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The Basics of Content Marketing: How Content And SEO Work Together

The basis of forming content marketing is using both the written content and search engine optimization to have a strategy for content marketing. The reason for this is because it would not work just to have content without using search engine optimization, and it certainly would not work to just use search engine optimization if there were no content!

Your content is what lets you be the authority-builder, the relationship-forger, and the trust-maker. It is your content that draws an audience, prospects, and potential customers to your website. Which is going to result in not only their returning but their engagement in future profitable activity on your site.

In the meantime, the SEO does the work of that content, getting that content noticed on the search engines and search results pages. This is what results in an increase in traffic to your content and drawing potential customers to your site.

That is why putting your content and SEO together helps in forming a strategy for content marketing, as they work together to come up with an SEO strategy that works best for your site. As previously mentioned, search engine optimization cannot do anything without content. It is the connection of the two is that works together to build upon one another, making the presence of your website soar.

Next, let us briefly discuss how your written content for content marketing benefits SEO.


Content and SEO Work in Three Different Ways With One Another



Why Would SEO Not Be Able To Work Without Content Marketing?


You will be able to see that both benefit each other. Both will be necessary to continuously keep your website moving to the organic search results.

The following gives several of the ways that content and SEO need to be able to work together in the content marketing strategy, including the SEO strategy:


One of the SEO Ranking Factors of Content Quality


If you want to get your site in a position to rank in the organic searches, your website must have something in the site which warrants it.    

A website without any content has no purpose. Without content, there is nothing for the site to offer users. It is the high quality of your content that lets your site receive rankings. Alright, the inspiration, information, and entertainment the site provide to its audience, but the site also offers fodder for the SEO.    

How does your site receive a rank for its keywords? They are included within the content. What do you do to get others to link to your site? There is no question about it, your content is beneficial to them, or your content is something they enjoy reading.    

Remember, one of the main ranking factors is quality content, according to the Search engine Journal. Without it, your site is not going to earn a spot in the search results. It is safe to say that by itself, SEO is nothing! Thus, the reason the pages that are thin, with content that appears shallow, will rarely rank good enough.


SEO Must Have Keywords, and They Can Be Found in Content



As mentioned previously, the basics consist of keywords or topical indicators, and this is what lets the search engines about your website. Users use to be able to make rank by inserting simple, random keywords into their pages. However, Google has since figured this out and changed its set-up. Now it uses multiple algorithms that are continuously being updated, including the Penguin, during 2012. The keywords and your site’s content must intertwine as one.

Any keywords used on your page must be relevant to the content, which also has to be SEO-friendly.    

Content is what allows you to use keywords; it gives off signals to let search engines know how your pages should be ranked, including the terms that need to be used. Your content should be thought of as a vessel, and it should also show the keywords to its audience. When there is no content, there is no keyword on the page, and this means there is no SEO.


The technical SEO gets its much-needed lift when your content is optimized


If pages with content which have not been optimized get a rank, it is by accident. For instance, a blog post of high-quality and thoroughly written without the use of SEO could consist of keywords (naturally) that are relevant to your topic, yet they will not be placed in the best locations in the content. Being ranked for this type of content would be by chance.      

However, the pages of content that have been optimized will have a better chance of being well ranked; it just depends on its topic and its competition.   

Content That Is Optimized Is A Plus For SEO, and It Needs to Include the Following:      

  • Clearly organizing the content logically and have sub-headers.      
  • Your title must be optimized, as well as meta description.
  • It should be easy to read on the computer, and on the screens of other devices.
  • Keywords must be used appropriately and placed in the correct locations.


Not only does SEO rely on content, but the content also relies on SEO

Content and SEO depend on one another and cannot be used separately. SEO is provided the fodder from the content that it must have for ranking the pages on your site. If this content is provided with a dab of optimization, searches will be able to get you positioned with an advantage.

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