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Manage Local Business Listings With Apple Maps Connect

Apple Map Connect was released as a self-service portal for business owners. It provides better management over local business listings. Businesses or assigned representatives are able to add new content quickly to the Apple Maps platform.


Apple Maps Connect Benefits


Similar to Google Maps, it is a free service designed by Apple. To use the platform, you simply need an Apple ID, which is free to get.

Apple Maps pulls information about businesses from Yelp by default, meaning if you do not have a business description on Yelp already you will need to fill out the business information section for Apple Maps Connect via the dashboard.

If you do have a Yelp description, you will need to review and update as needed, including social profile links, business categories, business information, and location markers. The business photo is also generated by the Yelp listing and the only way to update your photo is through Yelp.

To verify your business listing, Apple will call you with a generated code. After verified, the business listing will begin showing on the Apple Maps platform for mobile and PC within the week.


Bluetooth Capability


iBeacon is an indoor proximity system offered by Apple Maps. It is an innovative feature that offers capabilities for next level location-based marketing and customer engagement. It can notify any Apple customer with Bluetooth enabled devices of sales and promotions and can be used for purchases without having to use a card or taking out a wallet. Because of the Universally Unique Identifiers Apple customers can use social media to check into a location automatically.

Apple allows all types of businesses to register for local search portals, but iBeacon may not be available for all business types at this time. Because of the demand of businesses wanting iBeacon installed, they offer it to those that meet specific requirements first.

If you are interested in setting up an Apple Maps Connect listing or iBeacon installation, call today!

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