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Adwords can help your business expand its reach in the marketplace. Let us help your business excel. No Excuses. Just Results. PPC Agency Lancaster.  Simplified.

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Adwords on multiple platforms is one of the fastest ways to expand your business. Yes, you pay more upfront. However, it allows you to get a feel for your marketplace and allows your operations division to function smoothly. Sages Marketing can help you achieve higher traffic, increase brand awareness and really establish your business through our PPC Agency. 

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Respected PPC Marketing agency

Do you currently work with a PPC Marketing Agency?

The world today is very different than it was 10 years ago. The importance of an online marketing strategy can be the difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful one. As one of the better PPC Marketing agencies in the country, our experts will be able to help you market the business the right way. While anyone can operate an adwords account, few know how to truly optimize it and maximize your marketing budget.

Reputable PPC Agency Lancaster

Is your PPC Agency Lancaster doing everything in their power to optimize your marketing budget? 

When most people think “PPC Agency Lancaster” they think about a company that charges them to manage their adwords campaigns on various platforms. You are not wrong. However, our detail oriented approach is what sets us apart from our competition. We do everything in our power to try and establish your business at the top of all marketing platform. 

Full Scale Marketing Campaigns
Proven Results over time.
Why Adtech Matters for Online Advertising
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Reliable PPC Agency Lancaster

We have been in business for a long time. Majority of our clients never end up leaving our agency. 

Sages Marketing is as reliable as they come. We do not promise things we we cannot deliver. While several agencies specialize in only PPC, we are a full fledged Digital Marketing Agency. If our experts see an opportunity that is not being utilized to help you business, be sure that it will be bought to your attention. 

Google Maps Optimization
Experienced Citation Builders

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PPC Agency Lancaster

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The Objective and Mission

Why hire a PPC Agency?

There may be many reasons why you want to hire a PPC Agency. 

New Business?

Upgrading existing website?

Adding new Services? 

Regardless of the reason, we are your solution. PPC Marketing is here to stay and only continuing to grow in importance. 

Defining the purpose of hiring an agency will amplify the results you seek to achieve. 

What is the purpose of PPC Marketing ?

Similar to the objective, what is the real purpose? Brand Awareness? Traffic? Direct sales? 

A PPC Marketing campaign direct traffic and sales is very different from a campaign built to increase brand awareness. 

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%


PPC Advertising has evolved over the past decade. Unlike the past, the options and key features have changed quiet significantly.  

Depending on what it is you are looking to perform, an optimal mix will be determined and executed. 

Perfection is a Process!

Upon planning the campaign, it is time to run it. Once we run the ad, we will have invaluable information on how receptive our ads are. 

Minor tweaks here and little more fuel there will allow us to optimize what is working best and eliminate what is not working.  

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%


Once we analyze and breakdown what is working and what isn’t, we must keep an eye out to ensure optimal performance.

As the criteria and client tastes change, so does the marketing requirements. We are here to give the client your product when they are looking for it. 

Tracking is Key.

Upon running the campaign for a little while, we will know about any missed opportunities. Missing keywords, demographics, lower bid costs, different services are just some of what we keep track of here. 

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%


Reporting Progress.

Chances are you will already be happy with out work since your phones and email will be full to the brim. We put our best effort forward to ensure optimal use of your marketing budget.

Consistency is Key!

As the world changes, so does Google, Amazon and Social Media. Prices go up or down but they never stagnate. Let us team of experts keep a close eye out and bring customers to your door…or website. 

Quality Reports comparing months
Our SEO Experts Average ROI is around 400-500%

How Valuable is Your Website?

Find out in Minutes what your website is worth and start building on it with our detailed report! Let our PPC Agency Lancaster Help Your Business!

PPC Agency Lancaster Pricing


Business Starting Up
$ 499 Monthly
  • 3 Month minimum
  • Optimization for Google
  • PPC Management Upto $4000/Monthly
  • 4 Blog Posts Monthly (500 Words)

Starter 2.0

Semi Established Businesss
$ 799 Monthly
  • 3 Month minimum
  • Optimization for Google
  • SMM Upto $8000/Monthly
  • 8 Blog Posts Monthly (500 Words)

The Professional

For Established Businesses
$ 1499 Monthly
  • 3 Month minimum
  • Optimization for Google
  • SMM Upto $15,000/Monthly
  • 16 Blog Posts Monthly (1000 Words)

The Professional 2.0

For Established Businesses really looking to expand
$ 2499 Monthly
  • 3 Month minimum
  • Optimization for Google
  • SMM Upto $25,000/Monthly
  • 32 Blog Posts Monthly (1000 Words)

PPC Agency Lancaster FAQ

What's the best pricing package for our business?

It all depends on what stage of the business you company is currently at. If you are starting out and looking to establish a presence, the started package might suit you best. However, if you have a good customer base and are looking to increase your operations, the professional 2.0 might be your best option.  The Digital Marketing Agency fees is just an overhead cost that pays itself off. It is normal for companies to experience a 400-500% ROI. 

Are Internet Marketing Services even worth it?

