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Top 8 Tools For Recovering Google Rankings

Even the best internet marketing firms sometimes get knocked off the first page after a Google algorithm update. For example, updates like “Mobilegeddon” reduced ranking for websites that were not mobile-friendly, causing major losses in traffic and revenue for the companies not prepared for it.

The following tools can help identify the issue if you notice Google search rankings are going down, and help with recovering google rankings:


Top Tools For Recovering Google Rankings


Google Webmaster Tools


This is a tool powered by Google, making it the best way to determine why Google search engines have penalized your site. Anytime Google penalizes a website, it notifies the website owner directly through the Google Webmaster Tool, which makes it important to use. This allows you to quickly take action if anything ever happens, saving you time from diagnosing the issue.


Fetch As Google


This tool allows you to get an idea how Google crawlers work, providing accurate information including the page speed, server response times, even detecting redirection errors. Fetch As Google works by crawling the URL and debugging any possible problems it detects with security or network connectivity to provide a clear image of why Google penalized the website.




Majestic provides an understanding about link profiles on your website, making it easier to clean up the backlinks for broken, outdated or low-quality links. Additionally, it offers detailed reports on situations, including over-optimization, that Google also penalizes.




Another backlink checker, Remove’em can detect suspicious links, but watch for false positives, so you do not remove links you want to keep. Remove’em paid service uses five data sources to pull from, including Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz, Google Webmaster Tools, and Strike Iron. That makes it comprehensive when it comes to backlinks.




When it comes to modern SEO, spammy links are a big issues, but can be very time consuming to find them, especially if you’ve used link trading in the past. Ahrefs is a popular tool that helps locate poor quality links, among many other features. It will provide detailed reports for backlinks, the quality of them, and any issues the backlinks may be giving you. Also, their index updates several times every hour, ensuring it is up to date, and it can detect anchor text issues.


Moz Google Algorithm Change History


Each year Google makes hundreds of changes to their algorithms, making it hard to stay updated without a good tool. Google Algorithm Change History by Moz can help. It creates a reference that can be used for finding issues caused by algorithm changes and explain why your traffic has suddenly dropped. However, the tool can only look for issues among updates Google have made public, but it can still provide insight to help save time.


Screaming Frog Web Crawler


With this tool, you can detect many common issues, including redirect issues and duplicate content. If you have a large website it’s one of the better options for finding out why you were penalized. The Screaming Frog Web Crawler can export page titles, URL and meta descriptions to an Excel file.




One of the more common issues with Google penalizing a website is because of duplicated content. If you use the same content multiple times on your own website, or copy content from another site it will hurt your Google rankings. Copyscape is a great tool for finding duplicated content across the internet to ensure your site is unique. If you do find another website using your content, Google suggests filing for an infringement notification.

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