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How And Why Social Media Helps With Link Building?

It is common to hear how brands use social media for increasing profits and conversions, but we noticed the concept remains a little vague for those without growth. Many businesses that have not seen growth yet ask us, “What good is social media doing for us?”

This is a good question, and by looking at the larger scope of things, social media offers tons of benefits with SEO. For example, social media has a major role within link-building strategy.


How And Why Social Media Helps With Link Building?


Millions spend time every day scrolling through social media, from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Tik Tok. Business users frequently use LinkedIn too. Finding out which platforms your audience uses is important because it can be used to your advantage.

  • Since 2015, users have begun spending more and more time using social media and mobile apps.
  • The largest portion of worldwide social media advertising comes from the United States and Canada.
  • Advertisers spend over $40 billion worldwide on social media.


Link builders can benefit from using social media as well by interacting with the audience. Harnessing every opportunity to get quality links back to your website is helpful. When users share your content with the link, it will help even more.

Social media is focused on making friends and staying in touch, which can be used for building relationships with the targeted audience, and that’s a foundation of link building. The following are some examples of the more popular social media platforms and how you can use them to build links back to your site.




Studies show that users spend an average of 50 minutes or more per day on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. This is the time you have each day to convince the targeted users to click your link. That is why social media is a great place for marketers to boost brand awareness and engagement.

By having your own brand page for users to check out, you can find relevant users to share your quality content and increase backlinks to your website.




People often use Twitter to connect with their favorite brands and famous personalities. On average, there are 500 million tweets posted daily, even though there is a character limit. However, the minimalist design is why it is great for link building.

Tweets have to be under 140 characters, and tools such as klear help locate relevant users within your niche. There are options for placing two links in your Twitter bio as well, which help you keep receiving links from their platform when used.




Many marketers continue to wonder about link credibility from Pinterest, yet those that have used it and gained the results are happy they used it. Pinterest is a platform used by users with interests in fashion, DIY, cooking, and various crafts. The majority of Pinterest users are mom bloggers and female.

Pinterest uses “Pins” to highlight products; these can point users to a website, a great way to build links. The biggest tip is to use high-quality images for the pin, and the traffic often follows.




Professionals often use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals and can act as a digital resume, but there’s more benefit to using it. With over 200 million users, there is plenty of opportunity for making new professional connections, and those connections could advance your business or career.

However, it is not 100% free of spam, and links getting into the wrong hands can cause problems or if you’re considered spamming. However, by finding relevant users in your niche, they may have an interest in your product or service.

This network is more focused on industry-specific content and more professional than other social media platforms, but still a good way to build links.


Final Words


In the end, it is all about positive relationship building. Each social media platform has unique purposes that link builders can use for achieving quality backlinks. However, when done incorrectly, you may be considered spamming and hurt your results instead. If you need help ensuring that your backlink strategy is done correctly, give us a call!

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