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Myths About Wix And SEO

According to a study by Netcraft, there are approximately 644 million active websites available on the Internet. This, of course, means that no matter what your company is or how different you are, there is a website similar to yours worldwide. By clicking on the “publish” button, the competitors enter the online field. 

With so many active websites and strong competition, if you do not expend more energy to attract viewers, you will probably lose yourself in the online spa and never be seen or discovered again. 

Myths: Google supports and prefers websites built on multiple CMS. What they mean is that it gives the audience better visibility and attention to your site. It is essential websites like WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, etc.

Reality: There is nothing in Google’s core algorithm that could separate or differentiate CMS-based websites. 

Regardless of the CMS, unless you always follow Google’s guidelines to make your site as friendly as possible to visitors and search engines, you’re the right person! If you think CMS plays a role in organic ranking and visibility from Google, this research will shock you!

Look at a million major websites – Squarespace and Wix take over 50% of the market share.  The following will go over some of the myths about Wix and SEO that may surprise you.


Wix Is Not Mobile-Friendly


Google uses mobile-friendliness as an investment factor and has also made significant updates (often referred to as the first mobile crawl). Google thinks all of this and others are making mobile devices more and more important. 

So why not? The number of mobile phone users has officially surpassed desktop users. Besides, people spend 66% of their e-commerce time on smartphones. Most importantly, more than 50% of mobile device users are researching products or planning to buy products after calling the company directly. 

For WordPress or any other large CMS, you need a developer who makes your website mobile-friendly or first chooses a suitable design theme for mobile devices. 

The Wix website is optimized for mobile search. These models are suitable for mobile devices and adaptive devices.

Is Wix mobile friendly? The most straightforward answer to this question is yes!


Wix Has A Slow Load Time


There was a time when Wix was very slow, and it literally took a long time to display the site, but as site speed became more and more critical, Wix improved the quality of its products, but now the speed of the site has increased anyway.

We know that 40% of people will leave a website, and it will take longer than three seconds to load it. SEO consultant Andy Kinsley talked about the random test of the speed of the Wix website. Andy made no complaints but occasionally found an ad that would negatively impact the page’s loading speed for a second or two. 

Kingsley concluded that it was easy to solve this problem by switching from a free website to the Wix version without any ads, especially for business people.


Structured Data Can’t Be Added.


Structured data or architectural markup or microformats are codes that tell the browser what certain data means. This can be, for example, product price, name, or description. With the proper implementation of microformats, search engines can better understand your products, services, or companies, and so on. 

Therefore, on many CMS websites, you usually need to generate codes based on the services or companies or products to be provided and update the structured data codes accordingly. Then use structured data testers to check if the code is running correctly. 

With Wix, you have an advantage. Wix has a microformat SCHEME. ORG by default. This gives more points than many other website builders. This feature from Wix can increase your chances of being ranked in search engines. 

If you think the Wix site has a problem loading page, the answer is no, and you should try.


Blogs on Wix Cannot Be Optimized.


I’ve gone through the Google search engine guidelines twice to make sure this is just a myth. 

Google loves content, and quality is an essential requirement. There may be some relevant research, but sometimes blogs rank higher on Wix sites than sites built on custom WordPress blogs. 

Suppose you want to create original, relevant, and valuable content for your audience and add keywords. In that case, Google won’t stop you from ranking in the SERPs for your target keywords and grab audiences’ attention using matching keywords. The content of the website. 

Wix or WordPress, regardless of CMS, in terms of blogging and SEO, there is no difference in Google’s view, and both have equal chances of ranking in search engines.


Titles & Meta Descriptions Don’t Matter.


How about the title and meta description – are they not important?

Yes, they are. I highly recommend that you not use any CMS platform or website builder because they do not allow you to edit and update metadata for each page entirely manually. 

Not only is the page title one of the most important ranking factors, but the title and meta description are also the first impressions of the search results for the audience. 

If you have less control over the title and meta description, you will not shape your brand better and attract customers. 

Speaking of Wix, it’s not even a problem. This is in the initial launch phase, Wix did not let users check its meta title and description window, but now it is possible. 

Like other website builders, Wix gives you full control over editing the meta title and description.


Wix’s URLs Won’t Rank.


Cleaning up your URL can be one of over 200 ranking factors. I still do not want to believe that Google removes the site due to malicious URLs. If you work hard on content, get useful links, and follow other guidelines, you still have a great chance of surpassing your competitors’ search engines. 

Also, the use of Wix Hash explosion and long URLs is something from the past. Wix long URLs were removed, and hash explosions in 2016 and now offers customizable URLs. So, earn bonus points and do good for SEO.


Site Builders Like Wix Are Not Google-Friendly


Google Developer Conference I/O 2018 developer Mariya Moeva broke the main myth of Wix websites. Moeva especially appreciates the role of the optimized Wix SEO Wiz plugin. 

He remarked, “For Wix users, this is a very great experience because they see their page in the search results right after they’ve created the Wix users. No need to wait, and it’s not weird. “seconds, they are on Google. “

If you remember Google’s guidelines for designing your website (from a technical standpoint, Wix does it for you) and create relevant and valuable content for your audience, and can be used by search engines.

Not only does Google crawl and index your content in seconds, but it also ranks you alongside other competitors in your niche and gives you an equal chance to compete with others on the SERP results page. Compared to competitor’s websites with custom development capabilities.

If you have a Wix website and you are considering converting it to a custom CMS or another CMS just for SEO considerations, and you want to rank higher on Google, the good news is that if not, you shouldn’t. 

Keep focusing on creating valuable content, laying relevant and authoritative links, and paying attention to all other technical SEO factors. You will find that online visibility and SEO have improved!

To learn more about Wix and SEO, contact us now!

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