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Learn Why Only 44% of Businesses Invest in SEO


Digital Marketers Confused by SEO Survey Results


Clutch spoke with 501 marketers from different sized companies during their Digital Marketing Survey of 2018. They wanted to know what marketing channels the companies had been spending money on during that year. The results from this survey were quite surprising to people in the digital marketing industry and Clutch. SEO is always last.

There were only 44% of surveyed marketers that stated that their companies invested in SEO. That is the lowest number seen, and that ranks below the paid search marketing and online ads, which is 47%.


Why Are There Not More Businesses that Invest in SEO?


Clutch was just as confused by the results and those who are a part of the marketing industry. SEO is the cornerstone for all digital strategies, and that is not something that will ever change. How is it possible that over 50% of the surveyed companies are not investing in SEO for their companies?

The answer to this is most likely the simplest one. It is instant gratification. Everything else on the list for digital marketing is something that can get seen. You can see the work that is getting done. You see the numbers that reflect the visitors and your leads instantly with all of the other options on the digital marketing list. These numbers can get easily measured, and it can get shown right away that work is getting done.


Do Not Forget SEO Because It Takes Time


In a blog post by Clutch where they discussed the survey results, they talked about why it was so low for SEO. According to Clutch, even though the results are not noticeable, businesses need to think about the lack of SEO investment because many businesses find success through it. When you fail to invest in SEO, it can also undermine the success of other marketing channels that you use. They were spot on.

UpCity recently posted a blog about how long it can take a business to rank on the first page of Google search results. The answer is that it can take years.

When it comes to getting great rankings on search engines, it will take time. SEO is the cornerstone of all digital marketing campaigns. When you invest in SEO now, and you will get more visits to your site during the future, which makes more qualified leads, and you do not have to have a pay per click campaign to get those leads.


How to Get Decision Makers to Buy In SEO Services


Maybe you know all about SEO’s benefits, but just like the companies in the survey from Clutch, the marketing tactics that you have are all focused on other options.

No single person is stating that those tactics are better than SEO and that they are unimportant. Truthfully, based on your audience and what objectives you have, it may make sense that you are using other tactics before SEO.

However, when you use SEO on top of several other digital marketing tactics, you will see more significant results. That is something that gets recommended by all the big names in digital marketing.

It may be hard to convince the right people that you need to have SEO as a type of investment. It is a lot harder to think about how SEO works when you compare it to email marketing or social media marketing.

However, digital marketing agencies like Sages Marketing will take the time to explain SEO to any of our prospective clients at any time.

We also keep case studies done on SEO around, which can help to explain how SEO works. We have worked with many different industries and companies, which means that we can provide you with real numbers from businesses related to your industry. All you have to do is ask.


How SEO Can Bring More Revenue In



Based on Clutch’s survey, the biggest reason that most companies invest in digital marketing is to increase revenue and sales. The second top marketing goal for 2018 was to improve the company’s brand awareness and convert leads.

When it comes to investing in digital marketing, these are the goals that most businesses have started to focus on.

What is confusing about this is that SEO is so far down on that list of business tactics that most businesses are not using. SEO is one of the best ways for any business to increase its revenue and sales.

If you are ready to learn more about how SEO can help get your business more revenue, chat with one of our SEO experts today.

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