Is it worth it? Yes.  Why? Subsidized form of Marketing is why. Internet Marketing is one of the best and more efficient manner of getting your business name out there for the world to see. It doesn't matter what product you sell, SEO is a fantastic method of marketing your product. As one of the cheapest forms of marketing and produces the highest return on investment than any other form of online marketing. People will always trust a website that is ranked highly on google because the business clearly invests in itself and therefore provides a good product. Is ranking at the top of crucial keywords worth it? Yes. It is. 

Can I choose what the blog content is about?

SEO Services are meant for companies to stand out and show out. There is nobody in the universe that knows about your business than you do. The content that is chosen to be created will always have your say in it. We want you to be happy and more importantly, get results for the money you are investing with us. All Blog posts will be relevant to your business and we will do the best we can to ensure the quality is A+

Time is Money...

Of Course you can. Why not. You can also change your own tires, mow your own lawn and make your own food. However, when we specialize in what we do, the best product is often created. Therefore, focusing on your business while an SEO Service is your best bet. Not to mention that SEO requires a lot of technical knowledge, research and most importantly experience.


By the time you learn how to SEO and what works and what doesn't, you will have lost plenty of business you could have had focusing on your craft. Our plans are extremely price sensitive and we work with clients from all backgrounds. Give us a chance and we will make you a lot more money than you currently have. That is the only promise we can make. 

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

We have packages of all sizes and shapes dependent on your needs and wants. As a bare bone package, we can offer you an Digital Marketing Package starting from $1499/month. However, the more you invest into your business, the more money you make back. We can always start out with the smaller package and work our way up once you see positive results.  

How can we get started?

It all starts by contacting us. Give us a call, send us an email and we can get started. We have a detail oriented process involved with all our SEO campaigns. We do not like to skip any steps and our results will always speak for themselves. 

What Exactly am I paying for with Digital Marketing Services?
When you hire a Digital Marketing Agency, you are essentially investing your companies marketing budget. What exactly are you paying for? You are paying us money to rank you at the top of various search engines. How does that benefit your business? You get more clients and earn more business!
1) Optimizing your URL's, Keywords, Page Titles and Meta Tags along with Site Content. 
Perhaps the most basic form of SEO Service. While some of this might not make sense to you, some of it will. Optimizing your website is crucial to the success of your SEO Campaign. 
2) Optimize alt attributes
Do you happen to know what alt attributes are? It's alright if you dont. this isn't a test. Alt attributes are basically codes for your images. The more optimized they are, the higher your chances for ranking for that keyword. Alt attributes are a very small factor in SEO rankings but we look past no factors for your success. 
3) Content Updating and Upgrading. 
Google values websites that are well maintained and offer new content from time to time. They like websites that are updated, optimized and looked after. This means that the company is still in business and continues to invest in itself. Must be a good a business. Let's rank them higher for our viewers to be see their website. Simple tasks. Amazing results.
4) Optimize technical site elements
We mentioned the alt tags and site updates. Reality is that there are so many little factors that we could not possible list all of them. There is on page factors, off page factors, branding and so many other technical aspects that go into ranking your website. When you pay an SEO Agency, this becomes part of their job description. We do this every day and and for every client like clockwork.
5) Responsive Website Design
Your Website is the backbone of your SEO Campaign. Responsive website design (RWD) is a term used for websites that are user friendly. They literally "respond well" to the end users. RWD improves the quality of the site and can make your website look very modern. As your online storefront, you want your website to stand out and for people to purchase your product or service. While you can have a flashy website, if the end users are not able to utilize it properly, chances are you will be losing several customers. Seamless navigations, multiple call to actions and optimal website speed are all categories of RWD. 
6) Streamline navigation
A customer comes to your website looking for your service or product. You have it. Great. However, they are not able to make the purchase because your website glitched and not they cant see your phone number or contact you through the website. Boom. You lost a customer. Worst feeling on the planet. You work hard to attract clients to the website ..well we do. But you pay us! and we will make sure that there are as few breakdowns as possible on your website. 
7) Answer users’ questions
You sell X products. Chances are that you are the expert in X Products. This means that you can answer some of the questions your user is looking for. Cool. But how do you pop up when the customers are looking for answers? Blogs, optimized website designs and improved branding and recognition. That's how. Let us take care of that for you. SEO is what we do. Just focus on optimizing your business and making more money! 

How competitive is your pricing?

As a consumer, we are often trained to pay the least and expect the best. Unfortunately, Digital Marketing is not one of them. Quality is everything. You can always find a cheaper SEO Service but the finished product will not equal what you pay. The harsh reality is that Internet Marketing costs money. The lower budgets are usually a scam as those costs usually go right into the pocket of an SEO company. Not your website.

At the very least, have a budget of $1500/monthly. Even though $1500 is quite low, we take pride in being able to work with individuals from all walks of life. We have several clients who started with us at $1500/month and now pay us close to $5000/month. Why? Because they are receiving $10,000 - $15,000/Month worth of traffic.

