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Top 9 Best Website Analytic Tools For Your Business

When it comes to digital marketing, the first thing you will learn is that data is king.

Data is what will provide your company with insight into how your website is doing and helps to show you how people are interacting with it, along with how competitors deal with online marketing. If you want to get the most out of your analytics, then you are going to need the best website optimization and analytic tools.

It is time to get more out of your analytics with a complete breakdown of the best tools for website analytics. From paid options to free ones, this article will cover the best platforms for anyone, which makes it the best resource for you as well as your company.

If you want to know more, keep on reading.


What Are Website Analytics?


Analytics are anything that analyzes quantitative and qualitative data from competitor sites and your site to achieve business goals and improve online experiences such as securing qualified leads or more product orders. You can analyze that data using analytic tools.

Website Analytic Tools that are Best for Your Business





Clicky is a popular metrics tool for websites. They have a paid and free version and still provide detailed insights into how your website analytics are doing. It also monitors your website in real-time, which offers you instant access to the numbers at any time. When it comes to pricing, Clicky ranges from free and up to $20 each month, plus they also have custom pricing if needed. You can find tools like A/B testing, campaign tracking, uptime monitoring, spam filtering, heatmaps, and individual action and visitor tracking.


Adobe Analytics



If you are looking for another solution to monitor your site metrics, then Adobe Analytics can help. It is a paid tracking tool, but it can provide you with insights on how to improve the bottom line. It also provides data from across different channels like search and social media in a single place. The price for this gets based on customized pricing plans, so there is not a free version. However, you can use this tool for different things like integrating advertising and marketing strategies, evaluating the journey of the customer, real-time data access, reacting and spotting trends, and creating custom metrics. Even though there is not a free trial, businesses can sign up to get a free demo.


Moz Pro



Moz Pro lets businesses access and analyze analytics from their websites. You can use Moz Pro to focus on improving your SEO, which can cause increased website traffic and rankings in organic search results. The price ranges start at $100 per month and can go up to $1000 per month. Moz Pro includes things like page optimization scores that assess on-page optimization, site crawl to help look for SEO issues, rankings to monitor the performance of your site in local and national search results, along with keyword explorer, which compiles and evaluates keyword lists. There is not a free version, but it does have a 30 day free trial for businesses.





Kissmetrics is one of those tools that can help you to retain current customer bases and reach more potential clients. Companies such as Rosetta Stone use Kissmetrics to help improve user engagement, client retention, and conversion rates. Kissmetrics also integrate into other platforms such as Shopify and Slack. There is not a free version, but it does offer customized pricing plans. Kissmetrics includes things like monitoring of cross-device customer journeys, tracks and defines user segments, automates emailed marketing campaigns, and complies audiences for Instagram and Facebook ads.


Crazy Egg



Crazy Egg allows you to track and analyze the analytics of your website. Unlike other metric tools, Crazy Egg mainly focuses on A/B testing and CRO or conversion rate optimization, which can help a company to create a much better website that drives more revenue, leads, and traffic. When it comes to pricing, Crazy Egg ranges between $25 to $250 each month, but they do offer custom pricing and plans for agencies and businesses. However, they do have a 30-day free trial.  They have features like site editor tools, visitor snapshots, visitor recordings and heatmaps, and so much more. Crazy Egg also integrates into platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Wix, and Shopify, and it can save you time while helping you start your CRO project quickly.





Matomo helps over 1.4 million different sites, including NASA. Matomo is a paid web tracking tool that was called Piwik previously, but it provides an all in one analytic solution that can help your company earn more from web traffic. The price varies between $20 to $14,800 each month, but they do offer custom pricing for enterprise solutions. However, they offer a free 30-day trial. Matomo is also compliant with CDPR, and unlike other tools, they have on-premise solutions that allow your company can manage and store all site data in house. That does not need anyone to have expertise. Matomo has features like tag manager, search engine reporting, A/B testing, heatmaps, visitor profiles, and much more. They also have a free 30-day trial.





Using SEMrush, you can use the analytics to create user-focused content and compelling ads that will drive shares on the web and social media. SEMrush has a paid monthly subscription that ranges between $100 to $400 each month, but they do offer custom prices for enterprises. SEMrush provides many features like generating and sharing custom analytic reports, auditing backlink profiles, monitoring for high-value keyword positions, tracks performance on social media, checks marketing strategies and traffic on competitor sites, compiles keywords for ad initiatives and content, and researches ad budgets, campaigns and more of competitors. They have a 360-degree marketing approach, and they can help you to assess your social media, SEO strategy, PPC, and content marketing.





Ahrefs is a paid tool that monitors your site analytics. The platform has multiple tools that help your company improve, develop, and audit your SEO strategy. The price ranges between $100 to $1000 each month, but there are yearly payment options available. Ahrefs has multiple features like ways to explore content gaps between you and your competitors, analysis of competitor rankings, the monitoring and auditing of backlink profiles, check sites for common SEO problems, and discover valuable keywords for your market and industry. However, they do have a seven-day trial that is only $7.


Google Analytics



This is a well-known tool. It is free, but it does have paid options through the Google Analytics 360 Suite. Through Google Analytics, your business will get insight into the demographic features of users, website visitor behavior, and site performance. There is also a web tracking tool that can integrate into these programs for Google Marketing Platforms like Google Search Console, Google Optimize, Google Data Studio, Google Ads, and many more. Many businesses can use Google Analytics; however, some may need a more substantial version, which is where Google Analytics 360 comes in. It is a paid version and includes data-driven attribution, advanced analysis, and much more.


Improving Site Performance with Us


The analytics of your site plays an essential part in your online performance. If you do not monitor your site analytics, then you are leaving your company without any insight into how search engines are seeing your site and how visitors interact with the site. That is why it is essential that you get an analytic tool that works for your company. Whether it is a free tool or a paid tool, website tracking tools can help your company to create a great online strategy.

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