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Top 11 Online Survey Tools Free Download


With surveys a business can collect valuable information that can be used to determine customer satisfaction, preferences, even employee satisfaction. This information can later be used to find ways to increase productivity among employees and improve customer satisfaction based on their feedback.

There are many different survey creation tools online, helping make it faster and easier to build and send out surveys. The following list will include the top 11 online survey tools available for free.





Toping the list is SurveyMonkey, among the most popular name in online surveys. There is a reason it’s so popular, it is simple to get started, fast to build new surveys, and it can be done within minutes and ready to share.

They have a free and paid version. The free version allows up to 10 questions per survey and 100 responses. Depending on your goal, this can be rather limiting. But, it’s a great free option if you plan to survey less than 100 people with a short list of questions.

If you need a longer survey or biggest group of participants, the paid version begins at $26 per month.


Google Forms



Similar to other Google tools, their survey builder has a nice interface and easy to use. There are no feature restrictions, it is 100% free. That means no limitations on how many questions you list or the number of participants.

Additionally, it allows you to export survey results from Google Sheets and share it. Embed your survey into emails, collaborate with others, and there is no premium paid version so no upselling surprises.

This is the only survey tool in the list without a paid version as well.





Create visually appealing surveys with your computer or mobile device quickly. Many major names use SurveyLegend as it was originally designed for enterprises and large companies. Some major brands include Samsung, AirBnB, and Groupon. The smooth design gives it that professional feel that draws people in.

They have a free version that allow unlimited number of questions and responses for each survey. However, the limitation is on the number of surveys you can create per account. You can only create up to 3 surveys for free, and exporting requires a paid version, which starts at $15 per month.

Also, all free version surveys include SurveyLegend branding.






If you are looking for a survey tool that offers various types of questions, check out Typeform. It offers short and long text responses, dates, dropdown lists, picture choices, multiple choice questions, yes/no, question groups, opinion scales, ratings, and more.

The different type of questions is good for switching from the usual survey style. They also offer different ways of questioning participants to dig deeper.

The free version limits you to 100 responses each month, for a larger survey group you will need a paid plan. Plans start at $29 per month.


Survey Planet



With no limitations on the number of questions, responses, or surveys you can create Survey Planet is another great option. However, they do offer a paid version starting at $180 per year that allows more customized and in-depth surveys, including branching questions, custom themes, more question types, exporting data, and survey’s are not branded.


Polldaddy – Crowd Signal


If your business uses WordPress, Polldaddy is worth checking out. It integrates easily and allows unlimited surveys to be created with no limits on the number of questions or responses. The free version offers basic survey features and Polldaddy branding.

Their paid version starts at $200 per year and removes the branding, allows for custom CSS, access to email support, and data export.


Zoho Survey



The free version of Zoho Survey limits the number of questions per survey to 15, with up to 150 responses. However, they do not limit the number of surveys you may create. The free version offer rather straight forward features.

Their paid version includes additional features such as offline surveys, email notifications, multilingual surveys, and more advance result reports.




SurveyNuts provides an easy solution to adding online surveys. It allows you to build the surveys on your site, without having to create an account. However, surveys limit you to 10 questions, with unlimited responses. SurveyNuts is better suited for one-time surveys for feedback or short questionnaires.





They designed SurveyGizmo to be more in-depth by analyzing your surveys depending on how long they take to complete and accessibility. The free version allows you to easily create and launch a basic survey, and get unlimited responses. However, you must upgrade to gain access to the responses.

SurveyGizmo is a great survey tool, but it’s at the bottom of the list because the free version basically allows you to determine accessibility of surveys, anything else requires a paid version.





Several well-known company’s use Survs as their survey tool of choice, including Spotify and Nestle. Many people use it because of its design focusing on collaboration between people and groups. It makes creating and distributing surveys much easier among teams.

As with others, the free version limits the amount of questions to 10, with up to 20 responses. However, you can create an unlimited number of surveys. Also, the free version offers more customization than found with others.

Starting at $19 per month, you can password protect surveys, add various filters and export results.





When having the ability to create new surveys quickly is important, FreeOnlineSurveys is a good choice. They also allow you to upload your logo, while the free version offers unlimited survey creation with up to 20 questions. You can get up to 100 responses with the free version.

Although called FreeOnlineSurveys, they do have a premium version that offers more customization and removes ads. Upgrading is $19.99/month.


What online survey tool are you using?


Out of hundreds of different survey tools available, these are just some of the more popular options. Was your preferred survey tool on the list, or is there another one you found that does a better job for your needs?

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