At Sages, we take pride in being upfront and honest about everything we do. A lot of SEO companies won't give you straight answers you deserve because they are trying to keep you paying and in the dark for as long as possible. We want our customers to benefit from our services because they are happy with us. If cost is a big factor for you, we are not the correct company for you. We do not want to work with companies that will nickel and dime us. SEO is not cheap and it costs money to rank on Google. One thing we can guarantee - our effort and ROI. Our work speaks for itself. 

No. We Do Not.

We don't. Business Owners should want to be subscribed to our SEO due to the Return on Investment we generate for them. Not a contract that forces them to stay on board. 

Service Area: Lancaster, PA

The city of Lancaster is commonly referred to as Red Rose City, for it is linked to Lancaster, England. On March 10th, 1818, Lancaster was charted as a city. It is known for being one of this countries also largest Amish communities. Other things that the city is known for is its beautiful farming land and the rolling hills. The people who live in Lancaster live a relaxing lifestyle.

The citizens of Lancaster welcome tourists with their Pennsylvania- Dutch hospitality. Many activities and/or events for tourists to enjoy while visiting Lancaster, and these events and activities show the core of the city. These things are what contributed to the making of what Lancaster is today.

There are numerous businesses and various companies throughout the city and its surrounding areas that are either now in need or will need Lancaster SEO services.

Our Lancaster SEO services are not just for larger companies; the fact is, smaller companies could be getting more benefits from their local SEO services than the larger companies do. Businesses can also benefit from other services provided by our SEO services.  

We can proudly say that we have help thousands of businesses throughout the city and its surrounding areas using our local SEO digital marketing services. Should you need some help to contact us; we are always willing to assist new clients.

The following are some of the different ways our Lancaster SEO services can assist the growth of your business.

Digital Marketing Agency

We have the skills, training, and experience to benefit the businesses in and around the Lancaster area. We have the ability, the understanding, the know-how for analyzing, identifying, and setting realistic goals for your website, so that you will be able to rank higher than your competitors.  

It is necessary for us to breakdown and analyzes your competition and constantly monitor them. This helps us ensure that you stay ahead of their future tactics, and that includes monitoring your backlink profile. Constant monitoring of your website allows us to keep you updated about your new growth in traffic from our Lancaster SEO services.

Analytics and reporting are key elements for ensuring your SEO services prove to be successful. We offer several different SEO packages, all of which provide monthly reports highlighting all the indicators that show key performances of the campaign, including the data that visibly shows your website's SEO growth in Lancaster.

Below we have listed several indicators of primary key performances, include:

  • Best keywords
  • How many clicks it receives
  • Which pages rate the best
  • The number of conversions used

This is valuable intel for business owners for it gives them what they need to analyze all their investments in various marketing packages. This also lets us show our strategy of constantly optimizing on improving their campaign. We work towards the goal of increasing the success of your website online. When it comes to a marketing plan, we believe that open communication is a significant part of being successful. This is the reason why our SEO professionals are always available to discuss the data in your report in full detail.

Google Penalty Recovery Services 

If you have suddenly been hit with a Google penalty, whether it was a manual penalty or an algorithmic one, call us, and we will help you get right back in the driver's seat! When you are hit with a Google penalty, it is going to cause your website's traffic to decline due to your site is not visible to people that are searching for a product or item, even if it is the king of products your business handles.

Local SEO Services

We can help with your site's reputation while we are helping the growth of your business in Lancaster, Washington. Being experts in the technical field of local SEO, we have had thousands of satisfies clients who have seen for themselves the skill set our team possesses.

We have helped many of our clients with the following:

  • increase the visibility of their website among every one of the search engines that matter.
  • Continuously monitoring their quality traffic.
  • Help them to improve their keyword ranking.
  • Help our clients get their sites on the maps.

The results have been the same with every client we have had, which resulted in an increase in their traffic from the following:

  • Performing keyword research
  • All our clients receive consultation regarding their front-page context and detailed reviews on the internal links in the text that they use.
  • They are taught to fully implement analytic tools, and as well as going over some of Google's webmaster reviews.

Along with many other services, etc., that we customize to work for your business. With the algorithms used often by Google, the rank of your website can change often. However, our Lancaster SEO agency is proud to say that we helped our clients stand out from the other websites.

SEO Consulting Services

There are different ways to go about attracting traffic to a website, one of those ways would be to use search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a process that allows an SEO technician to help businesses acquire a higher-ranking so they can be placed in one of the top three positions on the search results page, research for the best keywords to be used, increase their traffic flow, and increase their revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process where various elements are implemented into a website. The kinds of factors involved depend on the type of problem being fixed. Once these elements have been implemented, the site will begin receiving an increase in traffic.

Web Design Services

Our Lancaster SEO services are not going to be as effective unless you are offering a website for traffic to go to that is high-quality. Thousands of businesses improved their SEO once we built them a professional website. All the sites we build are user and mobile-friendly, completely responsive, and quick to load.

Below are several of the services our web designing and development agency includes:

  • Conversion Optimization
  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)


If you're a business within the Lancaster area and are not ranking on the first page of Google, you are losing out on tons of traffic opportunities. Call our Lancaster SEO agency today to learn how our team of professionals can boost your search position.

Sages Marketing Inc.