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Red Bins Monthly Report (February)

Current Overview


Picture 1: 


  1. Stabilized the Domain Authority. 
  2. Slight Dip in traffic due to changes to the Meta Tags Data in Late January. It was done because we need the push to be in Mid-late March when the season kicks in 


Picture 2: 


  1. Majority of your new keywords are all based around Toronto. This month, I am going to add a few more backlinks and strengthen the page. This will increase all those top 10 rankings to top 1-5. 
  2. All Relevant Keywords are being ranked for. All Canadian/Local terms that will get us the most benefit. 




Picture 3:


  1. 43/66 Keywords are in the Top 10. This is exactly where we want to be at this time. The Keywords outside the Top 10 are mostly Junk Removal Keywords. 
  2. Slowly trickling into the top 3 for majority of the keywords. 


Future Overview 


  1. Strengthen Home Page increase those Top 10 Rankings to Top 1-5 for the Major Keywords
  2. Building Backlinks, Citation and Selective Comment Link to give the engine some boost  

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