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Red Bins Monthly Report (April)

Current Overview


Picture 1: 


  1. Traffic Continues to Increase Steadily. No Super Spikes (High or Low). Beginning of April it was close to 800. We will get it back there shortly. 
  2. Our Do-Follow Backlinks Rate increased from 74-82% . We just need to keep doing what we are doing and the results will keep steady or increasing.  Do-Follow backlinks are the ones that count towards ranking. No-Follow’s are pretty much useless unless they provide direct traffic. 


Picture 2: 


  1. We are holding our ranking for the hardest keywords in the industry. They have heavy volume and ranking at the top for those will give you a leg up over the competition. (Garbage Bin Rental – 2300 Searches.  Bin Rental – 1400 Searches) 
  2. We still rank for all the relevant Toronto keywords associated with bin rentals. Not Sacrificing one keyword to get another. We rank for everything. 


Picture 3:

  1. Our Average Position has increased. The Traffic metric isn’t the most accurate as search volume differs from time to time. Average Position is a better indicator of progress. 
  2. We moved up 7 keywords from the 11-50 ranking to 4-10 ranking. 

Future Overview 

  1. We have to continue to strengthen Home Page increase those Top 10 Rankings to Top 1-5 for the Major Keywords. More Backlinks similar to last month are needed. 
  2. Increasing Variety of Backlinks, Citation and Selective Comment Link to give the engine some boost  

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