, there needs to be content to repost or retweet. What is the strategy to attract attention to your domain? Well, you do not need to spend a lot of money to get links. You just need to be creative.


Promotional Strategy


Will customers be able to pick your brand based on keywords, shapes, or colors? If that is a no, take a look at your competitors and how they are doing it. Starbucks is green, Mcdonald’s is red and yellow. What are you going to be able to do to remember? Brand well, get promotions and stick to your image to create resonance.




Every single business will start as a small business. The effort that is put into promoting the business is the key to be successful. The techniques and tips mentioned here are used worldwide by big businesses and startups, and it all boils down to what is going to work for your needs.

Once you realize what you can do, you can run your business much better.

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