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How To Maximize Page Speed With Cloudflare

Most small business owners work daily to achieve growth and build customer relations. To do this, it is important that they target and capture the attention of potential customers. Although, website speed is one of the most commonly overlooked but important elements of a website.

Your website speed is how fast your pages load for visitors. The faster your page loads, the faster they can see the content provided. Studies show that most users today expect load time to be under two seconds; that’s fast!

Fast loading pages will be more engaging for users and grabs their attention faster. Slow page load increases the risk of losing the user to the competition.

According to Aberdeen Group, companies lose up to 7% of their conversions with a 1-second delay in page load time. Therefore, to stay competitive, it is vital to have the fastest page loads possible.


How To Optimize Page Speed For Search Engine Rankings


Since 2010, website page loads have been a deciding factor in search engine ranking. Google and other search engines use various deciding factors for determining position, including incoming links, relevant content, and faster sites rank higher than slow sites. With search engines focusing more on mobile-friendly websites, page load times are becoming more important over time. That is why we always recommend optimizing your new or existing website for the best load times possible now to get the most out of your SEO potential.

Google uses different methods for testing site speed, from collecting information regarding the speed of the load time on different devices and various countries. If you are delivering content to a worldwide market, it is important to understand the site speed in various parts of the world as sending data to other countries can cause delays not experienced in the United States.

One solution is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) that stores snippets of content from your website within a location closer to the customer. These are tools that help speed up the website for visitors on the opposite side of the country or halfway across the world. Better page speed equals better ranking.

Cloudflare is a popular option that offers a streamlined solution for boosting page speed worldwide. It increases websites up to 2x faster, resulting in a well-optimized page speed and the best part is joining CloudFlare is simple.


Benefits To Using Cloudflare


With a simple change to the website DNS settings, CloudFlare will speed up page load by routing your traffic to the global data center for Cloudflare. This helps screen traffic for malicious users that could potentially slow page loads and optimizes the loading process.

Additionally, Cloudflare offers website owners in-depth analytics, including some information other platforms overlook. For example, how traffic is comprised, threats, and search engine crawlers. These analytics lead to quicker page loads and more reliable and secure websites for business owners and visitors.


Sage Marketing Can Help


If you need your website speed improved, or help setting up Cloudflare, give us a call. Our team of professionals is ready to help.

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