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How To Use The Best SEO Performance Metrics

Implementing SEO performance metrics within your website is one of the best ways to effectively increase traffic while measuring results from SEO. There are many options available that make measuring metrics easy, even if you have never done it. Increase SEO and ranking with the following:


Best SEO Performance Metrics For Websites


Organic Traffic Rates


Today, search engines are starting to move from paid search methods and leaning more on organic searches. That is why keeping an eye on organic traffic is a significant advantage for website owners managing their own SEO.

Many SEO programs focus their main goal on getting a good level of organic traffic to sites; it incorporates ways to watch for traffic spikes or decreases. These give owners some insight into what is working and what isn’t with SEO strategies.

If there is a spike in organic traffic, you want to know why so you can continue doing that in the future. If there is a sudden decrease, you also want to know why so you can avoid what caused it. In many cases, a sudden dip is something that needs to be fixed right away to avoid losing out on traffic.


Search Engine Referrals


Over 95% of search traffic in the United States occurs on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google is used for over 80% of search traffic outside of the United States. That means search engine referral rates have a vital impact on SEO performance. If you notice a sudden lack of search engine referrals, you want to have ways to determine why so you can get the numbers up again.




By building quality links to your website, authority can be established. Search engines look at the referring website to determine if your content is valuable and relevant for users. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the better your SEO performance will be as it shows authority in the field.


Keyword Ranking


Another important element of SEO performance is keyword ranking. If you look at KISSmetrics, more than 91% of their search traffic comes through long-tail keywords. Keywords have various roles depending on the SEO strategy, but they remain an important part. Keyword ranking should be watched closely to help find positive and negative impacts on SEO quickly.


User On-Page Time


If the traffic to your website is not impressive, the best SEO in the world won’t help. One way to determine this metric is to watch the on-page time; if users are quickly leaving, then you should think about enhancing the content or website design and layout. Ensure that you are offering relevant and interesting topics that provide value. If you notice your on-page times are high, watch to see if there are sudden dips that can show a weak area.


Great Metrics Makes Great SEO


If you can measure it, you can improve it. That is why measuring metrics associated with SEO is just as important as implementing an SEO strategy, to begin with. It is best to keep an eye on these metrics often; if you need help, simply reach out to our team of professionals.

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