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How Social Media Presence Affects SEO

Social media and SEO compliment each other. When you combine the various benefits of SEO and the reach of social media, you can create a very effective strategy. The following is how your presence on social media can boost your SEO efforts and increase your rankings.


How to Use Social Media and SEO To Boost Rankings


Follower Count Matters


There are many different metrics that matter when it comes to social media, but one of the important stats is the number of followers you have. That is why growing your following is important; the more you have, the easier it is to get posts in front of many users at once. Remember, organic followers are more valuable than the ones you purchase.

Make it interesting for your followers and potential followers. Hold contests, giveaways and regularly post relevant content to encourage engagement.,


Optimize Social Posts For SEO


When social media posts are optimized for SEO, they can be effective tools. To ensure they are optimized properly, follow these steps:

Posts should be:

  • Visually appealing content (image, video, or article)
  • Keyword focused title
  • Interesting topic relevant to your niche and keyword

When all three of these are followed, it will help boost the chance of it being found on Google search engine results.


Shared Social Posts Help Boost Rank


Sharing is important for ranking; that is why it is often the first focus when it comes to promoting. The more your posts are shared, the larger reach it receives, and that starts with creating a targeted post with relevant and valuable content. The next step is getting people to share it with friends and family.

Adding a CTA in your post is one of the best methods for creating engagement. Simply ask users to share your content. Another option is to make it a drawing where people share to enter. Both have good results.


Optimize For Local SEO


If you have a local presence or location, be sure you’re also optimizing social content using local SEO best practices. This will help increase foot traffic to your physical location by building brand awareness. That means be sure your social profiles have updated information, uses long-tail keywords, geographically targeted audience, etc. Also, listing your contact information, hours of operation, services, and prices are important.


Build Authority With Inbound Links


Google looks at quality inbound links as a way to determine authority. You can use social posts to help build inbound links by promoting as many of these posts as possible without appearing as spam. This is a long-term step because you only want high-quality content linking back to your website.

These simple steps have shown to be effective at bringing up ranks and increasing traffic to websites when done properly. However, if you still need or want professional help, call us today!

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