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Top 10 Server Monitoring Tools


t is significant that the health and uptime for a web server, including web host, be monitored. It is also important that a website be available to users continuously, and to have internet with quick speed. With server monitoring tools, one has the ability of gathering and analyzing the website’s data.

Although there are numerous server monitoring solutions that can be used, time can be saved by using one of the following best server monitoring tools found below.


Performance Co-Pilot



This system performance & analysis framework is called the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP). It accumulates the metrics that are taken from several different hosts and then analyzes the metrics using real-time. It helps in identifying abnormal performance patterns by observing trends. Furthermore, it can also help with crafting one’s own monitoring system and reporting solutions with the API’s it has.





Anturis is used for monitoring servers, and it is a great SaaS platform that is cloud-based. It can even be used to monitor IT infrastructures and websites. It is worth checking out the comprehensive list it has for monitoring solutions.



Another cloud-based monitoring tool that is a Linux server. It enables the ability to use a single dashboard for monitoring every server an individual may have, including diagnosing any problems. It can be set-up in only minutes, with an alert system that will be able to quickly let someone know when something is going wrong, data summaries daily, and so much more.  




Check out this monitoring system of free and open sources. It keeps up with the server’s resources and its availability and includes keeping a log of the servers’ problems and reporting when there are outages.





This tool monitors both the network and the system, to assist in analyzing the server’s resource trends. Creative as a plug-and-play solution. The default installation offering plenty of reports.   





This one has an open-source for its utility used to manage and to monitor the Unix systems. It can conduct maintenance automatically, including repairs. It also performs different TCP/IP network protocol checks, including network checks.





This one has a strong open-source server(network) monitoring solution which offers total monitoring and an alert system for the servers, applications, services, and switches. It also has the plugin ‘API, letting it extend outside of the box functionality.  



A web-based monitoring tool, as well as a data management tool used to collect performance data of the Nagios.





This one monitors the system’s activity with the use of Sar (Sysstat), along with some other system commands. With a threshold notification system that will alert someone at any time, the server’s abilities are nearly maxed out.




This is another monitoring solution with open source performance. It monitors the performance as well as the availability of its servers, databases, Web applications, networking equipment, and much more.

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