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How to Choose Between SEO & PPC

The following question that people usually ask when they are considering investing their money into digital marketing:


Is PPC or SEO the Best for My Website?

This is a particularly good question and one that people should take into consideration prior to putting their hard-earned money into an internet marketing investment. Although you might know a lot about this subject, it never can hurt to do some research before taking a chance of losing your money. Who knows, it could be beneficial to you.

The next step we are going to take is on the way this decision should be made, and we do this by going over just what SEO and PPC are, as well as what they pertain to.


SEO: Let us Look at the Basics


SEO is, to the core, a complete set of tactics that are being used to enhance your website and put it higher in the ranking of the search engines. Some of those tactics can be found in the list below:

  • Putting more written content in which will align to the keywords used and your topics
  • Bring the speed and structure of your website up to date, making it run as rapidly as possible and making it search engine friendly.
  • Creating additional quality links to your website to let the search engines know your site is trustworthy
  • Take on the task of keyword research to help get higher ranking possibilities
  • Study the content on your page so it can be more integrated

If you want to make sure your website and marketing has a strong future, you need to invest in SEO. After an SEO campaign, the results may be on the slow side. However, the difference will start to show a little later, when the low numbers of leads turn into a much larger number.



PPC: Let us Take A Brief Look at the Possibilities


When you hear or see pay-per-click, chances are that you visualize the ads at the top of the page on the Google listings. Which is the famous pay-per-click spot located at Google’s search results. Over the last several years, pay-per-click ads have come a long way. These days it also includes whistles and bells, like a phone’s clickable numbers (buttons), addresses, more links, etc.

Google is not the only pay-per-click ad choices that you have; there are several besides Google’s. For instance, there is the option of the Local Services ads, which are ads that are specifically designed for home services providers. Display ads are another option; this one can be set up so that it will appear on all the websites on an entire network, instead of only showing on Google’s search results. You can now place your ads on websites that pertain to the products your industry sells, and it will let you use ads that are even more exciting, including the use of imagery.  

When you are running pay-per-click, you will be able to visually see the results, but you must first begin funding your ads. It has been designed to be scalable for users. The more you spend on the ads more clicks you can get. If your campaign is being managed by a PPC professional, you will get out of it what you put into it.



A Good Way to Decide Between SEO or PPC, or You Can Just Go with Both!


You could know everything there is to know about these two different types of web marketing, and it would still be a tricky question. The following is a list that contains some steps that can be used for identifying the best possible solution for your campaign at this time.


How Strong is your Digital Marketing?

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