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How to Improve the Appearance of Featured Google Snippets

You probably had to sort through several different results to find the answer to the last online search performed, and it did not happen as quickly as you thought it should. While the entire time, you might have found what you were searching for without clicking at all on the top of the page where the search engine is located, if your answer had shown up in the result answer box (instead of the Snippet you saw there).

When Snippets was originally created, it was intended to make things simpler for the users of Google. Google Snippets are beneficial marketing tools that can be used by business owners, advertisers, and entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in driving more traffic to your website, just continue reading and learn how. This guide will help you to land in the coveted snippet box. It is also going to show you how to tune in with your audience by means of critical thinking regarding what your audience is wanting.


Steps To Help Rank For Featured Snippets


  • Refer to question and answer pages on various sites.
  • Make sure that the content you create is of high quality.
  • Know which questions your audience will be reading.
  • Dig deep to provide the answers they are looking for.
  • Your content should be created specifically to answer questions, with in-depth answers provide.


As a user who is not interested in clicking on a result, there are “Snippets” to the rescue! It is a means of quickly and conveniently having the ability to display your content without the need of clicking a result. Keep in mind that you have this option to use. Snippets should be brief yet thorough and only answer one specific question.

Snippets are intended to be a place where users can get their questions answered and a solution to what it is they are needing. It truly is an evolution in the technology of search engines, for they present themselves to be as previously determined “an algorithm” that is comprehensive, of high quality, and can engage with a response to a question or phrase that has been inputted.

This means that when you need content that will be in a featured snippet, you will need to figure out what kind of content is going to qualify for a succinct and still give an informative answer.

Understanding just what your audience wants is the main thing one needs to know. Consider the question your fellow workers are asking; now, search for those questions.

What questions are the workers in your industry asking about? Figure this out, and then start searching for those questions. If snippets show-up, quickly study the content and see if there are any that you could improve upon. However, should no snippet show-up, but you feel it is a good question; it is giving you the opportunity to write-up content containing the answer to the question yourself.

Another way for you to get some more content answers is for you to begin typing a question into Google’s search box; Google will provide some suggestions to help you out. There is a chance that Google offers up questions which you would have never come up with. If they are related to your niche and/or industry, jump on the opportunity.

Always Write Great Content and Be Waiting for the Question


Any page can improve its performance on Google’s search results by using the proper keywords and with Eloquent content. Although there may be a little more expected when it is for snippets.

Besides providing an answer, the contents must pass a quality control check that Google gives to anyone trying to get in snippets. A snippet is when you take a piece out of a larger amount of content that addresses a simple question. Take into consideration which kinds of questions users have been asking and answer correctly.

Often, users will begin inputting questions they are placing in a search engine using what, why, and how.

A snippet must contain information that people are looking for using a brief but detailed answer. Google selects a lot of their contents for snippets that are either in numbered lists or bullet points and well organized. This is telling you to keep it organized, use a step-by-step method, and be sure that the answer makes sense according to the content.


When Performing Common – Searches Optimize the Page Content and the Keywords


Keep in mind that there may be more than one way for the question to be answered. However, the content needs to give users what they are seeking. Write your content (optimizing) the answer with anticipation of how the question will be asked. It will be less difficult to optimize your content. For instance, writing it as ‘How to tune a piano’ instead of ‘Tuning pianos’ increases the likelihood of it making it to Google snippets.

Using the question & answer format is a simpler way of implementing keywords into your content.

Answers that are concise and get straight to the point will come more likely popping up in a snippet as opposed to an explanation that is buried in a lot of content. It can also help to add an image to your content, as it will enhance the appearance, grabbing the attention of the user.

Your page title, as well as the description, should be clearly put and straight to the point. But you should not overdo it with optimizing. For instance, if the answer is “How Is Ice Cream Made?” your title needs to be “How Ice Cream Is Made.”

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